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Winter gardening is becoming more popular

Brits flex their green fingers despite the winter weather

The trend for winter gardening is on the increase, says home and garden retailer Homebase, despite the cold weather and some part of the country experiencing snow.

The retailer has seen a 12 per cent rise in customers searching for gardening jobs, tips, and products on its website in...

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The best security lights for your home

Lights play an important role in securing your house but make sure you find the perfect light that isn’t expensive and has modern features such as a motion sensor, is waterproof and solar-powered. When buying a security light you need to consider light range, design, brightness and most importantly, budget. So if you are wondering where to find long-lasting security lights, then we take a...

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Garage

People often like to set New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of the year, but often these are too extreme and difficult to maintain over 12 months. This year, instead it might be worth setting easier resolutions, such as resolutions for your home garage so that you can improve this area and really make the most out of it. Here are a few of the best New Year’s Resolutions for your garage...

Selecting the Right Wardrobe for Your Needs

A custom-made wardrobe is your solution if you want to maximise your bedroom space and at the same time, make it better organised. When you have a hectic lifestyle, it is not easy to find the time to properly sort through all the stuff you have in your closet and discard the clothes that you no longer wear or no longer fit you. Moreover, most homes do not have all the storage space you need...

How to deal with a faulty boiler

Boiler on the Blink? Try this handy home heating hack

With British Gas staff beginning a five-day strike over pay cuts, there are fears that chilly customers will be unable to access emergency boiler repair services, leaving them without hot water and central heating during the coldest week of the year. Throw-in the fact that millions of us are at home due to lockdown - many Brits could be in for a cold and miserable few days.


Dog's heart rates go up when they hear certain words

These words get your pooches heart rate up

Our loving and caring four-legged pals played a helping hand in making sure 2020 was made easier; they provided us with laughs, smiles and happiness throughout bleak times.

Intrigued to uncover what sends our household pals into a tail-wagging frenzy, experts at conducted a three-month study to find out which words and phrases our pooches love to hear the most. In a bid to...

Annual Home Maintenance Guide: Keys to a Problem-Free House

Regular maintenance is crucial to keeping a house in great shape. If you don’t properly inspect your house at least once a year, there could be underlying problems that are steadily getting worse without your knowledge. By being diligent with home maintenance, you’ll get a home that won’t fail you no matter how many years pass.

  1. Check your doors and windows


Top tips for recreating your perfect home

Top Five Interior Design Trends for 2021

Want to refresh your home for the New Year? As we spend more time at home, experts at Good Move reveal the top interior design trends for 2021, and offer top tips on how you can recreate them in your home.

1. Cottagecore Chic

If you’re into ‘Bridgerton’ and anything Austen-related, this is the aesthetic for you.

Cottagecore has become more popular within the last...


How to create a great playroom

If you have enough space in your home and you are planning to have children or already have young kids, you may have considered creating a playroom they can enjoy. There are many perks to having an allocated playroom in your home, such as keeping other areas of the house free from toys and the kids will love to have room to play with their friends undisturbed. If you are thinking of...

What Your Home Warranty Covers

Pretty much all homeowners have heard of home insurance, but not all of them know what a home warranty is. Homeowners' insurance and a home warranty are not the same things. This article will cover what a home warranty is, what types of coverages are offered, and will hopefully help a person decide if this type of service is needed in their life.

What is a Home Warranty?


8 Vital things everyone needs for their kitchen

Whether you’re renting your first flat or buying your first home, there are a few things that every kitchen needs. Don’t be tempted by cutting costs when it comes to your kitchen – the best quality will last and give you years of use.

Your kitchen should be a calming, fun place to cook and eat, with all that you need to make a delicious meal at the end of a busy day. With that in...