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How to protect your smartphone from damage

A smartphone is one of the things we love the most and I'm pretty confident there isn't anyoene who could claim that they can spend time away from thier smartphone. So when it comes to a 'mobile' accident, oh no, I can't bear it! But don't worry...

Technology is improving every day. Even now, mobile phones, which were fragile in recent times are now protected with solid covering. So...

Eyeglasses: Fusion of Fashion and Function?

Glasses have come a long way.from being a mere tool for vision correction. People wear them to change their look and make different statements with the colour and shape of their frames.

The revolution of the eyewear industry has enabled people to correct their vision in a fashionable and elegant way where all the top brands are joining in the transformation and playing a role....

Salwar Kameez Couture

2021: Here is how to wear Salwar Kameez Couture

If you can’t believe it, 2021 is here! Having your own signature style in the wardrobe will not only make you feel good throughout the new year but also give a constant boost to your confidence. Fashion keeps transcending and sometimes it is pretty overwhelming to catch up. But, if you develop a sense of self expression through your appearance - you are sure to develop your own style statement...

Wardrobe Matters: Crafting a Personalised Look

The clothes you wear say a lot about who you are. Your choice of colours and designs are a reflection of your personality. It is not enough to wear clothes just because they are the latest in fashion. Most of them may not even be suitable for your character. What is more important is wearing clothes that you are most comfortable in and that speak a lot about the kind of person beneath the...

More of us are turning to loungewear

Six in Ten People Admit to Buying New Loungewear Last Month

Loungewear has been the proven stand out trend for 2020, with searches for the term up 162% YOY! Joggers, oversized sweaters, velour co-ords, fleece sweatshirts. These used to be the clothes we only changed into after work and wouldn’t dream of wearing to a meeting or on a date – BUT NOT ANYMORE. With 6 in 10 admitting to buying new loungewear in the last month alone , the UK’s leading...

Baju Melayu Modern: The beauty of modern attire

Baju melayu has gone through a different kind of evolution over the years. In this article, we discuss the fashion of Malay men, which is getting more interesting every year. We will elaborate on the evolution of the baju melayu modern and its elements.

In essence, the baju melayu has few important elements including the headwears; Songkok / Semutar, buttons, and sampin. All of these...

designer bags

Tips for buying your first designer bag: Make sure you get the perfect bag

Have you reached a point in your life where you are enjoying career success, and you’re feeling like you have truly “made it”, or at least well on your way to getting there? If so, why not celebrate the moment and spoil yourself with a luxury purchase. And what better luxury purchase is there than a designer bag!

Designer bags add sophistication and fashion to your entire wardrobe,...

Guide to what to wear at popular UK horse races

Going to a one-off event or to see something altogether new can be fraught with fashion sink holes. It’s always possible that you make a pig’s ear of your outfit and stand out like a sore thumb in front of your besties, which could lead to dreaded friendship fade .

Going to watch live horse racing is no different, with high heels, hats and dresses seeming inappropriate for a day out in...

The British Red Cross is selling vintage clothes via ASOS marketplace

British Red Cross urges shoppers to do your charity shopping online

As its shops across England close their doors for lockdown, the British Red Cross has asked people to channel their spending power into charity shopping online.

The humanitarian charity is selling selected vintage clothes via ASOS marketplace , and antiques and collectibles via its eBay store .

The vintage clothes available on ASOS are themed each week, with recent 90s...

catherine zeta jones shoe collection

Catherine Zeta-Jones on her new footwear collaboration

Catherine Zeta-Jones feels “better and happier now” than she ever has after having turned 50 last year.

The Welsh actress, who celebrated the milestone in September, said she has learned that “age is just a number”.

She told PA News Agency: “I know it sounds cliché, but it’s true. I feel better and happier now than I ever have.

“One of the blessings of age is that...