Hayley Turner Continues to Break Records in Horse Racing

Jockey Hayley Turner has been a trailblazer for female riders in her sport and despite being 40 years old now, she continues to break records. When she rode Tradesman to victory at Chelmsford recently, she recorded the 1000th winner of her career.

The 1000th milestone is something...

Simon Wells

Simon Wells



Why Fishing Might Be the Hobby to Make You Happy

If you’re looking to unwind in the outdoors and incorporate nature into a hobby, fishing might be the right activity for you. Way more than just a leisurely pastime, fishing is delightful both solo and with the family and offers a variety of physical, mental and social benefits.

Post-lockdown attitudes have shown a newfound appreciation for fishing, as many are using it as a licence...

Reasons Everton can stay in the Premier League after points deduction

The recent news that Everton has been hit with a 10-point penalty has sent shock waves around English football, with plenty of clubs wondering who is next. From the perspective of an Everton fan though, all they want to know is whether staying up is a possibility this season.

It was rumoured to be coming. But now the news is official, and Everton are back in the relegation places....

Five reasons to try online bingo

Many people have tried bingo in person, but have you ever considered playing online? Experience the thrill and excitement of a game of bingo from the comfort of your own home and join in with over 3 million players around the country . Here are just a few of the reasons why people love bingo.

The rules are simple

Bingo is one of the most accessible games you can play. With simple...

Wedding Wonders: Unique Decor Ideas for a Memorable Celebration

Weddings are the epitome of love, unity, and a beautiful beginning to a lifetime journey together. However, they're also an expression of a couple's unique personality and style. Nowadays, modern couples crave unique experiences not just for themselves but for their guests too. They seek to create a wedding celebration that is not only memorable but also deeply personal and one-of-a-kind....

Popular video games in the UK

From its humble start in the early 1970s, the consumer video games industry has developed into one of the most popular and successful markets of all time. The video games have become increasingly varied, sophisticated, and available for a diverse audience. Today there are reportedly a whopping 3 billion gamers worldwide and the gaming industry ranks among the fastest growing entertainment...

How Learning a New Skill Can Unlock Hidden Talents

In today's world, learning new skills and expanding your horizons has become more critical. With rapidly evolving technology and workplaces, those who actively work to "level up" their abilities will have a distinct advantage. For children and adults, pushing beyond one's comfort zone allows one to reveal hidden talents and reach new potential. Rather than stagnating, taking on a new...

Aeroplane Triple Flying Experience with WonderDays

Ever dreamed of sitting in a cockpit, your hands gripping the controls of an effective aeroplane, feeling the excitement as you leap through the sky? Your desires are closer to reality than you suspect. Thanks to WonderDays, you could discover ways to fly an aeroplane in a completely unique 2.5 hour experience, presenting a magnificent ninety minutes of real flying time. This journey isn't...

3 Ways to Increase Instagram Live Views for Travellers

In the modern world, no one is surprised by the fast-growing blogging field on Instagram. Influencers have become an integral part of the media space, and today they’re known all over the world. Travel bloggers gained particular popularity after the 2019 pandemic. When people couldn’t travel, bloggers became their guides to the world of travel.

In 2023, they’re no less in demand than...

How to bet on cricket

Cricket is a very popular sport in the UK that has accrued an audience of millions over the years. As with many sports, cricket fans also often happen to be fans of betting and, therefore, enjoy placing bets on Cricket.

This one of our sports betting guides will break down all there is to know about Cricket and betting on Cricket. We will cover the rules of the sport, the best...

A Blueprint for Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is absolutely a journey. Sometimes you’ll hit bumps in the road, other times you’ll find yourself going in the wrong direction, but thankfully, so long as you have a map and a will to find the way, you’re sure to find a way towards self-confidence. Some days will be better than others, sometimes you may take a step back, but so long as you believe in yourself, are happy with...

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