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The UK throws away over 9 ½ billion tonnes of food waste a year

The average UK family throws away £350 of food waste each year

Roast dinners, strawberries and cream, fish and chips – the UK is clearly a nation of food lovers.

But new figures show that we are also a nation of food wasters, with the average UK family throwing away around £350 of food each year. , the food waste collection company that hates waste, thinks that it’s time for the UK to stop throwing away so much food and...

 Cannes in France is the best place in the world for foodies looking for a Michelin standard meal. 

The Cities With The Best Chance of Eating Michelin Quality Food

Research by restaurant insurance website has revealed that Cannes in France is the best place in the world for foodies looking for a Michelin standard meal.

With more restaurants opening up worldwide as restrictions ease, the study used data from TripAdvisor and the Michelin Guide to rank over 100 towns & cities based on the number of restaurants included in the...

Top vineyards to visit in the UK

The 10 Most Beautiful British Vineyards According To Instagram

Britain’s most beautiful vineyards and wineries have been revealed in a new study by the consumer spending experts at .

The study analysed over 100,000 Instagram hashtags associated with 693 vineyards listed on The Great British Vineyards Guide to crown the most picturesque in Britain.

The Top 10 Most Beautiful Vineyards In Britain



Top five tips on etiquette when attending Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea Etiquette Tips You Need to Know

It’s Afternoon Tea Week (9-15th August)! What better time to treat a close friend or family member to a quaint afternoon with the classic British combination of tea and cake. To do so, you first must know essential dining etiquette. Here, ’s Alex Ion shares his top five tips on etiquette when attending Afternoon Tea.

Afternoon Tea Etiquette:

1. Dress...

These little-known simple menu hacks will change how you order forever

13 Unique Money-Saving Hacks for your favourite Fast Food Restaurants

These little-known, simple menu hacks will change how you order forever

Craving a Big Mac? Hankering for a Nando’s? Sometimes, nothing hits the spot like a fast-food feast.

However, food tastes even sweeter when it’s a freebie or cheaper so personal finance experts, Ocean Finance , have shared their favourite fast food menu hacks.

Nando’s – bigger portions for less...

Food psychologist believes your choice of ice cream flavour relates to your personality

What your favourite ice cream flavour says about your personality

You may have thought choosing chocolate over vanilla comes down to you taste buds, however, a leading food psychologist believes it may have more to do with your personality.

Flavour expert, Greg Tucker has partnered up with Wheyhey, the naturally sugar-free ice cream brand, to identify exactly what some ice cream flavours may suggest about an individual’s personality.


Michel Roux Jr’s is the celebrity chef with the best restaurants in the UK

Knives Out: Which celebrity chef has the best restaurants?

Michel Roux Jr’s is the celebrity chef with the best restaurants in the UK according to new research by Maxima Kitchen Equipment.

The study collated Trip Advisor rating and ranking data for more than 100 restaurants in Britain belonging to the UK’s best-known chefs, to arrive at an overall score out of ten for each individual eatery, and a combined average for the chef who runs them...

Which pizza topping will top the charts

Tournament of Toppings: Brits vote for their number one pizza topping

The Euro 2020 tournament has undoubtedly had the nation on the edge of their seats, but it wasn’t the only gruelling knockout tournament taking place, with the ever-debated discussion of the ultimate pizza topping being battled out once and for all in Chicago Town’s Tournament of Toppings.

In a quest to discover the nation’s favourite, twelve of Chicago Town’s iconic pizza toppings...

supermarkets with the cheapest delivery charge

Self-Isolating? Cheapest Delivery Costs for Online Supermarkets revealed

The latest figures show that more than 500,000 people in England and Wales were notified by the NHS Covid app to self-isolate. With so many people having to self-isolate, more and more Brits are moving online for their weekly food shop.

Here are the cheapest supermarkets for home delivery

Taking into account that the average food shop costs £63.70 , this has revealed the...

Waste disposal experts are calling for plastic stickers on fruit to be banned

Ban stickers on apples to stop 100 million pieces of waste a week

Waste disposal experts are calling for plastic stickers on fruit to be banned, saving over 100 million extra pieces of waste a week - calling it a ‘fruitless waste’.

According to Great British Apples, around 122,000 tonnes of apples are eaten each year in Britain - which, at an average weight of 80g, approximately 29 million individual apples are sold each week. Combined with other...

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