Do you need to wear sunscreen inside? Elderly Woman working from home (iStock/PA)

Why you still need to protect your skin indoors

Some skincare rules are non-negotiable, like applying SPF before you leave the house and drinking plenty of water.

No matter how dedicated you are to these dictums, a change in routine can really trip you up. If you’re currently spending a lot more time inside – like so many people...

Claire Roberts

Claire Roberts



When should you let your kids wear make-up?

At what age should you let kids start wearing make-up?

Authored by Claire Roberts

Parents have been saying that for decades – but in 2020, when kids are so grown-up they’re leading the climate change movement, running a hectic social life and constantly surrounded by imagery on TV, social media and the internet, wanting to look a certain way can start seeming important at a young age.

I’m a fan of fashion and beauty, but I’m also keen on slobbing around in my...

Five skincare myths you need to stop believing

Authored by Claire Roberts

While each person’s skincare routine varies somewhat, there are some basic principals that apply to practically everyone.

Cleansing is essential. Treat spots with toner. Don’t use oils on oily skin. These are the common-sense guidelines we’ve all been taught to follow.

But what if we told you these so-called rules are actually wrong?

Katie White, founder of Re:lax...

Teenage body image: Eight ways to help improve your child’s self-esteem

Authored by Claire Roberts

It’s never been easy to be a teenager – but to add to the standard adolescent angst, today’s young people are exposed to a huge amount of online pressure to look a certain, idealised way.

And it’s not just teenage girls whose self-esteem and mental health is damaged by such pressure – last year The Good Childhood Report found boys were also experiencing a decline in happiness...

This is how the A-list get red-carpet ready during awards season

Authored by Claire Roberts

When Hollywood’s finest are strutting their stuff on the red carpet and beaming for the cameras, it’s easy to think that their radiant looks are the result of good genes, rather than the army of facialists, make-up artists, nail technicians and hair stylists, who work tirelessly behind the scenes.

Make no mistake, there’s a lot of work that goes into getting actors ready for their...

The six six skincare rules Huda Kattan says everyone should follow

Authored by Claire Roberts

Having conquered the make-up world with Huda Beauty – a company valued at £935 million and followed by a legion of more than 41 million fans on Instagram – Huda Kattan is now setting her sights on skincare with the arrival of Wishful.

“Wishful is completely different from Huda Beauty,” the Dubai-based CEO says, while visiting the UK to launch her new brand.

“It’s not for the...

How can I get rid of split ends?

Authored by Claire Roberts

If there’s one thing that will kill a good hair day, it’s spotting a bunch of frazzled, frayed strands protruding from your expertly tied ponytail.

Split ends are the enemy of every long-haired person, and can easily become a recurring problem thanks to the multiple ways we damage our hair through styling (hello bleach and straighteners).

We asked Anabel Kingsley,...

Mollie King: How I get glowing skin all year round

Authored by Jennifer Jackson

With many an early morning to contend with, thanks to her role presenting the Radio 1 Weekend Breakfast show alongside Matt Edmondson, Mollie King says her skin can easily get as tired as she does.

"Sometimes I don't get enough sleep which can really affect my skin," she says. "I often find that my skin can look super tired and dehydrated very quickly."

But King, who started...

6 ways to tackle dark circles and eye bags, according to experts

Authored by Paula_D

Tired? Here’s how to deal with the telltale signs.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul – but if you ask us, the eyes are the window that reveals exactly how tired we really are.

After just one night of sub-optimal kip our peepers give the game away – add weeks of sleepless nights and we reach hollow-eyed zombie status. Why do our eyes betray us in this way?...

Eight skincare resolutions you can actually keep this year

Authored by Paula_D

Our skin tends to take a bit of a beating in December. Just think of all the times you skipped taking off your make-up after a particularly big night out, not to mention the excessive consumption of Christmas chocolates.

Now we're well and truly into January, it's time to make up for the errors of the past and show your skin a bit of love. Instead of buying expensive new serums and...

Nine beauty products from 2019 that are actually worth the hype

Authored by Paula_D

With thousands of new products landing on beauty counters every year promising incredible results, how do you decide what's worth investing in and what's not?

It's one thing grabbing a make-up bargain to play around with, but shelling out your hard-earned cash on an expensive serum? You need to know it's going to do what it says on the bottle.

This is where social media...