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Change Manger

The stress of constant change at work and how to reduce it

Whether you are leading change or caught up in changes that are happening in the workplace, you will likely to need to deal with the effects of these changes within either yourself or your colleagues and leaders.

Stress and anxiety will always raise its head somewhere during the change management process and can have a huge impact on staff, the change process and the likely success...

Mark is asking people to help raise money for Miles For Mary’s Meals

Record-breaking cyclist Mark Beaumont goes extra mile for Mary’s Meals

British long-distance cyclist Mark Beaumont is lending his star pedal power to Mary’s Meals and encouraging people to get active in support of the school feeding charity’s work to feed hungry children in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Mark, the fastest person to ever ride around the world, is asking people to take part in the fundraiser Miles For Mary’s Meals, by setting...

AI voices

Artificial Intelligence: Can AI voice analysis help our wellbeing?

Human ears are attuned to aspects of the spoken voice such as pitch and intensity, which means we can pick up on nuances within someone else’s voice. That helps us identify when someone is happy, sad, depressed, angry and so on.

By converting the human voice to data, computer programs can learn to not only understand the spoken word and respond accordingly (think Siri or Alexa) but...

Eating an apple before an evening meal can help you lose weight

Leading nutritionist backs the Happy Apple Plan to shift extra pounds

As we head into the New Year and those resolutions are fast upon us, health is riding high on the consumer agenda. Leading nutritionist Rob Hobson has partnered with British Apples and Pears to promote the ‘Happy Apple Plan', reaping the benefits of eating an apple before a meal as part of a healthy diet. Hobson says the ‘Happy Apple Plan’ is a simple way to lose those extra Covid and...

Benefits of Iyengar Yoga

Yogacharya is the founder of Iyengar Yoga. He handed down Yoga to his student into the century of 20th. Yoga involves using props while practicing Hatha Yoga. There are eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga. It aims to bring together body, mind, and soul in harmony. Yoga is very beneficial in modern life because it can relieve stress. This article outlines the different BKS Iyengar postures with...

Benefits of hot stone massage

Native Americans created hot stone massage to give relief to aching and sore muscles. But its popularity has spread around the world with the growth of the spa industry that soon recognized the multiple benefits of this type of massage practice.

Although the practice was first originated to ease aches and pains, studies have shown that it offers several other benefits that have made...

Fibro Fatigue

Tips for managing fibro fatigue

Fibro fatigue can be managed through lifestyle changes and lifestyle changes, but it can be hard to make the tiredness disappear completely. That being said, we have created a list of things you can do to help alleviate your fatigue.

Identify the Triggers

Learning what causes your fibro fatigue is vital in helping you manage it. More often than not, fibro fatigue is a result...

Tips to keeping well during lockdown

How to stay positive in the third lockdown

Although we have now entered into Lockdown 3, Psychotherapist Noel McDermott remains optimistic and applauds people in Britain for complying with restrictions and containing the current second wave. He reassures us that this type of winter spike in infections is normal in pandemics and is as we expected. Infections are not out of control; they are high, and the government is responding to the...

Parents to be aware of symptoms of Dengue Fever: Explains Israel Figa

Origin of Dengue Fever

For the past decade one of the most infamously notorious tropical disease worldwide is Dengue Fever which is caused by bites from those mosquitoes which are carrying the dengue fever virus. The virus which causes dengue to happen is called Dengue Virus (DENV) and is a viral disease. It has been proven scientifically that not every dengue case becomes severe. Instead in...


Best-practice methods to stay healthy in 2021

Without a doubt, the year 2020 has been one of the most challenging — and surprisingly hopeful — years in recent memory. The pandemic alone has forced many people to go for an entirely different lifestyle change, so much so that many businesses have had to make similar changes to take advantage of a new business marketplace.

The idea of trying to stay healthy for most has been thrown...