Married people are up to £138,000 better off than divorced people

Divorce costs up to £138,000 in wealth

Married people are up to £138,000 better off than divorced people, with divorced women the worst hit by the impact of marriage breakdown on wealth, new analysis* from Handelsbanken Wealth & Asset Management shows.

Its analysis of Government data estimates the average wealth of...

James Carter

James Carter



The Different Types of Mortgages Explained: A 2022 Guide

Buying a home is expensive and most of us aren’t in the position to buy a home outright, meaning a mortgage may be the best option. Whether you have a mortgage or are looking to remortgage, there is a lot to learn before making a decision. With many different choices out there, it can be confusing knowing which mortgage to get. You also need to be aware of how your finances will...

The rise of trading in Forex since Covid-19

There is no doubt that the global pandemic has had a dramatic effect on the world. It’s not just an increased awareness of health risks. Covid has highlighted the importance of relationships and positive work-life balance. In addition, it has caused the collapse of countless numbers of businesses .

People are rightly concerned regarding job security. That’s why many of them are...

A recent study shows that 58% of  Brits have handed over their personal information

Brits are handing over personal information which is costing them thousands through online scams

A recent study shows that 58% of Brits have handed over their personal information that has cost them financially through new online scams, and almost a third of those who said they were successfully targeted are under 35 year olds.

Dating apps and the Domino Pizza scams were most popular with 22% of those successfully targeting victims.

The survey conducted by Get Claims...

Why investing in cryptocurrency can change your life

You might have heard a lot about Cryptocurrencies and the potential they have when it comes to earning returns. After the sudden boom in the Crypto space, the whole world is thinking about trying their luck in Crypto investment.

There is a buzz in the market, “Cryptocurrency can change your life.”

That is why you are here, reading this article to get the answer to the...

The cost of living has hit a 30 year high with inflation soaring to 6.2%

Experts explain simple hacks that will save those crucial pounds

The cost of living has hit a 30 year high with inflation soaring to 6.2%, so it is vital to understand how to better manage our money.

Many people pay large lump sums of money towards utilities and services; however, insurance expert Catherine Grayson from A-Plan Insurance looked at ways to manage your money more effectively.

She reveals some top tips and tricks for...

Green energy stocks could be the perfect investment for 2022

It’s no secret – the cost of our energy bills is set to rise in 2022.

Suppliers have to pay more in the market to access gas and electricity, and – as tends to be the way with these things – that cost is passed on to us as customers.

The starker reality is that many countries around the globe are indebted to Russia for their energy supply chain – as their conflict with...

How to Minimize Your Cost of Living in London

London is known as one of the most expensive cities in terms of living there in the entire world. Living in London can quickly drain your expenses even if you live in a more affordable neighborhood. This fact can be especially actual if you just moved there and have no connections or stable income yet. Even those with well-paying jobs struggle to live within their means in London!


Practical pointers to help batten down the hatches against spiralling energy costs

The last two years has created the perfect storm for cost-of-living problems across the UK and it’s speculated that things could get worse by April. As many households struggle to reach the first payday since before Christmas, we explore the measures households can take now to help make things more manageable.

New research shows that lower income households in the UK may have to...

Best car finance for low credit scores

Car finance is a great way to help spread the cost of owning your next car! Finance agreements allow you to split the cost of your chosen car into affordable monthly payments. More consumers than ever are choosing to get their next car on finance but is car finance accessible for everyone? Having a low credit score can reduce your chances of being accepted for car finance but not all hope is...

Can You Afford to Foster a Child? Finances to Bear in Mind...

Fostering a child is an incredibly rewarding and selfless act, but it also comes with various complications and costs. So, can you afford to foster a child? We explore this question, here…

In the UK, there is an estimated shortage of around 8,000 foster carers. This means that many children in care are unable to find suitable homes where they can grow up safely and recover from any...

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