The Pros and Cons of Forex trading

One of the most popular forms of trading right now is undoubtedly Forex (FX) trading. Simply put, this is the act of trading one currency for another, in pairs. If you like the sound of Forex trading, and want to enter the market yourself,...

Ed Barker

Ed Barker



Spending on take-aways have increased over lockdown

Here's How Much the Average Brit Spends on Takeaways During Lockdown!

With recent ONS data showing the average disposable income in the UK increased by £700 per household compared to 2019, Share to Buy analyses how much the average Brit spending habits have changed during the lockdown periods and the top most impulsive splurges of 2020.

According to Barclays, Brits spent a total of £40.6 billion on dispensable items to make their time at home more...

How Covid-19 pandemic gradually changes the millennials’ lifestyle

Even before Covid-19 threw a monkey wrench into the gearbox of the global economy, the Millennials were already struggling to make the needs meet. With the pandemic in full swing, many find it impossible to do so. They were the first generations in the last two centuries that were living worse than their parents. The economy, run by the Boomers for the Boomers, treated the Millennials like a...

Is Neuer Capital a scam? Top reasons to opt for this broker

One of the most popular trends these days is none other than cryptocurrency trading because it provides numerous opportunities to people for making some big returns that would otherwise take them years to make. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and this has made them quite profitable, but it also means that there is a lot of risk associated with them as well. Obviously, you only want to...


The importance of statistics in sports betting for beginners

Generally, data collection is a very important part of forecasting. The link between informed research and successful bets is a testament to why statistics is key in predicting the outcome of a sporting event.

Consciously, unconsciously, or even sub-consciously, the psychology of parties involved in a match is influenced by experiences and past results. Although statistics are...

Over half of UK adults got into debt in 2020

One in four UK adults said they got into arrears because of the pandemic

Over half of UK adults got into debt last year, with one in four revealing that their debt was a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to new research.

The study by personal finance experts at reveals that 51% of UK adults got into debt in 2020 and half of that was new debt directly caused by the pandemic.

The average amount of debt owed in the UK in...


Crypto roundup

For years now the world of cryptocurrencies has been a heavily discussed topic, and has long since been as volatile as ever. From Bitcoin’s bullish trend of surpassing its previous highs, to finance analysts referring to Ethereum as the next to “go to the moon”, as well as other explosive alt coins in the market that are showing incredible potential – there’s a lot to explore within the...

Play Irish Lotto from the UK

If you are looking for better alternatives to playing the EuroMillions Superdraw , then why not give the Irish Lotto a try? Yes, you can play Irish Lotto from the UK, even though Irish Lotto is established in Ireland.Here's all you need to know about playing it from the comfort of your own home.

What Is Irish Lotto - better alternatives to playing the EuroMillions Superdraw

The Irish...

Want to avoid some of life's most common admin errors? Read on

A time comes when you will take a look at your electric bill and get quite a surprise. This 'electric shock' comes in the form of a steep price, and you wonder how you hadn't noticed it climbing. A bit of further investigation will probably show you that your electricity supplier raised their prices quite a while ago, and this is the first you've noticed. Now is the time to jumpstart into...

List of best investment opportunities in the UK by Einvestment fund

Looking to build assets? Trying to make more and more wealth? Struggling to explore new and easy ways of earning? If “Yes “then you’re in the right place. Most of the people are setting their goals to grow their finances and they are searching for ways to invest money and earn substantial returns. Investments assist in generating more money with as limited risk as possible.


National Careers Service Virtual Jobs Fair runs form 13-20 November

National Careers Service Virtual Jobs Fair 13-20 November

The National Careers Service Virtual Jobs Fair returns next week, promoting local job, apprenticeship and volunteering opportunities from 13-20 November. The Virtual Jobs Fair will virtually visit nine different regions of England throughout the week bringing employers closer to job seekers by advertising vacancies across social media.

The National Careers Service Virtual Jobs fair...