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Skip the Supermarket and Go to the Butchers Instead!

If you want to buy meat for your family, you often have just two choices. You can either buy it from the supermarket, or from your local butcher, online or in-store. Although the butcher seems like a high-end only option, you couldn’t be further from the truth, butchers are often very affordable and come with their own unique advantages, as listed below.

More Quality Choices...

The TikTok hashtag #fruitcocktail has received over over 23.9 million views.

Don’t waste your leftover fruit and veg - turn them into summer cocktails!

With summer upon us and BBQs and outdoor parties on the horizon, many people will no doubt be searching for summer drinks inspo to impress their guests with.

Over the first May bank holiday weekend, searches for “summer cocktail recipes” increased by a staggering 9900% according to Google Trends data. People are also taking to TikTok for summer drink inspiration, with the hashtag #...

Seven in ten Brits have made more effort with their picnics

Brits are 'Poshing Up' their picnics this summer

New research suggests as many as seven in ten Brits (73 percent) have made more effort with their picnics in recent years, with 46 percent attempting to impress friends by bringing artisan goodies.

Four in ten (40 percent) have rustled up cakes from scratch, while 25 percent bring posh Scotch eggs and almost half (48 percent) like to bring healthy, homemade salads.


We now prefer US food like fried chicken over a Sunday roast

Fried chicken and other US dishes win hands down over old-time British favourites like fish and chips or roast beef a new survey has revealed. More than six out of 10 UK adults (61%) say they now prefer US delicacies to traditional British dishes.

“Fried chicken has come a long way from when it first arrived in this country, after the end of World War II,” said Slim Chickens , the...

Slim Chickens renames Fourth of July Slimdependence Day

American chicken chain Slim Chickens is going big with its Fourth of July celebrations… even renaming it Slimdependence Day!

While Slims has only been in the UK for five years, there are now 45 Slim Chickens restaurants all around the UK – with lots more opening this year (as well as outlets at Haven Holiday sites).

Proud of its American heritage, and recognising how many...

3 Creative Ways to Usher in the Summer

When the warmer weather comes to town, we all find ourselves dreaming of a summer holiday. Stare out of your office window and suddenly, the grey road below is a jewel-blue ocean, the glare from the high-rise windows a dazzling Bajan sun, and as you wander past the water cooler, you’re dancing into the hazy twilight of island life. That’s until you have another round of client emails to see...

Brits move away from Traditional English Breakfast Tea

Over half of Brits move away from Traditional English Breakfast Tea

Despite the Nation’s long-standing love of English Breakfast tea, new research reveals that Brits are moving away from tradition with over half (55%) opting for a herbal like green tea or Rooibos, or other leaf-based teas like Earl Grey, as their preferred choice of blend.

The findings, based on 2086 consumers, come just three weeks before the King’s Coronation and marks a shift away...

The art of wine tasting

Did you know that in 2021, the U.S. produced 773 million gallons of wine ? Wine is quite popular as it helps people unwind, but did you know that there are other ways to enjoy it that enhances your experience?

Some people prefer the guidance of an expert when sampling wine. Some find the large assortment of drinks overwhelming. Others pick the wrong wines.

To improve your...

Here are our top tips to help you become the ultimate hostess.

Tips to Help You Become the Ultimate Party Host This Summer

There’s nothing wrong with living for the weekends when your weekend plans are always on point. You know what they say... work hard, play harder.

What some people don’t realise, however, is that iconic weekend plans don’t always need to involve going out out. Why, when we can still get glammed up and enjoy immense vibes from the comfort of our own homes, avoiding expensive cocktails...

Could it be the end for the iconic builder’s brew

Is it RIP for the traditional builder's brew?

Could it be the end for the iconic builder’s brew, as new sales figures reveal modern glass latte mugs are now a more popular purchase than the traditional tea mug.

New data from household and garden retailer wilko shows glass coffee-style mugs, made popular by chains such as Starbucks, are outselling conventional tea mugs by a third.

The figures, published ahead of National...

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