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Whether you are looking for a cordless or a robot vacuum cleaner, you will find so many options from Dreame

How to improve indoor air quality

Patients with asthma and other breathing trouble really find it hard to move around without their inhaler. The number of such patients keeps on growing due to the unhealthy air surrounding us.  With more and more pollution affecting the environment it becomes very difficult to maintain decent ...





Domestic energy consumption has spiked by an average of 17% during the pandemic

Top tips to cut down working from home costs


New data from price comparison experts, , reveals that domestic energy consumption has spiked by an average of 17% during the pandemic, with the average annual energy bill rising from £688 in 2019 to £802 in 2020.

The findings, which are based on a sample of over 50,000 energy comparisons...

Laundry stripping is the top cleaning TikTok hack

TikTok’s BIGGEST cleaning trends and hacks of 2021 revealed!

A new study by GoCompare Home has revealed the biggest cleaning TikTok hacks and trends of 2021!

Thanks to the likes of Mrs Hinch, cleaning has become more popular than ever. On popular social media site TikTok, Clean-Tok receives an overwhelming 13,000,000,000 views , encouraging a new level of cleanliness.

To help you keep you on top of the most popular cleaning trends,...

Important traits to look for in a house cleaner

Hiring a local house cleaner is something that more and more households are beginning to do. With increased stress and very little time on our hands, it is easy to see the benefit of hiring a local house cleaner.

However, with that little time on your hands, it is easy to hire someone and hope that they do a good enough job and that you get a decent value for your money.


How to make better use of the space in your house

Making better use of the space in your house is easy when you put your mind to it. There are lots of different ways that you can utilise the available space in your house, and with a few adjustments, you can turn previously un-usable spaces into functioning rooms. If you’re ready to make the most of your home, just keep reading.

Convert empty space into storage

Most of us have empty...

Topwasters remove rubbish before next social gathering at home

Post-lockdown decluttering with Topwaster’s same day waste removal services to host your next gathering

Are you looking forward to hosting dinner parties at home again, serving delicious food just like the best London restaurants do, but combined with an intimate catch-up? Oh yes!

However, there is one problem: all the leftover junk that has been piling up before the lockdown in your home. Embarrassing, isn’t it?

Your dinner or party guests may not appreciate your exceptional...

Over time, the unused pipe systems in vacant homes can become breeding grounds for bacteria

Plumbers warn of potentially fatal bacterial infection in unoccupied homes

Lockdown restrictions have shaken up the living situations of much of the population . Whether as a result of job loss, the need to care for elderly relatives, moving out of cities, or avoiding loneliness, many people have moved since the start of the pandemic – often to stay with friends and family – and left their properties vacant for up to a year.

Plus, with ‘work from home’...

Top tips for ensuring safe electricity usage at home

Every home requires access to electricity, whether the reasons are for fun or functionality.

Unfortunately, the safe an d steady provision of power isn’t as simple as merely flicking a switch. Concerns are not uncommon, and there’re certainly many things one must consider before being truly content in matters of their energy usage. After all, it’s often homeowners themselves who’re...

The National Trust is launching a new ‘grow-along’

Join the National trust grow-along and grow your own loofahs!

The National Trust is launching a new ‘grow-along’ to help people grow their own loofahs, which can be used as a sustainable alternative to plastic washing up sponges.

In 2019, the team at Knightshayes in Devon grew their first crop of loofahs – the fruit of Luffa cylindrica , a vine in the cucumber family – and began using them to wash dishes as an alternative to disposable, plastic...

Around 7% of landlords in the UK are ‘accidental’

Accidental landlords – don’t get caught out by the income tax trap

Around 7% of landlords in the UK are ‘accidental’ and never intended to let out a property. Reasons for being an accidental landlord include inheriting a property that hasn’t been sold on and being forced to let out a home that cannot be sold.

As an accidental landlord, understanding the laws around income tax and what needs to be declared can be difficult and, for many, it can also...

Cost-efficient ways to enhance the decor while renovating your home

We heard you are looking to renovate your home soon? Well, what if we tell you that you don’t have to empty out your pockets entirely to create your ideal living space? Because it is true!

With just a few hacks and smart choices that you make while you plan your home renovations, you can create your home setting straight out of a premium home decor magazine under your desired budget...