Don't Let Problem Drinking Ruin Your Relationship.

Authored by Paula_D

To help families and their drinkers, a west country couple (Lou Lewis and Dr John McMahon) have relaunched Bottled Up, their therapeutic website, as a FREE resource to bring hope and support to families suffering the consequences of problem drinking.

For the last ten years, this highly interactive website has helped drinkers get sober and saved relationships throughout the world....

You can now get matching party dresses for you and your dog

Authored by Paula_D

Hot on the heels of the celebrity trend for dressing to match your kids, one company has come up with a way for doting doggy mums to twin with their fur babies – and it's so adorable.

Pink Boutique has introduced a tiny party dress for miniature dogs, complete with sequins and a silky tiered skirt.

The Pink Boutique Puppy Love Rose Gold Sequin Multi Layer Dog Dress, £19, is...

Seven ways to stop your nails breaking in winter, according to an expert

Authored by Paula_D

Trying to keep your nails from breaking is difficult at any time of year, but in winter, it's almost impossible.

During the cold months the elements combine to dry out your nails and make them more brittle, flaky and prone to chips than usual – it's particularly annoying when you want your nails to look pretty for party season.

The good news is, there are several ways to...

Are injectables becoming the go-to beauty treatment for millennials?

Authored by Paula_D

Not everyone is willing to go under the knife and have plastic surgery, but it seems there are lots of people who want a bit of a boost when it comes to their appearance.

This is where injectables come in: Needles full of fillers, Botox or even your own fat, that can change the shape of your face. Considering the Instagram trend for plump lips and defined cheekbones, it's perhaps no...

I said 'yes' to my kids for a week and this is what happened

Authored by Paula_D

The noise level in the lounge hit a whole new level when I sat down to explain to my two daughters, Rosie (9) and Poppy (6) what we were about to embark on. Their wide grins and glinting eyes said it all – as did my nervous grimace.

I'm not entirely sure why I agreed to this challenge, but I sincerely hoped my sometimes absent parenting and negotiation skills would come into their...

7 ways to squeeze quality time into busy family life

Authored by Paula_D

As a busy, working parent, it's so easy to let life get in the way of having fun with your kids. When exactly do you fit in the quality time around work, school, cooking, cleaning, homework, clubs, exercise, life admin and laundry?

According to new research by Thomas Cook, half of British parents spend less than one hour of quality time with their children each day, and of the 1,500...

Jamie Oliver: 'About 3/10 of our family meals are idyllic – that's normal'

Authored by Paula_D

You might imagine meals in Jamie Oliver's household to be blissful, well-mannered scenes of his picture-perfect family digging into his cookbook classics, so it's nice to know the TV chef and child health campaigner experiences the same problems as most parents when it comes to kids and food.

"What was my last count? A million children?" he laughs. Five actually, in case you've lost...

How to find the perfect gift for impossible-to-buy-for types this Christmas

Authored by Paula_D

Buying Christmas presents is something you either love or hate, but even the ultimate festive fan can struggle when it comes to those who are just plain difficult to buy for.

We all have them in our lives – the relative who seems to own everything already, the elderly aunt we buy the same thing for year after year, and the ones who are so picky that it's impossible to find anything...