How to remain financially stable after being made redundant: A guide

Sometimes life will take twists and turns that you could never predict. Unexpected bills could come through your door, you might become too ill to work, or you may lose your job. Any of these can inevitably have an impact on your finances. As such, it makes keeping up with paying bills and...

Ellie Green

Ellie Green



Katie’s 10 Steps to Saving £1k

Graduate Creates TikTok To Share Interesting Tips To Save £1k This Year

Katie Yvonne, 22, from Telford, is on a mission to financial security with a zero-based budget. “If every penny is accounted for I know exactly what I’m doing.” Katie took to TikTok ( @katiedoeslife ) in 2021 to share her tips on how she is on track to save £1k in a year on an annual income of £4,128.

Previously spending approximately £720 a year on takeout coffees alone when at...

Money saving tips for the starving student

The quintessential student experience: cheap pints at the university bar; long nights of last-minute cramming due to said cheap pints; arguments about the washing-up in your shared house; and of course, the empty wallet/bank account/piggy bank after two weeks of enjoying the fullness of a student loan payment. University is a unique and life-changing experience, with highs and lows and all-...

The crucial benefits of mobile banking

There was a time when proper banking could only be accomplished by heading to your local bank and getting everything in order. In an age of convenience and accessibility, most people want a means of handling their finances without having to go out, which is where mobile banking comes in. It is especially crucial due to the recent pandemic.

It’s understandable to be a little worried...

Is it possible to make money and have fun at the same time?

Make money and have fun, tips to make money and have fun, ways to make money and enjoy life, earn money and enjoy life, fastest way to make money and have fun

Money is something that we always wish we had more, maybe to buy that fancy coat, pay off your student loans faster, book your dream vacation or even check out the new diner you’ve been eyeing. If you want to feel more laidback...

Why is a Pip Calculator important in Forex trading?

In the world of economy, foreign exchange is the marketplace for trading all types of global currencies. It is the largest financial market in the world, with over $1.5 trillion traded daily. There are numerous advantages to trading foreign exchange, including flexible market hours, strong liquidity, and the possibility of leverage trading.

Pips, abbreviated for percentage in points...

Five Easy Ways That You Can Make Savings This Autumn

After an incredibly long and difficult pandemic, it has felt absolutely amazing to be able to get back out into the world and get back to something resembling normality. Thanks to the UK government rolling back restrictions , we have been able to go to bars and restaurants, we have gone to see bands play live and watch movies at the cinema, and we have been able to finally see our family and...

How to make money with your love of sports

If you’re looking to score some cash while betting on your favorite sports, or if you want to go all-in on fantasy football, here are some tips to leveraging your love of sports for big payouts. If you’re the type of fan who follows teams closely and loves statistics, you can make informed guesses and increase your chances of a win. All you need is some money to start with, a market to bet in...

What Does a Business Broker Do?

Just as a real estate agent acts as an intermediary between the buyer and seller of a home, a business broker facilitates the sales of small businesses. A broker can act on behalf of a start-up business that wishes to sell to a larger corporation. Brokers can also represent enterprises that want to acquire smaller companies. Business brokers typically work on a commission basis.


Tips and Ideas for Starting a Small Business

Once the idea to start a business is in your head, it can be hard to shake. It might be an amazing business idea with tons of potential, but without taking the right steps and doing everything right, the business might not be as successful as expected. Anyone interested in starting a small business will want to use the tips below to make sure they have a good start from the beginning and know...

Smart shopping – New study ranks the top countries with the savviest consumers

A new study by online savings platform BravoVoucher reveals the top countries with the savviest consumers as part of the Smart Shopper Index, a global ranking of the top countries where consumers are the savviest with their spending habits and their savings.

France crowned top country for smart shopping

The study analysed several consumer habits including household savings and debt,...

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