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How will coronavirus affect your finances?

The spread of coronavirus is causing many big financial worries for people, on top of health concerns.

People’s pensions, incomes and insurance could all be affected.

For consumers who are concerned about their immediate financial situation, getting help early could be key, so it’s important to talk to your provider sooner rather than later. Free-to-use debt help charities...

 Working together from home during coronavirus can be a challenge. Lifestyle. (istock/PA)

Things you only know when you work from home with your partner

As self-isolation and social distancing ramp up, most people are being asked to work from home, where they can, during the coronavirus outbreak.

And for a lot of us, that means our partners will also be at home – we suddenly have a new co-worker.

While we’re used to sharing everything from our bed to our dinner table and TV time with this person, sharing an office and...


The importance of talking to children about coronavirus

The British Psychological Society says it is vital to talk openly to children and reassure them about the changes they are seeing around them due to Coronavirus.

Some of the changes, like people wearing face masks or empty supermarket shelves, can be scary for children, so they are likely to need to talk to someone they trust about some of the imaginative misinformation they might...


How can I help others during coronavirus outbreak?

Lots of people have started to ask: how can I help others during the coronavirus pandemic?

Doing our bit to help minimise the spread of the virus is paramount, of course. But beyond that, in times of heightened anxiety and uncertainty, especially when so much feels out of our control, tapping into our community spirits and thinking of how we can possibly help others during...

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Seven problems you’ll face if you’re working from home for the first time because of coronavirus

There are several, palpable advantages to working from home.

You can stay in bed longer and tick a few household chores off your do-to list at lunchtime. You can dodge the delights of commuting, and the horrors of the pre-packed lunchtime sarnie. And, hopefully, you can avoid getting the coronavirus.

But with the perks come the pitfalls. These are the classic mistakes you’re...

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How to stay calm about Coronavirus if you are worried about getting ill

Stressed about Coronavirus (Covid- 19)? Wondering how to calm your thoughts or what to say to your children? Or are you stressed about your relative's health? Health is the most important thing in anyone's life, so with an ever-changing situation with the Coronavirus it is easy to worry about the unknown. Once you begin overthinking a problem you begin to actually hypnotize yourself...

What self isolation means and its possible impact on your rights and pay

Up until a week ago many of us had probably never heard the term ‘self-isolation’. Today, however, not a day goes by without us being aware of people who have been asked or chosen to isolate themselves in order to try and minimise the spread of the Coronavirus.

What impact does this have on workers’ rights and pay? Nicole Rogers, Solicitor at DAS Law https://www...

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Coronaphobia: Employees are refusing to come back to work

Businesses across the UK who are making efforts to get back to business are facing a new uphill struggle - employees claiming stress and anxiety or are simply requesting outright to be furloughed for another 3 months.

Workers who were furloughed back in April are being gradually invited back to work, although some are being asked to work from home. However, many small businesses are...