Owain Williams: Red Carpet Interviews, LGBTQIA+ Performances, and Finding His “Cheerleading Squad” in Bronia Buchanan’s BBA Management

Owain Williams is widely known in the realms of children’s television, musical theatre, and red-carpet premieres.

In this exclusive interview, he reveals how he went from being a law student to interviewing the likes of Sir David Attenborough and Justin Bieber, starring in the West End’s Priscilla the Party! , becoming a role model for LGBTQIA+ young people, and signing with Bronia...

football on grass pitch

Celebrities that are Involved in Football in the UK

With one of the most watched leagues in the sport and a domestic structure that is admired around the world, many celebrities have a strong interest in British football, whether that is as a fan or through ownership.

Here is a look at some of the most notable celebrities linked to football in the UK, and what exactly their interest is.

Liam and Noel Gallagher (Manchester City)...

Suzan Mutesi stars in the upcoming new film: Sanctuary Pariahs

Award-winning Ugandan-Australian Suzan Mutesi, multi-hyphenate style icon, actor, author, model, singer, producer, activist, and creative powerhouse, will star in the new film Sanctuary Pariahs from Australian film Director & Producer Daniel Okoduwa.

Okoduwa is known for the popular action film: Survive or Die . His new movie project Sanctuary Pariahs stars Mutesi and Vietnamese-...

The list of our favourite underdog sporting moments

Nation's Favourite Sporting Underdogs Revealed

It is often said that there’s nothing Brits love more than an underdog - and a new study has proved it, with 95 percent of us agreeing there is something special about a sporting underdog winning against all the odds.

Specsavers polled the nation revealed a list of our favourite underdog sporting moments, including Emma Raducanu winning the US Open in 2021 (34 percent), Leicester...

Richard McMaster

A Love Divided by Time – Richard McMaster’s Intriguing Romance Novel that Transcends Centuries

Books are popular leisure and entertainment mediums, allowing people to learn, acquire knowledge, relax, and enjoy. Fiction and non-fiction are the primary book categories that attract readers according to varying preferences and choices. Academics, students, teachers, scholars, and professionals typically prefer non-fiction or textbooks. Fiction books or novels are popular among people of...

You Have to Feel to Deal: Exploring Emotions with Jessica N. Sauls

Jessica Sauls is the author of the book "You Have to Feel to Deal," a powerful guide to understanding and managing emotions. In this book, Sauls draws from her own experiences as well as the experiences of others to provide practical tools for coping with difficult emotions and cultivating emotional resilience.

At the heart of "You Have to Feel to Deal" is the idea that emotions are...

71 percent of adults think 2022 has been a particularly memorable year in terms of news.

Britain's favourite news moments of 2022 include the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

The study of 2,000 adults revealed that 20 percent of people were hooked on reading about the constant succession of Prime Ministers, whilst 17 per cent were shocked the UK came second in the Eurovision song contest and 11 percent couldn’t believe Matt Hancock entered the ‘I’m a Celebrity’ jungle.

Other top moments this year include Liz Truss outlasted by a lettuce (20 percent),...

Cristiano Ronaldo has been named the most marketable athlete on the planet for 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo named world’s most marketable athlete for 2022

Portuguese soccer icon Cristiano Ronaldo has been named the most marketable athlete on the planet for 2022, with the Manchester United player coming out on top in SportsPro’s latest global rankings.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner, 37, secured a commanding Marketability Score of 91.21 out of a possible 100, putting him some distance ahead of now-retired tennis star Serena Williams...

From Hollywood to Vegas: How Celebrities Spend Their Time (and Money) at the Casino

For celebrities, the casino is the ultimate playground. It’s a place where they can let loose, have some fun, and – hopefully – walk away with a little extra cash in their pocket. If you do not find them in a physical casino, they might be enjoying a real money online casino in the comfort of their homes. While some celebrities are more well-known for their casino antics than others, there’s...

Love Island UK became a huge hit in America this year

Eleven phrases from Love Island UK that are baffling Americans

While traditional British slang has always caused confusion, as Love Island UK became a huge hit in America this year, some of the most popular phrases from the show have left fans baffled.

To find out which slang terms are the most confusing, puzzle experts at Hearts-Challenge used Google search data from the US to reveal which ones are questioned the most.

From getting “...

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