Five ways to avoid increased debt as lockdown ends

Five ways to avoid increased debt as lockdown ends

There’s no doubting that the past year has thrown up deep and difficult financial problems for many people, but one small benefit may have been in the reduced pressure to spend.

Many people have suffered the huge challenges of job losses or reduced income. For them and people who...





Want to create a successful retirement plan? Follow these 5 simple steps

The words 'planning' and 'finances' combined may be enough to send shivers down your spine, which is the case for many people. However, getting stuck into some serious planning for your retirement finances is essential if you are to enjoy your post-working years.

The good news is, we can help you with these five simple steps to successful retirement planning.

First Step. Get...

Brits could be at risk of being left vulnerable in society due to an inability to use digital payment methods

30.6 million Brits currently at risk of digital exclusion due to a drop in cash use

At least 30.6 million Brits could be at risk of being left vulnerable in society due to an inability to use digital payment methods amidst a significant drop in cash use, new data reveals.

Global Payment Trends collates official data from payment reports and demographic statistics to reveal the potential societal repercussions of digital exclusivity, whereby coins, banknotes and...

How to Become a Professional Video Creator

Are you hoping to become a professional video creator but have no idea where to start or what it takes to be indeed good at it? Then before you visit this site for a fantastic video creation tool that will enable you to achieve that professional status in the world of video footage, take a look at these astonishing advantages that also go along with a free online video creator.


The uncertainty around the pandemic has triggered more financial worry in Brits

60% of Brits are feeling stressed over their financial position

Since the global outbreak of COVID-19 began in early 2020, many Brits have experienced extra financial pressure. To help understand how Brits are coping, Blacktower Financial Management has taken a closer look to uncover which cities are most concerned about the monetary implications of the pandemic, as well as those saving more now than ever before.

The UK has been one of the world’...

40% of millennials have been spending more since the base interest rate fell to 0.1% in March

Over half of millennials parting with their savings to boost struggling economy

More than half of millennials plan to spend some or all of their savings to give British businesses and the struggling economy a boost, according to new research from NerdWallet .

The personal finance platform commissioned an independent survey of over 550 millennial savers (aged 18-34). It found that the average millennial has £8,675 in savings.

The research revealed that...

Many people are not paying into a pension or do not understand their pension 

Are you missing out on pensions knowledge and contributions?

According to new research from leading digital marketing agency, AccuraCast , both men and women are still missing out on pension knowledge and pension savings. The survey asked 1,000 respondents how they felt about their pension pot and the results found that many people were still not paying into a pension and more worryingly did not understand their pension.

The survey shows the...

Top 5 mortgage tips for first home buyers

If you are a first-time homebuyer feeling daunted at the complexities of a mortgage negotiation, don’t worry. That type of anxiety is perfectly normal, and as long as you’re willing to do a bit of homework, the process will go by smoothly.

In the spirit of helping you with the basics, here 5 tips that can help guide you as you figure out your first mortgage.

1 - Plan your...

A quarter of people aged 70 or above have suffered financial abuse

Quarter of people aged 70+ admit to being a victim of financial abuse

A quarter of people aged 70 or above have suffered financial abuse, according to a new survey which details the shocking scale of the problem.

The report - by new financial service GuardianCard , whose co-founder’s mother-in-law was frauded - also reveals that more than half (56%) fear they’re more of a target for thefts, scams and frauds due to pandemic.

Covid, financial...

A third of Brits have paid for a subscription they haven't been using

52% of Brits can't remember their last card payment

Personal finance experts, have surveyed 1,000 Brits about their money memory, in order to uncover how financially forgetful Brits have become due to their reliance on fintech i.e. contactless payments, auto-fill passwords.

Unfortunately, their findings are quite worrying when it comes to Brits’ money memory

Key Findings:

Ocean Finance’s...

How to recover money you're owed

It's incredibly frustrating when someone owes you money, and you have to struggle to get paid back. There are many reasons you might be owed some cash, and your response to each situation will largely depend on who owes you, how much, and how far you're going to have to take it. The good news is that being owed money doesn't have to mean that your cash has gone forever. With a little research...