How the pandemic has affected the gambling industry

The pandemic has caused changes in the way that we live. It seems every industry has been affected and that includes the gambling industry.

When we first learned of the existence of Covid-19, not a great deal of change took place in Europe. It was the lull before the storm though. A...

Simon Wells

Simon Wells



Spending on TV streaming subscriptions tops £5.5 billion, with viewers using three different on-demand services

British consumers spend £5.5 billion a year on TV streaming subscriptions – with viewers using an average of over three different on-demand services

People in the UK are spending £5.5 billion a year on streaming subscriptions, according to the latest research from Digital TV , a TV package and provider comparison service, with viewers each using more than three different on-demand services...

Languages: Why You Don’t Need to Learn Everything

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to learning a new tongue is the perceived enormity of the task. It’s hard to look at Spanish, Japanese, or even English without fearing the jumble of words you’re going to have to swallow just so that you can find your way to the beach. However, like many of the tasks we enjoy putting off each and every day, a fear of picking up a new language can be...

What are the Most Watched Sports in the UK?

A day out at a live sporting event can be one of the most exhilarating, edge-of-the-seat experiences you can have, and the attendance numbers suggest that there are plenty – millions, in fact – that are still enjoying live sports every year.

But which is the most watched? Here’s a look at the six most attended sports in the UK.

#6 – Greyhound Racing

It seems unlikely now,...

A map of the UK’s most haunted locations

Map of UK’s most haunted locations revealed by Paranormal Experts

A leading marketplace for remote and secluded cottages has revealed a map of the UK’s most haunted locations and tips for finding the supernatural, with support from experienced paranormal investigators. has compiled publicly available data along with specific recommendations from the leading group Paranormal Research Investigators UK to reveal a map of Britain’s...

Spider-Man is set to be this year’s most popular Halloween costume

The UK's Most Popular Film Character Halloween Costumes

Spider-Man is set to be this year’s most popular Halloween costume, a new study has found.

Creative resource Design Bundles conducted new research comparing how much major film character costumes have been Googled in the last 12 months in the UK.

The study used data analytics to discover the amount of times character names followed by the term ‘costume’ were searched and...

Tales of the big-stakes winners and losers at casinos across the globe

WHILE playing online can give you a feel for a casino, but nothing quite matches the atmosphere of a trip to the pit and testing your mettle against your fellow players and the dealer.

Stories abound about the exploits of the rich, and the not so rich players at casino venues across the world. For example, the recent and the biggest so far win of $13.6 mln on Mega Moolah progressive...

The Ultimate Guide to Gemstones For Jewellery: Meanings and Origins

The popularity of gemstone jewellery has grown exponentially over the years. These are believed to hold particular powers by enthusiasts, although this is of course denied by experts. Regardless of this debate, buying these items can be a fun and interesting hobby and if you enjoy learning the alleged meanings behind these gemstones, this is the guide for you.

Garnet Birth months are...

The most popular online slots in the UK

Slots are the most popular games for online casino players all around the world. This is true for UK casino players as much as it is for players from other countries across the globe. The online gaming industry know that slot games are by far the most popular, and as a result of this they provide many titles in online casinos.

These days there are slots for just about every theme you...

New Upcoming Movies to Catch this Season

Movies are an essential part of our life since the beginning, and we wait for them to come out so that we can enjoy ourselves with family and friends. Movies bring families and friends together for an exciting time together.

Movies save us from an otherwise boring afternoon, and we can stay curled up in bed having a movie marathon if we are anything like most of us you anticipate for...

Looking to make a name for yourself as a DJ? Here are five essential tips

We all know a good DJ when we see one. You know the difference between someone who can put a decent playlist together and someone who can actually inspire a crowd with their skills, their ability and their excellence. However, anyone who has tried to take their DJ abilities beyond their mates’ parties will tell you that taking the next step to becoming an in-demand professional is not as easy...

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