3 Tips for an amazing retirement

Although the majority of your years are likely to be behind you when you reach retirement age, that doesn’t mean that you have to stop living or having fun. It can be useful to spend a bit of time putting plans into place now, that will allow you to still have some wonderful experiences when...

Ellie Green

Ellie Green



The best options for where to put your hard-earned money

Many employees nowadays feel that what they are earning is not enough. This is in consideration of inflation and the increasing cost of living. Unfortunately, not all employees are entitled to a fixed increase in salary that will match the decreasing value of money. Some resort to getting a part-time job, opening their own business, or investing.

Investing is a great idea, but it is...

Bookie Software Integration for Sportsbook Business

The betting business has been revolutionized with the coming of the digital era, particularly with the usage of bookie website software. Being a bookie allows you to work from home, on your computer or laptop, or on your smartphone.

The advantages of scalable bookie website software are both immediate and long-term; you may not require all of the features that will be beneficial...

 Is your retirement pot big enough?

Trying to calculate what you will need financially for your retirement is not always an easy thing to do. There are likely to be a lot of changes before you reach the end of your career: your life itself and associated goals will go through many changes, inflation will alter the value of the pound, governmental regulations will alter what benefits you can access in your post-work years and...

Inheritance tax advice boom as advisers forecast strong growth

New research from The Openwork Partnership, one of the UK’s largest and longest established financial advice and investment networks, shows advisers are expecting a boom in demand for advice on inheritance tax planning.

Nearly two out of five (38%) advisers saw an increase in demand from clients for advice on IHT planning in the past year.

And advisers anticipate the boom...

Getting started in Forex - trading made simple with the MetaTrader 4

Let’s face facts; attempting to crack the forex market and achieve success as a trader can be a challenging pastime, especially when you consider the volatility of the marketplace and its unique complexities.

However, there are steps that you can take to optimise success in this marketplace, with the right trading platform capable of providing endless support and bridging small gaps...

Over a quarter of people said that they would transfer all of their money to a so-called ‘safe account’

A Staggering 1 in 4 of Us Would Transfer All of Our Money to a Scammer

A recent survey conducted by KIS Finance has revealed worrying statistics regarding safe account scams.

The survey asked 2,000 participants whether they know what a safe account scam is and, more importantly, whether they think they would fall for it and transfer their money to a scammer.

Over a quarter (25.7%) of people said that they would transfer all of their money to a...

8 Secrets to saving money

8 secrets to saving money

Saving money isn’t easy. It’s just so much fun to spend it and so hard to stick to a budget. That’s why you need to take your saving seriously and make it simpler for yourself. This guide will show you the secrets to saving money.

Make a budget

The first (and most important) tip on this list is to make a budget. It’s impossible to save money if you don’t know how much you’re earning...

Euro 2020 Team of the Tournament shocks

With Euro 2020 just a matter of days away, excitement for the tournament is rife. The groups and fixtures and have been public knowledge for some time and all of the 26-man squads have now been revealed. Leaving plenty for fans across the continent to talk about in the build-up.

However, the European Championships are synonymous with throwing up a shock or two, and, according to the...

Lockdown: The start of new opportunities to organize a stable income!

Self-isolation and movement restrictions made a lot of changes. Not all employers were able to transfer work to a remote format. The airbag, in the form of additional capital, has the property of quickly ending. You have to remember all your talents to find a decent income during the quarantine. In general, during the crisis and the spread of infection on the street, the needs of people and...

Four Steps to Fixing Your Credit Score After Being Scammed

Four Steps to Fixing Your Credit Score After Being Scammed

Did you know that being a victim of identity fraud can affect your credit score? A single missed payment can knock around 130 points off your credit score.

And 3-6 missed payments can lead to defaults, which can impact your score further.

With many identity theft scams on the rise (such as the fake Royal Mail text), personal finance experts, Ocean Finance , have pulled together four...

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