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A Love Divided by Time – Richard McMaster’s Intriguing Romance Novel that Transcends Centuries

Authored by alidino
Posted: Saturday, May 13, 2023 - 05:35

Books are popular leisure and entertainment mediums, allowing people to learn, acquire knowledge, relax, and enjoy. Fiction and non-fiction are the primary book categories that attract readers according to varying preferences and choices. Academics, students, teachers, scholars, and professionals typically prefer non-fiction or textbooks. Fiction books or novels are popular among people of all ages and genders. Romance novels garner the highest popularity among readers due to their fascinating stories and portrayals of people’s relationships.

The themes of love, romance, hope, desire, trust, and the ups and downs of relationships are typically the emphasis of romance books. Because they show how long-lasting love can be, romance books are also well-liked by readers. They are a great approach to fully immerse oneself in the characters’ narratives or circumstances since they typically burst with emotion and drama. Even though hundreds of romance novels are published annually, only a select number capture readers’ attention with their captivating stories and compelling characters. Due to its distinctive blend of drama, suspense, and emotions, Richard McMaster’s recently published book A Love Divided by Time has the potential to become a best-seller.

Richard McMaster’s recently released novel, A Love Divided by Time, offers readers a distinctive viewpoint on love and life. McMaster uses themes like tragedy, vengeance, mystery, suspense, soulmates, and reincarnation in A Love Divided by Time to create an original and thrilling spin on the romance genre. By examining the many elements of human emotion in his new book, McMaster shows how love can endure even the most horrific experiences without succumbing to the bounds of time. Romance novels typically paint vivid pictures of the intimate relationships between the main characters to highlight the intensity of their relationships and strengthen the plot. However, McMaster shows the emotional aspects of love and relationships without focusing excessively on lust or intimacy typically found in romance novels.

Romance novels are favorites among people mainly because readers associate or relate emotionally with the characters or stories and derive meaning from the characters’ triumph in finding and preserving love. Many authors infuse drama, suspense, and tragedy elements in romance novels to highlight how people’s love survives and strengthens in dire circumstances and adversities. McMaster also incorporates drama, tragedy, suspense, and vengeance to portray the strong connection and relationship between Forrest and Allie, the two main characters of A Love Divided by Time. Allie and Forrest are devoted to each other and deeply in love despite the circumstances and challenges. However, tragedy befalls the couple when Allis is killed, leaving Forrest devastated and determined to take revenge on the murderer. He raises their daughter as a single father, hoping to meet and be with Allie forever in the afterlife. 

A Love Divided by Time illustrates the deep love and devotion of Forrest and Allie to each other and the former’s unwavering commitment to seek retribution. The novel depicts McMaster’s unique style of integrating multiple elements to paint a vivid picture of the characters and their circumstances to the readers. The 1980s sci-fi/romance movie Somewhere in Time and Nicholas Sparks’ novel, The Notebook, inspired McMaster to write A Love Divided by Time. McMaster was not always a writer and worked for several years leading and managing healthcare startups, including one of the sixth-largest companies of its kind in the United States. Although he had the option of becoming a writer, he chose to pursue a career as an executive after being offered a job at a startup as the firm’s first employee. He took some of Wharton’s leadership courses that served as the foundation for future studies and learning.

Richard McMaster pursued a successful career, leading several startups and contributing to the healthcare sector by lowering costs and improving care quality. He took the first firm he joined from a small startup to a company generating over $17 million in annual revenues while serving as its executive director. McMaster’s most recent endeavor, North Idaho Health Network, comprised five hospitals and 310 physicians. He liked reading from an early age and was more interested in novels and fiction books than his textbooks. The passion for reading and writing compelled McMaster to foray into writing after working as an executive in the healthcare sector. He wrote several novels like A Love Divided by Time. Aaron’s War, Voyage of Life, and The Attic. McMaster’s novel, A Love Divided by Time, is an intriguing romance novel that transcends centuries.

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