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How you can give your home a facelift for 2022

It may seem hard to believe that we are nearly at the end of 2021, but this long and difficult year is nearly at an end. There are plenty of reasons to feel more cheerful about the new year ahead, and something that a lot of us try to do every January is to look for ways to bring new life to...

Ellie Green

Ellie Green



How to successfully flip a house

Many people buy houses to renovate them and sell them at a higher price. It’s called house flipping. You can make a substantial profit from flipping a house – if you know what you’re doing. You need to understand the property market and how to make a house more valuable. You need to stay up to date on market trends and make the most out of your money.

Flipping a house requires a lot...

Venus Fly Trap kitchen plant best house plants

The six best house plants that will make your kitchen thrive

Not only do plants add a splash of colour to your kitchen, they’re also well known to have great health benefits.

In the upcoming winter months and the inevitable spike in SAD (seasonal affective disorder) for many, it’s been found that houseplants can supress your sympathetic nervous system.

Meaning that, they both lower blood pressure and calm stress. Having a house plant...

7 Quick tips to a greener home

1. Install Solar Panels

You cannot have an eco-friendly home if you don’t have solar panels installed. Providing completely clean electricity, they sometimes can even generate enough electric power to allow you to sell some back to the grid.

Solar panels are definitely a long-term investment and it has been even suggested that it can take about 20 years for you to break even...

Winter gardening

Five top tips for getting your garden ready for winter

The days are getting shorter and the temperature colder – winter is fast approaching.

Spending time taking care of your garden now will save you from the hassle in a few months, after all, they say summer gardens are made in the winter. Below are five top tips to help you prepare your garden for the winter.

  1. Store Away Your Garden Furniture


A Beginner’s Guide to Planning Permission: What Is It, When You Need It and How to Apply

Falling in love with a property is common, especially if it’s your first house. Initially, when you first purchased your property, you may have believed that it was perfect and that you’d never make any alterations or changes. However, over the years, your circumstances may have changed and as you grew accustomed to your surroundings the fantasy might have started to wear off. Whether you’ve...

How to get your home ready for a wet and snowy winter

There is no worse feeling then having an issue with your house when the weather is battering you from all sides. Heating issues during Christmas, or leaks during the January showers, are very unwelcome additions to your winter season, so it is important you take precautions and get yourself ready for whatever these chilly months can throw at you, here is how to get your home ready for a wet...

Woman on sofa

Are you sitting on a goldmine? £10 million worth of change hidden down our sofas

Ever wondered where all your spare change goes? The mystery has been solved - and it turns out that it’s down the side of your beloved sofa.

Research undertaken by rubbish disposal experts has revealed that there’s a suspected £10 million worth of change hidden down the sofas of unsuspecting Brits - enough to feed the average family of 4 for 3,019 years, buy 667 average-...

Zodiac signs

How to style your home based on the zodiac

With a whole host of interior advice at your fingertips, it’s time to step away from the keyboard and take some inspiration from your true self. Forget baseless style guides and Insta-worthy must-haves - the UK’s leading online design-led furniture brand, Swoon , reveals what your abode style is – established around the personality traits of each zodiac!

A study found that on average...

How to Choose the Right Mattress

Your mattress is arguably among the most important single items of furniture in your home . After all, you’re going to be sleeping on it for more than eight hours a day for its entire lifespan. That’s a third of your life. Moreover, you’re going to be living with the after-effects of your night’s sleep during your waking hours, too .

Getting your choice of mattress right, therefore,...

Easy ideas for smartening up your front door

The front door to your house is the first thing that people see when they arrive at your home. Having a shabby-looking front door can be off-putting and make people think that you don't care about how much effort you put into making your home look nice. However, if you use some easy tricks and ideas, it's possible to quickly spruce up the exterior of your home without having to invest in any...

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