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What to wear on your first date

Men are not always so good at pulling the best outfits for events. This is mainly because they do not spend as much time dressing up as women. What then can you wear on your first date? It is always important to make a good first impression. Dressing up well is the first way you can make a good one. You might even win your date over by having a gorgeous outfit. If you have been in a dilemma...

First Communion bracelet: All you need to know

The first communion is a significant occasion for the Catholic Christian community. It is the time when a child is enriched religiously and understands the true meaning of Christianity. On this occasion, they ask forgiveness from Jesus for all sins and wrongdoings.

As per Bible, Christians perform the first communion as the remembrance of the blood and body of Jesus that he...

Painting, embroidering and patches: Why personalising clothing is a hot trend

The rise of individualism is at an all-time high and prevalent in how we voice our opinions, pursue our passions, and personalise every aspect of our existence. To stand out from the crowd and represent oneself means being comfortable in your taste in fashion. It is no surprise that personalising garments is not a mere trend but a way of life for the young and old alike.


Why is it advised not to buy jewellery from an unauthorised dealer?

Have you ever considered buying jewellery from an unauthorised dealer just save a few pounds? Then this article is just for you. Read on to find out why it is a terrible idea to shop for jewellery from unauthorised dealers and how it could cost you. Let’ begin.

1. It could be a fake

Can you ever be sure that a piece of jewellery purchased from an unauthorised dealer is an...

The Summer 2022: Style Trends You Need to Know

As always, we look forward to seeing what this year's summer fashion trends have in store for us. After a few long years of pandemic, the fashion and design world is retaliating with an endless number of shows to showcase the latest trends that promote both reinvention and continuity of certain styles.

In this article we will see what are the trends you should know to be at the...

6 Popular types of embroideries in Kurti sets

The modern Indian woman has a contemporary sense of style that fuses traditionalism and modernity. To cater to their modern aesthetics, kurti sets are an ethnic outfit that presents the best of both worlds to the wearer. Easier to carry than those heavy lehengas and sarees, a kurti set for women can be easily worn and styled to create a variety of breathtaking looks that are perfect for all...

7 Ways to Elevate your Everyday Outfit

There are events where you’ll have to put on luxury clothes and special occasion outfits. Yet these are not for daily use. What you wear each day should be comfortable but still go with your fashion sense. You can go for simple clothes, but you can still elevate them to make a unique statement.

Everyday outfits tell a lot about you. Your choice of a simple one not only communicates...

Fruit of the Loom – A true commitment to sustainability

Fruit of the Loom is known around the world for its knitwear, lingerie, and casual wear. It is also one of the few representatives of quality apparel companies that have large sizes in their assortment.

The year 2021 marked significant dates and events for this company. It not only celebrated 170 years of successful creation of quality clothing but also made sure that it is designed...

5 Best Co-Ords Outfits Ideas for Men

Co-ords are referred to as two-pieced clothing outfits that come with matching patterns, fabrics, or colors. These are two complementary pieces that make up a single outfit, making them quite a fashion statement for virtually anyone. Co-ords may come in similarly toned patterns, but they can offer a surprisingly varying amount of value and practicality depending on the usage. This means that...

Suit up your shoes with trousers

If a man's or women’s dress is judged from his shoes up, then the color of his shoes is the first to influence someone's opinion.

And, like everything else in your wardrobe, striking color is both the easiest and most difficult aspect of getting ready in the morning.

If you've been living under a rock, you've probably noticed that your sneakers are no longer exclusively for...

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