Mollie King: How I get glowing skin all year round

With many an early morning to contend with, thanks to her role presenting the Radio 1 Weekend Breakfast show alongside Matt Edmondson, Mollie King says her skin can easily get as tired as she does.

"Sometimes I don't get enough sleep which can really affect my skin," she says. "I...

Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer Jackson



6 ways to tackle dark circles and eye bags, according to experts

Authored by Paula_D

Tired? Here’s how to deal with the telltale signs.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul – but if you ask us, the eyes are the window that reveals exactly how tired we really are.

After just one night of sub-optimal kip our peepers give the game away – add weeks of sleepless nights and we reach hollow-eyed zombie status. Why do our eyes betray us in this way?...

Eight skincare resolutions you can actually keep this year

Authored by Paula_D

Our skin tends to take a bit of a beating in December. Just think of all the times you skipped taking off your make-up after a particularly big night out, not to mention the excessive consumption of Christmas chocolates.

Now we're well and truly into January, it's time to make up for the errors of the past and show your skin a bit of love. Instead of buying expensive new serums and...

Nine beauty products from 2019 that are actually worth the hype

Authored by Paula_D

With thousands of new products landing on beauty counters every year promising incredible results, how do you decide what's worth investing in and what's not?

It's one thing grabbing a make-up bargain to play around with, but shelling out your hard-earned cash on an expensive serum? You need to know it's going to do what it says on the bottle.

This is where social media...

From minimalist to maximalist, here’s how to nail glittery make-up this party season

Authored by Paula_D

This is the perfect time of year to elevate your look with a bit of sparkle and shine, says Prudence Wade.

Christmas party make-up means one thing and one thing only: sparkles, and lots of them.

The great thing about glittery make-up is you can tailor it to your personality or how you’re feeling on the night. For one party, you might fancy a low-key shimmer, but the next,...

Five ways to combat dry skin in winter

Authored by Mary

Skincare guru Dr Catharine Denning gives us the low-down on why our skin suffers so much in the colder months.

Alongside the joys of the festive season and the excuse to drink mulled wine at any occasion, winter brings with it a multitude of beauty problems.

As well as contending with frizzy hair and brittle nails, our skin suddenly feels bone dry and starts to flake in...

Seven ways to stop your nails breaking in winter, according to an expert

Authored by Paula_D

Trying to keep your nails from breaking is difficult at any time of year, but in winter, it's almost impossible.

During the cold months the elements combine to dry out your nails and make them more brittle, flaky and prone to chips than usual – it's particularly annoying when you want your nails to look pretty for party season.

The good news is, there are several ways to...

Are injectables becoming the go-to beauty treatment for millennials?

Authored by Paula_D

Not everyone is willing to go under the knife and have plastic surgery, but it seems there are lots of people who want a bit of a boost when it comes to their appearance.

This is where injectables come in: Needles full of fillers, Botox or even your own fat, that can change the shape of your face. Considering the Instagram trend for plump lips and defined cheekbones, it's perhaps no...

These are the beauty products experts think you should invest in

Authored by Paula_D

With thousands of beauty products on the market and everything from £5 mascaras to £150 night creams hailed as must-haves, it can be hard to know when it's worth splashing some cash, and when it's better to bag a bargain.

While the Kardashians swear by Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation at £42 a pop, some beauty bloggers and make-up artists claim Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation...

Nigella Lawson reveals the £3.30 beauty product she can't live without

Authored by Paula_D

Don't you just love it when a celebrity declares their love for a cheap as chips make-up product?

It's so gratifying to know that you don't have to be a millionaire or have your own personal make-up artist to get the A-list look.

The latest famous face to share their favourite sub-£5 beauty buy is Nigella Lawson, who says she can't be without Essence Lash Princess False Lash...

Should we all be using vegan beauty products?

Authored by Paula_D

Maybe you've been considering going vegan, or maybe you've already started cutting down on the amount of meat and dairy products you eat, whether it's for environmental or animal cruelty reasons.

But have you considered that it's not just your diet that needs attention if you want to avoid animal-derived products?

Your bathroom shelf or make-up bag could be full of animal...