Suit up your shoes with trousers

If a man's or women’s dress is judged from his shoes up, then the color of his shoes is the first to influence someone's opinion. 

And, like everything else in your wardrobe, striking color is both the easiest and most difficult aspect of getting ready in the morning. 


Liv Butler

Liv Butler



Bang on trend fashion and style tips.

3 Most wanted vintage sweatshirt brands

Fashion trends are constantly changing, but they also intertwine and give some new pieces that represent a combination of old and new. This is why it rarely happens that some trends completely disappear, but mostly return in a slightly changed form. For example, vintage sweatshirts are always desirable, because they are always in fashion and never stop being a trend. In case you are looking...

Sunglasses: Dark lenses or coloured?

Dark lenses are the best weapon against the sun's rays. Day after day we are continuously exposed to the sun's rays and therefore to the most harmful ultraviolet radiation. In the summer we worry about buying the best sun screens to protect the skin from painful sunburn, but who thinks about protecting their eyes?

Wearing a good pair of sunglasses like Quay black sunglasses can truly...

How to Look Good While Working Out 

Who says you can’t look good while breaking a sweat?

If you feel good and look good when working out, you are much more likely to remain motivated and achieve your fitness goals, so why not boost your confidence with some new gym gear?

From finding clothes to flatter your figure to opting for breathable materials, keep reading to find out how you can look your best while...

On average, online interest in workwear over 2021 has increased 25%

Women to Make Fashion Statement on Return to Work Post Pandemic

A survey from UK fashion brand, Karen Millen, has revealed that 80% of us want to go back to the office at least some of the time and two-thirds are planning to make a statement with their workwear when they do! Now, as we enter unchartered territory of fewer hours in the office, less commuting, copious Zoom calls and more time at home. Are we embracing this new way of life, and a new work...

How to build the perfect capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe consists of a collection of clothing and accessories that are classic and timeless. They won't go out of style as they aren't contingent on trends. They are things that can be worn time and again and in lots of different ways. Simply put, they are pieces that will build the foundation of your wardrobe. Investing in a capsule wardrobe that suits you and your style can make...

Gothic jewellery is back as a trendy style statement for fashion icons

Cintra Wilson documentrs that the origin and roots of evergreen and timeless goth style trends and fashions can be associated with the Victorian culture of mourning. Gothic fashion is, in the first place, a high-end and royalty-grade style statement for fashion freaks. It is characterized by ancient, deep, and mysterious features concealing dark secrets. Followers of Gothic culture and...

Unique jewellery that’s both functional and fashionable

When it comes to accessories, fashionistas have a lot of options to choose from. There are quirky hats through to handy bags that will carry all of your precious possessions and make you look your best.

One popular way to accessorise almost every outfit and make yourself look stylish and sleek is to choose beautiful jewellery.

Jewellery has a long history and has been worn...

The royal families jewellery styling is second to none

Expert tips on accessorising like a royal

No one wears diamonds quite like a royal. So when it comes to styling up your finest jewellery, why would you look any further than the royal family for inspiration?

From Her Majesty the Queen and Kate Middleton, to Princess Diana and Meghan Markle - all style icons in their own right - they all style their jewellery in a similar fashion. Whether it’s a royal rule or a favoured...

6 Reasons why you should buy a designer watch

As we all know buying a designer watch is a great investment, but it is an investment that is certainly worthwhile. Designer products, particularly watches, have been worn by people all over the world for centuries. They represent both style and class but are also a great symbol of wealth and fortune. There are many other benefits that come with owning a designer watch, no matter what the...

6 most comon fashion mistakes and how to fix them

Some lists of fashion faux pas are endless. They can be so complicated that they're impossible to remember, and some of the rules don't even seem to make sense! There are simply too many fashion rules that have become considered 'truths' to many, but they are often far too narrow to be of any use. Fashion evolves, and a rule today will usually be broken by some cutting-edge fashion designer...

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