The Top 20 Brands of 2020

Netflix, Amazon and Cadbury’s have emerged as just some of the brands Brits said have helped them through 2020, according to a new study by leading promotional products retailer .

Researchers polled the nation to discover the household names which helped deal with the ups, downs and hardships of the year, with movie and TV streaming service Netflix coming top....

Top 3 gifts your significant other will love

In every relationship, regular tokens of affection and gifts increase the love and the couple’s sense of connection. Gifts play an important role in developing healthy and loving relationships. Moreover, gifts offer numerous benefits that strengthen the bond and help the relationship last longer. Choosing the perfect gift for your partner should be an easy task with these three suggestions...

Just how much do reality TV shows have on contestants’ subsequent fame

THIS reality TV show is MOST likely to make contestants famous

The year is nearing an end. We’ve already seen I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! take place, whilst Bill Bailey was crowned champion of the dance floor at the Strictly Come Dancing final over the weekend. And with Dancing on Ice due to start in the New Year, there’s a certain level of fame contestants attract, no matter their intentions.

To discover just how much certain reality...

5 Women's gift ideas for 2021

2020 has been a strange year, especially when it came to gift-buying throughout. With so many shops closed and celebrations put on hold, gift ideas were harder than usual to come by, but hopefully that can change in 2021.

Take a look at our gift ideas for women in 2021 and start planning now!


Let’s say that the worst happens and we're all stuck indoors again. What...

moving home

4 Big Ideas for 2021

The New Year is nearly here, and you may be considering making some big changes. Whether you want to learn a new skill, start a business or buy a house, there can be so much choice it can seem overwhelming. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started on making 2021 exciting and rewarding.


Regardless of your previous education history, in the age of the internet,...

Why playing online slots is better than in land-based casinos

Authored by rex

Playing slots is a solitary game where players interact with a machine. It could be online, or at a land casino; however, the gaming experience is similar. If anything, you should try to avoid interruptions for a more concentrated effort. Although there is an element of human interaction at a land casino, it is limited to people looking over your shoulder and the waitress bringing you free...

Incredible history of one of England’s last pierrot troupes on display for the first time

For decades they were one of the country’s last remaining pierrot troupes, bringing joy to people of all ages at seaside resorts with their singing, dancing and games. Now the incredible history of The Pierrotters is on display for the first time in a new digital archive which shows their unique place in British culture.

The group, known for their acapella songs, sweet ballads and...

How to watch shows from the USA anywhere in the world

Imagine this happening to you: you’re having a great time catching up with friends via Zoom when one of them starts talking about the most recent season of a TV show that you haven’t even started yet, and the rest of the bunch enthusiastically joins in the conversation. Before you know it, you’re hearing all kinds of massive spoilers and inside jokes before you even had a chance to start the...

Which animals are considered lucky in online casino gaming?

The modern world of online casino gaming features a variety of themes and flavours to capture the attention of the player. Beyond the games themselves, the wider aesthetic and overall experience usually centres around a unique topic.

The themes can be taken from all aspects of society, including pop-culture, entertainment, history and the world around us. In this article, we will look...

10 fun digital ways days to entertain yourself at home

You might find yourself spending a lot of time indoors as the cold winter begins to descend. And while getting cosy in your home is an absolute delight sometimes, it’s easy to get bored no matter how many hobbies and friends, or indeed, household chores you have. Luckily, the internet provides a multitude of ways to have fun and stay entertained at home, whatever your budget. We’ve put...