Women tanning

Eight things you must know before fake tanning for the first time

Authored by Laura Bond

With so many sun-drenched holidays being postponed or cancelled, and more than our fair share of rain descending after a surprisingly bright spring, if it’s a tan you’re after this summer, there’s pretty much only one option: fake it ’til you make it.

It seems more people than ever are turning to bronzing products during lockdown, with searches for fake tan up 33%, compared to the...

Lady applying sun cream

Everything you need to know about sunscreen on staycation

Authored by Laura Bond

This is the time of year we’d normally start preparing for a summer holiday abroad: getting a new bikini, digging out sunglasses and buying our annual bottle of sunscreen.

Unless you’re a skincare junkie who applies SPF every day (and bravo to you), the fact you might be swapping your holiday for a staycation this year could mean you forget about sunscreen.

Skin still needs...

Katya Jones

Strictly’s Katya Jones on why the nation needs some sparkle right now

Authored by Laura Bond

Arguably the world has seen two sets of people emerge: those who’ve been laidback during lockdown and those who’ve been more productive than ever, Katya Jones falls firmly in the latter camp.

“I’m learning two languages; I’m playing piano again; I’m teaching my friend Russian; I’m teaching my mum dancing over FaceTime,” the Strictly Come Dancing professional says on a Zoom video call...

Glastonbury festival

Eight things we won’t miss about festivals this year

Authored by Laura Bond

Until this weekend’s cancelled Glastonbury Festival loomed closer in the diary, we didn’t realise it was possible to get FOMO over an event that isn’t even happening.

It turns out, you totally can, especially if you’re tuning into the BBC’s ‘virtual festival’ which is torturously airing classic sets on TV and iPlayer throughout the weekend, reminding us of how epic Glastonbury really...

Dion Dublin

Dion Dublin says It is disappointing that we are still talking about racism in 2020

Authored by Laura Bond

Dion Dublin is angry, or at least, very dispirited.

When he made his senior debut for Cambridge United in 1988, racism was running rife in the world’s football stadiums, and John Barnes was famously pictured back-heeling a banana off the pitch that was thrown from the crowd during a particularly nasty Merseyside derby.

That was supposed to be a ‘different era’, but the now...

measuring waistline for health

Heart Research UK gives top tip for Healthy Heart

Authored by Laura Bond

Dr Helen Flaherty, Head of Health Promotion at Heart Research UK gives a healthy heart tip :

Measure your waistline

Your waist circumference is an indicator of your risk of developing some serious health conditions, including heart disease. People who carry too much fat around their middle have a higher risk of developing heart disease, however, this risk can be reduced by...

Yara Shahidi

What you need to know about actor Yara Shahidi’s activism

Authored by Laura Bond

Actor Yara Shahidi has penned a powerful essay about being a black and Iranian woman born in the year 2000.

“I was born into a perceived ‘post-racial’ world with smartphones – undermined by the fact that our societal fates are predetermined based on our ethnicities – and the same technologies that have connected us also surveille our Black and Brown communities,” she wrote for Porter...

Teenager on laptop

Top ten things for teens to do when bored

Authored by Marc Astley

I have never really liked staying at home and not having anything to do, especially with younger brothers running around driving me crazy! So, during my time in lockdown I started to find new and interesting ways to keep me occupied.

Even though lockdown is easing, we still aren’t back to where we were before, going shopping with friends, going out for lunch and other exciting things...