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Customers are likely to spend more with physical interaction

Touching a customer’s arm seems awkward - but they spend more if you do!

Salespeople think physical interaction with a customer will be awkward, but the customer does not think the same and will actually spend more, finds research from BI Norwegian Business School .

Professor Anders Gustafsson and colleagues conducted a series of studies examining the effects of asking individuals to initiate touch in a service encounter. The first two studies asked...

Online searches for rosé wine have increased 27% in the past five years

The UK drinks 50 Olympic swimming pools of rosé wine per year

Rosé wine is set to be the drink of the summer. Online searches for rosé wine have increased 27% in the past five years, with big celebrity names jumping on the trend. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie own a Southern French vineyard, the Château Miraval. Post Malone launched his own rosé brand, Maison 9. It’s clear that rosé wine is the on-trend drink of 2021. And spearheading the rosé race to the...

Meat-eating BBQ hosts can't be bothered with the faff of cooking separate dishes for veggies

Burger off Veggies!

VEGETARIANS and vegans will be left off the guestlist for this summer's barbecues... because meat-eating hosts can't be bothered with the faff of cooking separate dishes.

A study released by Future Farm found that more than a quarter of Brits say they would avoid inviting non-meat eaters, even though almost half the population accepts that many more barbies will be all veggie in the...

Almost half of us in lockdown are now eating dinner on the sofa

Nation has misplaced its table manners during lockdown

With dining in restaurants on the horizon, a new study from tastecard, the UK’s largest dining club, has revealed the nation has misplaced its table manners, thanks to being constrained to dining at home for an entire year. Dining tables turned to desks, people forced to eat on Zoom calls and an increase in eating alone, have all contributed to Britain’s falling dining standards.


6 Ways to make your BBQ more eco-friendly

6 Ways to make your BBQ more eco-friendly

A BBQ is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend a summer evening with family and friends. It’s big on fun, however unfortunately it’s also big on waste. By making a few simple changes, it’s easy to make barbecuing that little bit more sustainable without compromising on any of the enjoyment.

From choosing the food to the fuel, there are plenty of options for hosting a more...

Which bunny will be voted The KitKat Easter Bunny 2021

Introducing the must-watch reality show of the spring…The KitKat Big Bunny Hutch 2021

New for Easter, KitKat Bunny is launching its very own reality show - The Big Bunny Hutch - with a cute and fluffy twist. A fluffle of five real-life bunnies will enter a custom-built hutch to win the hearts of the nation and one lucky bunny will be voted The KitKat Easter Bunny 2021.

The fly on the wall series will be narrated by TOWIE star Pete Wicks so animal lovers and reality TV...

One in 10 adults shown pictures of green veg failed to identify cabbages and asparagus

Veg mix up! Brits don't know their cabbages from their kale

MILLIONS of Brits are so oblivious about fresh vegetables they can’t tell a pea from a green bean and don’t know what a leek or a Brussel sprout looks like, a new study has found.

One in 10 adults shown pictures of green veg failed to identify cabbages and asparagus, while one in six couldn’t spot leeks, and a massive one in five had trouble with fresh garden peas.

It turns...

Takeaways can increase your carbon footprint

Takeaways can increase your carbon footprint by upto 450%

We all know that feeling of wanting to save the washing up and order from your favourite takeaway, but do you know how much energy is used when ordering from the likes of Deliveroo, UberEats, or Just Eat?

A new study from Uswitch has revealed how much Co2 is emitted when ordering food delivery, what that is equivalent to, and how your cooking and eating habits are affecting your...

Enjoy tasting premium red wines from Piemonte this Mother's Day

Give your mum a locked-down Mother's Day to remember by attending a premium virtual wine tasting session together. Hosted by boutique Italian wine specialists, Independent Wine, this exclusive event on 12th March takes a deep-dive into the fine red wines of Piemonte.

The guided tasting will be led by a Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET)-qualified expert. The session and its...

Takeaways have rocketed during the pandemic

Chinese is the UK's Top Takeaway as Nation On Track to Spend 11 Billion This Year

Takeaway spending surged by more than 50% a few weeks after the first lockdown. The average Brit used to spend around £12 a month on takeaway, but this jumped to more than £20 a month as more people used takeaways to treat themselves while staying in. One in ten Brits order a takeaway at least once a weekend and more than half of us know exactly which restaurant we fancy before going online...