The Ultimate Guide to Gemstones For Jewellery: Meanings and Origins

The popularity of gemstone jewellery has grown exponentially over the years. These are believed to hold particular powers by enthusiasts, although this is of course denied by experts. Regardless of this debate, buying these items can be a fun and interesting hobby and if you enjoy learning the...

Ellie Green

Ellie Green



The most popular online slots in the UK

Slots are the most popular games for online casino players all around the world. This is true for UK casino players as much as it is for players from other countries across the globe. The online gaming industry know that slot games are by far the most popular, and as a result of this they provide many titles in online casinos.

These days there are slots for just about every theme you...

New Upcoming Movies to Catch this Season

Movies are an essential part of our life since the beginning, and we wait for them to come out so that we can enjoy ourselves with family and friends. Movies bring families and friends together for an exciting time together.

Movies save us from an otherwise boring afternoon, and we can stay curled up in bed having a movie marathon if we are anything like most of us you anticipate for...

Looking to make a name for yourself as a DJ? Here are five essential tips

We all know a good DJ when we see one. You know the difference between someone who can put a decent playlist together and someone who can actually inspire a crowd with their skills, their ability and their excellence. However, anyone who has tried to take their DJ abilities beyond their mates’ parties will tell you that taking the next step to becoming an in-demand professional is not as easy...

How to cycle safely in traffic

Cycling can be a great way to get around and a brilliant form of exercise, but it can also be daunting for new cyclists at first when it comes to cycling in traffic. Practice makes perfect, but there are also a few key areas to learn about that should help you to start riding with confidence as a beginner.

Positioning On the Road

Road positioning is one of the key aspects...

Technology revolutionized these 5 low-tech activities

Have you ever paused to think about all of the ways in which technology has completely changed the things that you do every day? The Internet has revolutionized the way you consume content. Real-time access to news from around the world means that you no longer need a newspaper subscription. If you’re young enough, in fact, there’s a good chance that you’ve never even purchased a newspaper in...

Race favourites and betting odds ahead of the Ardilaun Hotel Oyster Stakes

On Tuesday September 7, the highlight of the Galway card is the Ardilaun Hotel Oyster Stakes. This is a race for fillies and mares that are aged three years and over. It’s run over one mile and four furlongs and is scheduled to start at 6.30. The prize for winning this race is €22,125 and it’s expected the race will be run on good ground.

Anthony Mullins trained Princess Zoe to...

blackberries, fruit, bush

Foraging guide: Things it is safe to forage and not

In the run up to autumn, everyone across the UK is being advised of what items they should or should not forage during the months of August and September.

Experts at are offering advice on what is and is not safe to forage over as we are approaching the autumn months.

Whether new to foraging or not, it is important for all nature lovers to...

Best horse racing events in the UK during the rest of 2021

We are slowly entering the second half of the racing action in 2021. The flat season may be winding down as the winter approaches, which means that the attention will soon be turning back to the National Hunt stars for an action-packed season.

This will culminate with the Cheltenham Festival next March. However, which races do fans still have to look forward to before the end of the...

The best ways to make the most out of the last few weeks of summer

Okay, that title is quite ambiguous given the fact the comings and goings of summer have been incredibly hard to predict in recent years; however, generally speaking, we currently find ourselves in the last few weeks of our favourite season. So, what do we do about it? You will find yourself getting slightly anxious about the winter months rolling in and wondering if you have made the most of...

Two racecourses to visit in England

A day out at the races can be a thrilling experience. You’re well dressed, you’ve got a drink in your hand and an opportunity to win some cash betting on the horses. The questions is, where is the best place to go to watch the action given the quality of racing events around the United Kingdom? We’ll now give you the top two places to watch horse racing in the UK and when to visit....

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