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Top 10 Health Benefits of using a Natural Sweetener

Sweetness in the food improves its taste severalfold. For this reason, sweeteners, be they natural or artificial, have now become an integral part of everyone’s diet and food consumption. But the excessive intake of any particular food item can cause lifestyle disorders. Sweeteners are no different in this regard and can raise serious health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart...

Supermarkets and manufacturers are being urged to make refillable products widely available

Manufacturers and supermarkets must do more to help consumers join refillable revolution

Which? is urging manufacturers and supermarkets to do more to make refillable products widely available and clearly labelled to help shoppers save money and the environment.

Refillable products are increasingly popular, but shoppers are struggling to find these environmentally friendly products on supermarket shelves and a lack of clear labelling means many consumers may be unaware...

The thrill of finally being able to make plans is key for the capital

London’s Most Anticipated Post-Lockdown Activities Revealed

A survey by Addison Lee has revealed that returning to watch the next top blockbusters on the big screen and going for brunch with friends top the list of Londoners' most anticipated activities post-Lockdown. However, despite all this excitement going on, most admit they are dreading the return to the busy rush hour Tube and fighting for a pint in a crowded pub.

For the launch of...

Outdoor cooking in the UK is evolving and changing all the time

Top tips on how to have a ‘smokin’ outdoor cooking experience

It is safe to assume that 2020 was not the year that anybody had planned. In fact, many people will want to write it off. There have however been some positive side effects, including a willingness to try new things as we all learnt to adapt. Over the endless stretch of days, into weeks, into months spent at home, without visits to pubs or restaurants, outdoor cooking and al fresco dining...

Meet for a picnic or even a BBQ on the beach without having to carry anything!

Weezy and what3words join forces to bring you deliveries wherever you are

On a mission to make convenience even more convenient, Weezy – the UK’s leading on-demand grocery supplier – has partnered with what3words to make locations easier to find and every Weezy delivery seamless. Weezy’s new partnership enables customers to order their groceries to wherever they happen to be.

“We’re really excited to be offering our customers what they want, when they need...

Customers are likely to spend more with physical interaction

Touching a customer’s arm seems awkward - but they spend more if you do!

Salespeople think physical interaction with a customer will be awkward, but the customer does not think the same and will actually spend more, finds research from BI Norwegian Business School .

Professor Anders Gustafsson and colleagues conducted a series of studies examining the effects of asking individuals to initiate touch in a service encounter. The first two studies asked...

Online searches for rosé wine have increased 27% in the past five years

The UK drinks 50 Olympic swimming pools of rosé wine per year

Rosé wine is set to be the drink of the summer. Online searches for rosé wine have increased 27% in the past five years, with big celebrity names jumping on the trend. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie own a Southern French vineyard, the Château Miraval. Post Malone launched his own rosé brand, Maison 9. It’s clear that rosé wine is the on-trend drink of 2021. And spearheading the rosé race to the...

Meat-eating BBQ hosts can't be bothered with the faff of cooking separate dishes for veggies

Burger off Veggies!

VEGETARIANS and vegans will be left off the guestlist for this summer's barbecues... because meat-eating hosts can't be bothered with the faff of cooking separate dishes.

A study released by Future Farm found that more than a quarter of Brits say they would avoid inviting non-meat eaters, even though almost half the population accepts that many more barbies will be all veggie in the...

Almost half of us in lockdown are now eating dinner on the sofa

Nation has misplaced its table manners during lockdown

With dining in restaurants on the horizon, a new study from tastecard, the UK’s largest dining club, has revealed the nation has misplaced its table manners, thanks to being constrained to dining at home for an entire year. Dining tables turned to desks, people forced to eat on Zoom calls and an increase in eating alone, have all contributed to Britain’s falling dining standards.


6 Ways to make your BBQ more eco-friendly

6 Ways to make your BBQ more eco-friendly

A BBQ is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend a summer evening with family and friends. It’s big on fun, however unfortunately it’s also big on waste. By making a few simple changes, it’s easy to make barbecuing that little bit more sustainable without compromising on any of the enjoyment.

From choosing the food to the fuel, there are plenty of options for hosting a more...