Tom Bradby

Tom Bradby talks lockdown and mental health

ITV News at Ten anchor Tom Bradby,  friend of the royals, seasoned correspondent and documentary-presenter, confesses he’s enjoying life in lockdown with his wife Claudia and three grown-up children at home near Winchester.

“But then you come to work and dip your head in a bucket...

Laura Bond

Laura Bond



Lawrence Lewelyn bowen

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen on appreciating life in lockdown

Authored by Laura Bond

While many of us are chafing at the limits and restrictions of lockdown, TV personality and interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen is positively enjoying the experience.

He’s just launched a new Youtube channel, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen’s School Of Flock, a personal journey through the art, history and alchemy of interior design, which he presents from his Cotswolds home.


Bobby Davro

Laughter is the best medicine right now says Bobby Davro

Authored by Laura Bond

Comedy legend Bobby Davro is happily chatting and firing off jokes, when suddenly the laughter stops. He’s spotted a large spider and there’s no mistaking his fear.

“Please come and get it,” he wails to his daughter Brittany, 25, as he stands on a chair in the living room of his Surrey home.

“I’m not just scared of spiders, I’m terrified of them,” he explains, after it’s...

Ex-Eastenders Joe Ryder.

Jack Ryder says he was just a kid on a show

Authored by Laura Bond

Ex-EastEnders and Holby City actor Jack Ryder is getting ready to paint the nursery, change nappies and deal with sleepless nights as he prepares for the birth of his first child.

The amicable actor, who played EastEnders heartthrob Jamie Mitchell for four years until his character was killed off at Christmas 2002 and last year appeared in Holby City as rapist Evan Crowhurst, has a...

Celebrity Robert Webb's new book

Robert Webb says we fight like any other couple, but using stupid voices

Authored by Laura Bond

Comedian and writer Robert Webb, 47, who rose to fame with David Mitchell in Peep Show and That Mitchell And Webb Look, recently recovered from a heart operation and is relishing family time with his wife, fellow comedian Abigail Burdess and their two children Esme and Dory.

He writes from his home in London in between school hours, and has just penned his first novel, Come Again....

Celebrity Katherine Ryan

Katherine Ryan says it is impossible to be liked by everyone

Authored by Laura Bond

They say if you want something done, ask a busy person and, for Katherine Ryan, lockdown is proving the old adage true.

Ensconced with her husband and daughter on the London-Hertfordshire border, Ryan is supposed to be scribing the second season of her sitcom, but despite the mounds of free time, lockdown life is proving rather distracting. “I’m really not getting into it,” she says...

Tips to survive lockdown

Surviving Isolation - tips from a solo adventurer

Authored by Laura Bond

Shand Cycles Ambassador and endurance challenger Jenny Tough shares her tips for staying positive when you’ve got little or no social contact

Jenny Tough, solo adventure specialist and Shand Cycles ambassador has unique insight into the challenges many millions will be facing up to in lockdown.

Jenny was the first person to run unsupported across the Bolivian Andes and spent...

Successful people

Six daily habits of highly successful people

Authored by Laura Bond

The secrets of ultra-successful people have long been a source of interest to the rest of the population.

While we’re running out the door five minutes late with a globule of toothpaste down our front, have a bunch of emails we haven’t replied to and bags under our eyes from a late-night Netflix marathon, they’re breezing through their day with blissful efficiency.


Anita Rani Channel 4 Parenting

Anita Rani: Miscarriage is still such a taboo subject

Authored by Laura Bond

Parenting is one of those subjects that everyone has opinions on, from the food we should be feeding kids to how we discipline them. And now there’s a brand-new show on Channel 4 in which mums and dads can compete to prove their way is how everyone should do it.

Each episode of Britain’s Best Parent? will see three different sets of parents showcase their individual parenting...

Celebrity Joe Wicks at home

Joe Wicks says he has learned patience and tolerance while weaning his daughter

Authored by Laura Bond

Weaning your child can feel like a daunting prospect. What will they like? What if they choke on something? What if they throw the lovingly-prepared food across the room?

Joe Wicks – aka The Body Coach and now everyone’s favourite online PE teacher – says he felt exactly the same before introducing his daughter Indie, who turns two in July, to solid food.

“I was in the same...

luxury home with swimming pool

The top five celebrity houses Brits want to self-isolate in 

Authored by Laura Bond

One of the UK’s leading luxury homeware marketplaces has revealed the celebrity homes Brits wish they could self-isolate in the most, with the Beckhams’ £31.5m Holland Park property topping the list. 4,000 members of the British public were asked which celebrity homes they’d most like to spend the lockdown period in, and discovered David and Victoria Beckham’s London townhouse was the most...