Birthday gifts for friends: 8 thoughtful presents to give during lockdown

While we understand how awful it feels to celebrate your special day without your friends or family spoiling you (although it’s just for that one day!), there are still some ways through which you can send something special directly to your nearest and dearest!

Yes, ‘directly’ is the...





The A-Z of sports bet types

The A-Z of sports bet types

From placing a bet on the horses on big events like the Cheltenham Festival or the Grand National, to having a few quid on the football on a Saturday, there are several different bets types you can choose from. All of which can help you to land a winning bet and ultimately make some profit.

Not only can you place one bet on one event or outcome, you can also mix several different...

Top kidfluencers with YouTube channels

UK’s top earning young YouTube influencer makes more than £3.75 million a year

New research has revealed how much money the UK’s top young YouTube influencers are making, and the top five are each estimated to earn more than £1m per year.

The study, by Buddle Nurseries , analysed ten of the UK’s most popular YouTuber influencers who are aged 17 or under, and estimated the amount of money they are making from their videos.

The list is topped by 16 year...

Flowers & Plants Co

Flowers & Plants Co. Fresh flowers for all occasions

An independent florist set up in 2020, Flowers & Plants Co. have grown to become a market leader in the UK flower delivery sector, bringing customers fresh flowers for a range of occasions. A dedicated start-up, Flowers & Plants Co. have forged their own path on the way to becoming a game-changing player on the nationwide flower scene.

With a deceptively simple...

American International School in Bangna, Bangkok

Both expats and Thais relocating to Bangkok for work opportunities want to provide their children with the best education and surroundings they can. If you're soon to be relocating with your family to the city, there is a progressive American international school in the Bangna area of Bangkok that you should look into.

The Bangna area of the city is both a convenient and pleasant...

Top 5 most popular Slots themes

Top 5 most popular Slots themes

The magic of playing Slots online is that the features and themes are pretty much limitless. Whilst we all love a good old fruit machine and a throwback to where slot machines began, there’s nothing like stepping into a new world when you play video Slots online . The first step in embarking on any kind of slots adventure is selecting a theme, depending on what’s on offer on your chosen...

5 Poker room designs

Poker is more of a game played online these days due to coronavirus restrictions on casinos, but there's still something pleasing in hosting a poker night with friends and family at home.

How, though, would you design a poker room to create the right atmosphere that feels as if you're back in a real live casino? Read on to consider these five poker room designs that you can apply to...

7 Sports where height matters

7 Sports where height matters

If you've ever sat down to watch the Olympics or the Winter Olympics and wondered if you'd be any good at the sports on display, one thing you may not have considered is how much height affects the athletes and their abilities.

Sporting Abilities

For many sports, athletic ability and dedication is the main factor, but there are few sports where the top athletes in their group are all...

How to Organise the Perfect Picnic for Alfresco April 2021

With UK lockdown restrictions set to ease slightly in April, we’re all looking forward to finally spending some time outside of the house. ‘Alfresco April’ as it’s been dubbed, will be a time for enjoying food and drink outdoors with loved ones which means we’re likely to be seeing a lot more picnics taking place.

As we look forward to this, we’ve put together our top tips for...

Top 5 real money video poker games you can play at online casinos

Online video poker is an exciting and fun game; and one of the few online casino games that can actually (under the right circumstances) can be beaten.

Most video poker machines you play at online casinos are variations of a 5-card draw. The player gets five cards and then chooses which ones to keep (the player can choose to keep the amount of cards he/she wants, from 0 to 5). New...

Why do more players prefer playing bingo online?

Why do more players prefer playing bingo online?

Bingo is a game that evokes images of older people hunching over tables and occasionally yelling out after they have scored a line. But that is no longer the case given that online bingo has come out of the woodwork and brought millions of new players to this timeless classic.

The classical game of Bingo appeared in Italy during the 16th century. From there it spread to France,...