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alcohol could be sneaking into your system when eating your favourite foods

The popular dishes pushing you over the drink drive limit

Authored by Ed Barker

In light of Sober October and many motorists who might be considering taking on the challenge, we’ve explored how alcohol could be sneaking into your system without you even realising when eating your favourite foods.

From the Irish liqueur found in tiramisu to the large glass of red wine adding flavour to your French coq au vin, how many servings could potentially push you over the...

The UK's demand for premium spirits is on the increase

Are Britons saying no to beer and wine and opting for the top shelf

Authored by James Carter

According to the Global Industry Analysis and Forecast Report to 2020 the global spirit market is dominated by premium and super premium brands. BBC Spirits , a Bordeaux -based distributor anticipates the UK is set follow the USA in its demand for premium spirits. With the US market experiencing accelerated growth in this category for the 10th straight year, spirits gained market share versus...

Opportunities to cook-along live with including Celebrity MasterChef winner Nadia Sawalha

Celebs to celebrate their love for seafood through online festival

Authored by Jennifer Jackson

Some of Britain’s best celebrity cooks and TV personalities are set to take part in an online festival to encourage the nation to fall in love with seafood.

Launching on 12 October, the week-long festival called the Love Seafood Social, will feature household names including Love Island’s Dani Dyer and Celebrity MasterChef winners Nadia Sawalha and John Partridge.

Hosted by...

Whisky and rum? It's actually very good!

Authored by Marc Astley

There’s a famous Peter Kay skit in which he explores the subject of unusual food combinations such as ‘garlic bread’ and ‘cheese cake’.

I must admit, I had a similar reaction when I learned that those fine folk at The Glenlivet distillery had decided to, and I quote: “Combine whisky’s traditional Scottish heritage with the flavour and soul of the Caribbean.” In other words, rum....

UK’s taste for hotter curries is increasing year-on-year

Brits favourite curries are getting hotter every year

Authored by Claire Roberts

BRITAIN’S love affair with the Tikka Masala may be coming to an end, as new research during National Curry Week shows the UK’s taste for hotter curries is increasing year-on-year.

Almost a quarter of the nation admits it now eats hotter curries than when they first started eating Indian food, according to the study by takeaway food delivery app for National Curry Week (October 5th –...

Around 1 in 7  said they have freezer food that they stored more than two years ago

Brits have food in their fridge freezers that has been in there since 2015 or longer

Authored by Ed Barker

More than one million Brits* have food items in their fridge freezers that have been in there since 2015 or longer, according to a survey by home appliances insurer Prominence Support . A poll of more than 1,000 UK adults by Prominence Support reveals that we are already a nation of secret stockpilers and find it difficult to empty our freezers. One third (33%) of respondents admitted they...

How much it would cost to build your very own 3 bed, semi-detached gingerbread house

The Cost of a Real-life Gingerbread House is Revealed

Authored by Lifestyle Editor

Bake Off is back, bringing just the kind of sugary boost this country needs and it has the mortgage experts at Bankrate UK thinking, ‘ what if we could build a gingerbread house in real-life? ’

Using an adapted recipe from the baking Queen herself, Mary Berry, along with data on the cost of land in the UK’s major cities, Bankrate UK has uncovered how much it would cost to build your...

what is a bread roll stuffed with chips actually called?

National debate resolved, Chip Butty is revealed as the UK's number 1!

Authored by Lifestyle Editor

IT’S BEEN the subject of fierce debate for years – what, exactly, is a bread roll stuffed with chips actually called?

Is it a chip cob, chip barm, chip roll, chip sandwich or something else entirely?

Today Britain has spoken, and can reveal, for the first time, the correct name for this legendary culinary delight.

Bosses at Foodhub, the takeaway delivery app, have...

Top vegetables for August

It's Lettuces, Beetroot and Coriander on the menu this August

Authored by Jennifer Jackson

S uttons Seeds, the long-established supplier of seeds, bulbs, and other horticultural products, today released its figures of seed sales during lockdown (March 23rd to July 4th 2020 inclusive). The data shows that Brits sowed a staggering 100 million lettuces, 25 million herbs and over 15 million beetroot seeds during lockdown! Suttons seeds sales saw growth of 2,500% on some days during...

Labelling for alcohol

Calls to label more than calories on alcohol

Authored by Jennifer Jackson

In a bid to tackle obesity in the UK, the government this week announced plans to potentially implement calorie labels to all alcohol products, as part of its ‘Better Health drive’ strategy.

Alcohol is high in calories and, according to the Department of Health and Social Care , accounts for nearly 10% of calories drinkers consume in the UK. There is currently no requirement for...