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Labelling for alcohol

Calls to label more than calories on alcohol

In a bid to tackle obesity in the UK, the government this week announced plans to potentially implement calorie labels to all alcohol products, as part of its ‘Better Health drive’ strategy.   

Alcohol is high in calories and, according to the ...

Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer Jackson




Frankie Bridge teams up with baby food brand to launch Eat Along Book

Authored by Laura Bond

The UK’s number one baby food brand, Ella’s Kitchen has today launched the world’s first 'Eat Along Book’ for little ones, co-written by popstar and mum of two, Frankie Bridge. The book has been designed to help boost developmental motor skills and hand-eye coordination, whilst exploring new tastes and textures through fun, sensory food play at mealtimes – to help little ones on their journey...

Picnic lunch

Healthy Picnics - Top Heart Tip by Dr Helen Flaherty

Authored by Laura Bond

July is National Picnic month and this is a good time to get outdoors to celebrate the warm weather and enjoy some tasty food with friends and family. An outdoor picnic can provide the perfect setting for some fun activities to get your heart pumping.

Make your picnic a healthy one by following our healthy tips:

Choose a location for your picnic

Plan your picnic in...

Reheating food in microwave

Five things to know before reheating food

Authored by Laura Bond

Huge amounts of food are thrown out every year, not because it’s gone off but because people don’t know how to reheat it.

The average household throws away £500 worth of food every year, while millennials (those aged 18-34) throw out the equivalent of 633 meals a year because they don’t know how to reheat it.

A poll by cookware brand Pyrex found many younger people would...

Celebrity Joe Wicks at home

Joe Wicks says he has learned patience and tolerance while weaning his daughter

Authored by Laura Bond

Weaning your child can feel like a daunting prospect. What will they like? What if they choke on something? What if they throw the lovingly-prepared food across the room?

Joe Wicks – aka The Body Coach and now everyone’s favourite online PE teacher – says he felt exactly the same before introducing his daughter Indie, who turns two in July, to solid food.

“I was in the same...

Bad food habits in lockdown

Two-thirds of UK public has no plans to shake off bad lockdown habits

Authored by Laura Bond

Britain is set to emerge unhealthier from lockdown, with four out of five people (81%) reporting an increase in harmful habits, including smoking, poor diet and staying up late. Yet only a third (31%) of those surveyed plan to shake off their new habits after lockdown, according to a YouGov survey, by self-care app and website Your.MD .

According to leading behavioural...

Shopping Habits

Has the pandemic changed our shopping and spending habits forever?

Authored by Laura Bond

The nation’s shopping habits have undergone dramatic changes in recent weeks. More people have turned to home deliveries and have been trying out new ways of ordering, while many are also looking for ways to cut their spending due to a reduced household income.

And with many having adjusted to new shopping routines, evidence is now emerging that some of the new shopping and spending...

Michael Caines chef MBE

Chef Michael Caines on life in lockdown

Authored by Marc Astley

"The soul feels like it’s been ripped out of me. The fact that you can’t entertain the guests and cook and do the things you love can be quite difficult but that said we are now thinking out of that survival mode.."

Celebrity chef Michael Caines MBE is in reflective mood.

Just ten days short of his luxury country hotel and restaurant’s third anniversary, he was forced to...

With £7.9 million lost to romance scams in the first half of 2019, ‘romcons’ are a real danger to those looking for love online.

How to spot an online dating romance scam

Authored by Marc Astley

After Thomas received a message request from someone on social media, he thought she was “beautiful, funny and kind”, and they spoke every day over several months.

“Looking back now, I can’t believe how easy it was for her to take advantage of me – I had no idea she was tricking me into giving out my personal details so she could get money,” he says now.

Thomas, an HSBC...

I’ve found more time to read (L Connor/PA)

I improved my bank balance (and the environment) when I gave up drinking takeaway coffee

Authored by Marc Astley

My name is Liz and I’m a coffee addict. But I’m not talking about your average ‘spoon it in the mug and swill it with boiling water’ variety.

Nope, I’m obsessed with fancy Arabica lattes from small batch, hipster coffee roasters. The type that start with a punchy espresso shot and are finished with an artisan swirl of steamed oat milk, with microfoam that settles into the liquid in...

Marcus Wareing’s advice for getting kids cooking

Authored by Claire Roberts

Marcus Wareing might be best known for critiquing budding chefs’ dishes on MasterChef: The Professionals, but the Michelin star restaurateur has a softer side at home.

The 49-year-old has three children with wife Jane – Jake, 18, Archie, 15 and Jessie, 12 – and it probably comes as no surprise that all of the Wareing kids can cook, which he says is a result of pulling them into the...