Unlocking the Future: Exploring the Wonders of smart #3 model

In an era marked by technological innovation and environmental consciousness, the automotive industry is steering towards a sustainable future. One revolutionary leap in this direction is the advent of electric cars and the new all electric hashtag three, a game-changer that promises a greener...

Simon Wells

Simon Wells



Boost your driving confidence: A comprehensive guide

Whether you’ve recently passed your test or simply find the entire driving experience incredibly daunting, you’re not alone. Taking complete control of a vehicle can be scary and it’s easy for our nerves to get the better of us .

However, there are so many ways you can learn to become a confident driver. In this article, we’ll be providing our top tips on how to take control of your...

The Vintage Aesthetic: Nostalgia for Retro-Themed UK License Plates

There's something magical about the past, something that tugs at our hearts and brings a smile to our faces. It's the charm of bygone eras, the allure of vintage aesthetics that continue to captivate us. And when it comes to UK license plates, this enchantment with the past is harnessed through retro-themed designs that have the power to transport us through time. In this exploration of...

DIY Plate Art: Unleash Your Creativity on Your License Plate

The open road is more than just a path from A to B; it's a canvas waiting to be personalized. One way to make your mark is through DIY plate art – a creative endeavor that transforms your license plate from a mundane identifier to a rolling work of art. In this comprehensive guide, we'll embark on a journey of self-expression, exploring step-by-step DIY ideas to help you craft a license plate...

The Biggest Challenges Facing UK Drivers This Winter

UK motorists face growing cost pressures and difficult road conditions as winter approaches. The extreme weather that has already hit has given everyone a strong reminder that safety is the number one priority. But you need to think about your budget too. Surging vehicle expenses, high fuel prices, more extreme weather events and congested roads present motorists with notable challenges in...

Viral Plates: The Phenomenon of Creative Number Plates Taking Social Media by Storm

In the digital age, where everything from cats in hats to dance challenges can become online sensations, a peculiar trend has emerged – the rise of creative number plates going viral on social media platforms. Beyond their functional purpose, license plates are stepping into the limelight, capturing the attention of online enthusiasts and becoming unexpected stars of the virtual stage. In...

10 Worthwhile Interior Mods to Upgrade your Driving Experience

Most cars roll off the production line looking the same, but they can be extremely personal to you, which is why so many people look to modify and customise them to their own style. We are used to seeing vinyl wraps, big spoilers and unique alloys on a car as part of this, but as we see the inside of our cars just as much as the outside, it’s time that the interiors got a little bit of...

 the ten creepiest roads in the UK

Horrific highways and monstrous motorways: Spookiest UK roads revealed

Motorists have been warned to avoid certain roads this Halloween after a string of eerie supernatural sightings have left drivers unnerved.

From ghost brides to werewolves, researchers from have revealed the ten creepiest roads in the UK that are said to be stalked by a paranormal presence.

The UK road network is reportedly riddled with ghostly apparitions,...

Government figures show more than 120 people are killed or seriously injured on UK roads every week

91% of Brits are unable to identify common road crossing signs

Admiral Car Insurance has revealed the dangers facing pedestrians after the latest provisional Government figures show more than 120 people are killed or seriously injured on UK roads every week4.

The insurer’s research highlights a lack of understanding of the different types of pedestrian crossings on our roads, with only 9% of those surveyed able to identify a puffin crossing...

The Evolution of Sports SUVs

Gradually shifting from practicality to prestige, SUVs have emerged as incarnations of velocity and splendor. In the automotive sector, there exists a pronounced transition with the evolution of SUVs sporting the dynamics of sports cars. With curiosity and wonder, let us venture into the realm of high-performance driving, paving the path for the transformation of cars.

From Humble...

Mobility Vehicles for Sale from Southern Mobility Vehicles

Southern Mobility Vehicles offer a selection of wheelchair accessible cars that have recently been converted or used as wheelchair accessible cars, both new and pre-owned. They specialize in helping those with disabilities drive and get around to even the most remote destinations!

They are an internationally well-known and regarded company specializing exclusively in wheelchair...

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