Pour Moi model wearing black lingerie. Fashion

Sexy lingerie sales spike during lockdown

Authored by Marc Astley

Lingerie brand Pour Moi Pour Moi has seen an increase of 30% in the sales of 'sexy' lingerie since people have been strongly advised to stay indoors by the government. Items such as lingerie sets, stockings and suspenders are on the up as couples are starting to make the most of being indoors. Pour Moi has seen a particularly large increase in site visits to their 'Contradiction' collection...

Home education and school equipment. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Ten top home schooling tips

Authored by Marc Astley

Are you one of the many parents homeschooling since schools closed? Do you have a sharpened sense of respect for the teaching profession? Are those long summer holidays teachers enjoy looking less of a perk and more of a necessity?

Well, fear not, here are some home schooling tips for stressed out parents.

1. Get into a routine

By now, as you’ve probably established...

Tenage girl staring out f window. Sad at being alone during Coronavirus. Getty Images/iStockphoto

The emotional rollercoaster of being single during coronavirus

Authored by Claire Roberts

So far, being single and child-free during the time of coronavirus isn’t entirely different to being single and child-free the rest of the time.

There are pros and cons and it’s a roller-coaster – but a much more extreme one in these strange times, with shorter gaps between the zooming highs and thundering dips and slightly more intense loop-the-loops.

And we’re all riding...

  Do you need to wear sunscreen inside? Elderly Woman working from home (iStock/PA)

Why you still need to protect your skin indoors

Authored by Claire Roberts

Some skincare rules are non-negotiable, like applying SPF before you leave the house and drinking plenty of water.

No matter how dedicated you are to these dictums, a change in routine can really trip you up. If you’re currently spending a lot more time inside – like so many people around the world – do the same golden skincare rules apply?

Of course, spending a bit more...

Rylan Clark-Neal-style-tv presenter

Rylan Clark-Neal: My style reflects who I am

Authored by Marc Astley

You might not think Rylan Clark-Neal has much in common with tech entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg, but there is one surprising similarity: they both wear pretty much the same thing every day, writes Prudence Wade.

Zuckerberg famously dons a grey t-shirt by default to leave more space in his brain to be productive, but Clark-Neal has a different reason for what he refers to as his ‘Rylan...

Woman-wearing-glasses- at-computer-checking-finances-lifestyle

How will coronavirus affect your finances?

Authored by Marc Astley

The spread of coronavirus is causing many big financial worries for people, on top of health concerns.

People’s pensions, incomes and insurance could all be affected.

For consumers who are concerned about their immediate financial situation, getting help early could be key, so it’s important to talk to your provider sooner rather than later. Free-to-use debt help charities...

Status Quo frontman and pop star Francis Rossi. Health.

Francis Rossi on fame, family life and his greatest regrets

Authored by Marc Astley

Alex Green speaks to veteran rocker Francis Rossi about fame, family life and his greatest regrets.

“I’ve become known as the bloke that spills the beans,” whispers Francis Rossi before emitting a sharp cackle.

Status Quo’s guitarist and songwriter is explaining the premise behind his latest venture – a tell-all tour aptly titled I Talk Too Much. He, of course, is best known...

 Working together from home during coronavirus can be a challenge. Lifestyle. (istock/PA)

Things you only know when you work from home with your partner

Authored by Marc Astley

As self-isolation and social distancing ramp up, most people are being asked to work from home, where they can, during the coronavirus outbreak.

And for a lot of us, that means our partners will also be at home – we suddenly have a new co-worker.

While we’re used to sharing everything from our bed to our dinner table and TV time with this person, sharing an office and...