Why eco-anxiety is a good thing – depending on how you use it

In 2019 climate emergency was placed front and centre, and that’s likely to continue being the case.

The news stories can be overwhelming, whether it’s seeing footage of the bushfires in Australia, or the World Bank predicting the Maldives could be completely submerged by 2100 due to...

Marc Astley

Marc Astley



Kate Ferdinand: I love the kids with all my heart

Authored by Claire Roberts

She’s been trolled on social media, suffered anxieties about her body and spent time in therapy – but ex-Towie star Kate Ferdinand has come out of the other side stronger.

She’s found happiness in family life with her husband, former Premier League footballer Rio Ferdinand, and loves being a stepmother to his three children, Lorenz, Tate and Tia.

Today, the former reality TV...

Early miscarriage can cause post traumatic stress: A midwife explains why

Authored by Claire Roberts

Losing a baby can be devastating for a woman, whatever the stage of her pregnancy. Yet if a miscarriage is early, it can often be brushed off as little more than a blip on the reproductive journey.

However, new research by Tommy’s National Centre for Miscarriage has found around 29% of women experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) a month after an early miscarriage – a...

Chloe Madeley: 'I would go back to TV if I could work with my husband'

Authored by Claire Roberts

Chloe Madeley talks to Hannah Stephenson about how weightlifting eased her anxiety, life with James Haskell and the prospects of starting a family.

Personal trainer Chloe Madeley has found a fulfilling career as a fitness guru, but married life with James Haskell has also brought happiness.

That's despite the fact he doesn't pull his weight at home in Northamptonshire, she...

Countdown's Susie Dent on the joy of dogs, words, and a good, sweaty spin session

Authored by Paula_D

Susie Dent loves words – a passion she's shared for 27 years in Countdown's 'Dictionary Corner' on Channel 4.

Now, she's going a step further, by helping bring the 'Powers of Description' to the nation's visually impaired children and adults.

This is the latest campaign by sight loss charity Guide Dogs, highlighting how words and description can enrich everyone's life – as...

Five things a sleep expert doesn’t want you to do before bedtime

Authored by Paula_D

To mark ‘Sleeptember’, sleep expert Professor Jason Ellis outlines what you should avoid before bedtime to help you get a good night’s kip.

Sleeping badly is a waking nightmare for a staggering amount of people – and every one of them knows the huge effect a lack of sleep can have on their wellbeing.

New research by The Sleep Council for Sleeptember – its month-long campaign...

Don't Let Problem Drinking Ruin Your Relationship

Authored by Paula_D

To help families and their drinkers, a west country couple (Lou Lewis and Dr John McMahon) have relaunched Bottled Up, their therapeutic website, as a FREE resource to bring hope and support to families suffering the consequences of problem drinking.

For the last ten years, this highly interactive website has helped drinkers get sober and saved relationships throughout the world....

Adam Kay: 'Doctors shouldn't be afraid to talk about their struggles'

Authored by Paula_D

Adam Kay still can't quite believe that This Is Going To Hurt, his hilarious and heartbreaking diaries of his time as a junior doctor, launched him into the literary stratosphere last year, outselling Michelle Obama's memoir and shifting 1.5 million copies.

A year on, he's still at the top of the bestseller lists.

"I didn't think the first book would have any success at all...

Sir Billy Connolly: 'You don't wake up famous, you wake up scratching yourself like everybody else'

Authored by Paula_D

"I've got Parkinson's disease," Sir Billy Connolly writes in his new book, Tall Tales And Wee Stories, "and I wish he'd f***ing kept it to himself!"

When I meet him in a hotel suite in London's plush Mayfair for this interview, Connolly is having one of his better days. White hair cascading to the collar of his denim jacket, a chunky metallic ring on his right hand, he navigates the...

10 ways to help children sleep better

Authored by Paula_D

Children's tech obsession can be hard enough for parents to deal with during the day – but new evidence suggests they should be concerned about the effect it's having on kids at night too.

Research shows that the 40% of children aged between six and 11 years who use mobile phones, laptops or tablets in the hours before bedtime are getting around 20 minutes less sleep a night than...

12 things you only know if you feel cold all the time

Authored by Mary

Yes, even in summer, says Katie Wright.

I recently learned a word I’d never heard before, a word that made me gasp when I realised it describes me to a T.

‘Nesh’ is used in part of the Midlands and north of England to describe someone who feels the cold – a lot.

Personally, my ideal air temperature is 30 degrees and I get angry when people complain about heatwaves....