Having fun with celebrities: Top ideas for entertainment

Stereotypes about the way the celebrities have fun and rest are pretty monotonous. Everyone imagines wild parties until the morning or a fleet of luxury cars. Beauties with a thin waist and a lush shock of hair are another must-have attribute of stellar life. In reality, the hobbies of artists are quite boring and trivial. Some knit socks for their grandchildren, others do not move away from...

Lockdown podcast listening has increased to 15%

Comedy is Crowned as the UK's Favourite Podcast Genre

Without a daily commute, a fair amount of podcast-listening time has been lost. However, recent research shows that despite an initial dip, lockdown podcast listening has increased to 15%, with more people than ever choosing podcasts over radio and music. Without the socialising aspects of an office, more people are listening to podcasts while working from home to fill in the gap and give...

How are online casinos compatible with contemporary Canadian lifestyles?

Canada is known around the world for being a stunning country in the Arctic circle that is home to some of the world’s friendliest people. However, another feature of Canadian life is the emergence of gambling, especially online.

The value of the industry in the Great White North is now estimated to be around $14 billion, highlighting how the pastime is quickly becoming a feature of...

5 brands that support charities and communities

With the rise in awareness around fast fashion, people are increasingly looking for sustainable brands that not only offer quality products but also have a strong ethos around sustainability and giving back to the planet and communities to support important causes.

If you’re looking to change your shopping habits and discover new brands that give back to non-profits and support...

Netflix receives the most searches when accompanied by phrases like “free…”

Netflix is winning the stream wars

Netflix is winning the streaming wars – among users trying to get content for free

Netflix is the UK’s most popular streaming service – that people are hoping to access for free. New research by IVA Advice has revealed the streaming platform receives the most searches when accompanied by phrases like “free…” and “how to get free…”.

The company accounts for half of all searches...

Robert Aalbers ink-inspired collection for Pols Potten

Robert Aalbers ink-inspired collection for Pols Potten

At PAD Lifestyle, we’re always in awe of the level of creativity that goes into the collections by Pols Potten .

Being a fan of the brand for many years, we await a new collection with bated breath, and its latest collaboration with tattoo artist, Robert Aalbers, did not disappoint.

Coveted Dutch tattoo artist, Robert Aalbers is renowned within the industry, creating his...

Birthday gifts for friends: 8 thoughtful presents to give during lockdown

While we understand how awful it feels to celebrate your special day without your friends or family spoiling you (although it’s just for that one day!), there are still some ways through which you can send something special directly to your nearest and dearest!

Yes, ‘directly’ is the magic word here since a lot of mail and delivery services are under pressure or running short of...

The A-Z of sports bet types

The A-Z of sports bet types

From placing a bet on the horses on big events like the Cheltenham Festival or the Grand National, to having a few quid on the football on a Saturday, there are several different bets types you can choose from. All of which can help you to land a winning bet and ultimately make some profit.

Not only can you place one bet on one event or outcome, you can also mix several different...

Top kidfluencers with YouTube channels

UK’s top earning young YouTube influencer makes more than £3.75 million a year

New research has revealed how much money the UK’s top young YouTube influencers are making, and the top five are each estimated to earn more than £1m per year.

The study, by Buddle Nurseries , analysed ten of the UK’s most popular YouTuber influencers who are aged 17 or under, and estimated the amount of money they are making from their videos.

The list is topped by 16 year...

Flowers & Plants Co

Flowers & Plants Co. Fresh flowers for all occasions

An independent florist set up in 2020, Flowers & Plants Co. have grown to become a market leader in the UK flower delivery sector, bringing customers fresh flowers for a range of occasions. A dedicated start-up, Flowers & Plants Co. have forged their own path on the way to becoming a game-changing player on the nationwide flower scene.

With a deceptively simple...