Colouring hair in lockdown

Things you must know before colouring your hair at home

If you’re anything like us, there’s one question you desperately hope to hear the answer to every time there’s an announcement about the easing of lockdown restrictions: when will hair salons be open again?

Sadly, we can’t help with that, but if you’ve finally caved and realise that...

Laura Bond

Laura Bond



Woman cutting her fringe

Six hair mistakes everyone has probably made at some point

Authored by Laura Bond

If you’re bored with your normal hairstyle, it’s altogether too easy to experiment.

You can drastically transform your look with a simple chop, colour or a new style – and (you tell yourself much too optimistically) if anything goes wrong, you can either undo it all or wear a hat until it grows out.

While we’re totally pro trying new looks, following this route almost...

Fashion in lockdown

Seven fashion and beauty rules that only apply in lockdown

Authored by Laura Bond

Karl Lagerfeld famously said: “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.” But after a couple of months living in lockdown, we’re inclined to disagree.

If you’ve recently found comfort in soft jersey fabrics, sought a kind a freedom in letting your body hair grow free and embraced the the socks and sandals trend with open arms, then...

Beauty regime collagen drink

Should you be drinking collagen for your skin?

Authored by Laura Bond

Anyone who has a passing interest in skincare will be well used to applying creams, serums and oils to their face for glowing skin. But what about adding a drink into your regime?

There’s a growing trend in the wellness and beauty communities for drinking collagen as part of a well-rounded health and skincare routine. You might recognise this ingredient, as it’s used in certain types...

Beauty skincare routine

The alphabet of vitamins in skincare

Authored by Laura Bond

Vitamins are good for us. A well-rounded diet helps us get all the vitamins we need to be healthy, but how about the ones you need for your skin?

Of course, you can eat certain things to boost skin health, but your routine should also involve a range of topically applied vitamins, to help your complexion be as clear and glowing as possible.

It seems like there’s a whole...

Beauty Tips Olivia and Alex Bowen

Love Island’s Olivia and Alex Bowen’s lockdown beauty essentials

Authored by Laura Bond

Everyone’s beauty routines have changed in lockdown. Without salons, many of us have turned to DIY treatments at home – including Love Island stars Olivia and Alex Bowen.

“I’ve actually quite enjoyed lockdown, I won’t lie – I’ve been taking this time to enjoy being home and being with each other,” says Olivia during Superdrug’s ‘Super Together’ virtual series.

She’s even...

Blue Beauty make up

What is eco-friendly movement - blue beauty

Authored by Laura Bond

You’ve likely heard of green beauty – natural products that are sustainable and good for the environment – but what about blue beauty?

This eco-friendly beauty industry trend is all about considering the full life cycle of a product, and the environmental impact it could have, particularly in relation to the ocean.

Here’s what you need to know…

What is blue beauty...

nicole scherzinger beauty

Secrets of a celebrity make-up artist

Authored by Laura Bond

With all the tutorials available online, almost anyone can learn how to do make-up to a high standard.

But Emma Osborne is on another level, having built a respected career working with everyone from Chrissy Teigen to Rita Ora, and can most often be seen painting Nicole Scherzinger’s face.

Here are some of the tips and tricks she picked up along the way…

Some of the...

Beauty care lady applying makeup

This is what a week without make-up does to your skin

Authored by Laura Bond

On most days, I’ll wear make-up. By beauty influencer standards, it’s not a lot, but while I don’t spend hours applying layers of foundation and contouring (I much prefer the ‘no make-up-make-up’ look), I do have a few insecurities that I like to keep in check with a swipe of a concealer stick.

But like most people I know, the spread of coronavirus has thrown my beauty regime into a...

Woman stressed skin hair and nails. Beauty.

This is what stress does to your skin, hair and nails

Authored by Laura Bond

Stress can be an all-consuming beast. Not only does it overwhelm your brain, but it can have a physical impact, too.

If the current crisis is constantly on your mind, you may have noticed some changes in your body. You might be getting more break-outs when you normally have clear skin, perhaps your hair is feeling limp or falling out, or maybe your nails are breaking more easily....

Woman in robe feeling tired after not enough sleep

This is why bad sleep makes your skin look terrible (and what you can do about it)

Authored by Marc Astley

How did you sleep last night? If the answer is ‘badly’, you’re not alone.

According to research from The Sleep Council , 74% of people in Britain sleep less than the recommended seven hours per night, while 30% sleep badly most nights. And at times like this, these figures are likely to be much higher.

The same study found that the lifestyle aspects most affected by a lack...