Men are flocking to a new hair loss treatment that’s appeared in the UK

New hair loss treatments pop up every day. But not all of them achieve popularity. Yet, recently there is a new treatment that has made men flock towards it from all over the UK. It’s called Topical Finasteride. It’s a combination of Finasteride and Minoxidil, both of which you might have...

Penny South

Penny South



We haven’t quite mastered how to pronounce our favourite skincare ingredients yet

The skincare ingredients leaving us tongue tied

Authored by Laura Bond

Brits have become increasingly health conscious over the past few years with the health and beauty industry predicted to outperform all other sectors in 2022*1. However, as a nation, we haven’t quite mastered how to pronounce our favourite skincare ingredients yet leaving one in four Brits too embarrassed to ask an expert for more information.

Scandinavian health and beauty brand,...

Brushed eyebrow trend

How to master the brushed-up brows trend

Authored by Claire Roberts

Ever since the great eyebrow revolution of 2015, when Cara Delevingne almost single-handedly ushered in the era of the bold brow, thin arches have been firmly out of fashion.

Lustrous eyebrows are still very much on trend, but now we’re seeing the emergence of a variation on the Cara look that’s growing – quite literally – in popularity: brushed-up brows.

Offering a soft,...

Seaweed underwater

The beauty benefits of seaweed from anti-ageing to acne

Authored by Lifestyle Editor

Did you know that as well as providing useful habitats for marine life, and tasty wraps for sushi rolls, seaweed can work wonders for your skin, too?

“For many years, the beneficial effects of seaweed have been overlooked,” says Katy Rowe, founder of Maiiro (, the Guernsey-based skincare brand that uses a blend of five seaweeds in its products. “Only in the past decade has...

multi coloured nails

How to paint the hottest manicure trend this summer

Authored by Claire Roberts

Not that long ago, the idea of wearing more than one nail polish colour at any one time was deeply unfashionable.

While nail lengths and shapes may have evolved, one uniform shade across your fingertips was the norm, and anything else was seen as, well, a bit tacky.

But now, the rule book has been well and truly thrown out the window and ‘rainbow nails’, featuring five...

Lady with red lipstick

National Lipstick Day: Seven things you didn’t know

Authored by Laura Bond

Every day should be a celebration of the joy that comes with adorning one’s lips with a pop of colour.

From velvety matte red to shiny pink, everyone’s got their favourite shade, but did you know there’s a long and interesting history behind the lippies we use today?

Here are seven fascinating facts about lipstick…

1. The earliest lipsticks were made from gemstones...

Lady with dark patches on skin

How to tackle those tricky dark patches on your skin

Authored by Laura Bond

There are plenty of great things about summer – sunshine, picnics and fruity cocktails immediately spring to mind – but it can also exacerbate certain skin conditions.

This is the time of year many of us become keenly conscious of hyperpigmentation, because a tan can make these darker patches of skin appear more visible. Facialist and skin expert Fiona Brackenbury describes...

lady in mirror applying makeup

Five reasons we’re not ready to start wearing make-up again

Authored by Laura Bond

While the reopening of restaurants, pubs and workplaces has given us many reasons to be cheerful, there’s one aspect of post-lockdown life we’re less enthused about: putting on make-up again.

Not that anyone has to wear make-up, of course, but we’ve really gotten used to slobbing around in sweatpants and forgoing foundation.

Now that lockdown restrictions are easing, we know...

Rihanna new skin care

Rihanna is launching skincare brand

Authored by Laura Bond

After months of rumours and speculation, Rihanna has finally announced the date when fans can get their hands on Fenty Skin, the skincare brand that will sit alongside her hugely successful Fenty Beauty make-up range.

A video post on the new Fenty Skin Instagram account revealed that the debut skincare collection from the singer-turned-entrepreneur will be landing in stores at the...

woman looking in mirror

Cosmetic surgeons see massive rise in demand for online consultations

Authored by Laura Bond

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) – the only organisation solely dedicated to advancing safety, innovation and excellence in cosmetic surgery – has reported a “massive upswing” in demand for virtual consultations during lockdown, but urges the public to remain cautious. Whether it's spending more time on the internet at home or spending more time with family, the...

Lady brushing her hair

This could be the reason you’re having a bad hair day

Authored by Laura Bond

When it comes to equipment for taming our hair, people often shell out upwards of £100 on high-tech blow-dryers, straighteners and curling tongs – or nearly £300 in the case of the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer – yet many scoff at the idea of buying a hairbrush that costs more than a tenner.

But by scrimping on that most basic of hair tools, could they be doing a disservice to their...