catherine zeta jones shoe collection

Catherine Zeta-Jones on her new footwear collaboration

Catherine Zeta-Jones feels “better and happier now” than she ever has after having turned 50 last year.

The Welsh actress, who celebrated the milestone in September, said she has learned that “age is just a number”.

She told PA News Agency: “I know it sounds cliché, but it’...

Laura Bond

Laura Bond



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Gigi Hadid Burberry outdoor fashion show

Burberry will stage an outdoor fashion show in September

Authored by Laura Bond

When the pandemic began earlier this year, the British Fashion Council responded by taking London Fashion Week online and bringing the spring/summer edition – usually held in September – forward with a series of digital events hosted earlier this month.

Burberry was one of the biggest designer names absent from the June schedule, but now the retailer has announced it will return to...

Shoppers queuing outside Primark

As shops reopen, why are people so desperate to queue?

Authored by Laura Bond

Judging by the enormous queues snaking around the block, shoppers in England are very excited about the reopening of thousands of non-essential shops after three months.

Some of the longest lines were seen outside Primark branches in Birmingham, Derby, Liverpool and Nottingham today. The budget fashion store is one of the few stores to have no e-commerce whatsoever, so its clothes...

Virtual London Fashion Week

Everything that happened at the first ever virtual London Fashion Week

Authored by Laura Bond

When London Fashion Week rolls around every February and September, we’re used to seeing new collections on the runways and snaps from celebrity parties.

However, this year was always going to be an unusual one. The event – taking over the regular slot for the menswear fashion week instead – went totally digital and gender neutral for the very first time.

As part of the ‘big...

Lady shopping online

Missguided blames coronavirus for using size 8 women to model plus-size clothing

Authored by Laura Bond

Fast fashion brand Missguided has come under fire for using slim models to illustrate its plus-size range.

Items like the Plus Size Peach Missguided Oversized 90’s Joggers (£24) and the Plus Size Black Rib Buckle Shoulder Bodysuit (£15) sit in the plus-size section, but are modelled by size 8 women.

This hasn’t sat particularly well with people on social media, with some...

Lady shopping

Seven ways to shop more sustainably after lockdown

Authored by Laura Bond

With our social lives confined to park visits and online video chats, there hasn’t been much call for new outfits during lockdown.

But at the same time, the coronavirus pandemic has made many people take a step back and consider the effect humans have on the planet.

If you want to reduce your own carbon footprint, examining your fashion-buying habits is a good place to start...

Dog wearing glasses

Ten things you’ll understand if you’ve always worn glasses

Authored by Laura Bond

Whether you were dragged to the optician kicking and screaming or embraced your new-found geek chic, getting glasses can change your day-to-day in a variety of ways. The spectacled life is not always an easy one – here are a few things you’ll understand if you’ve always worn glasses…

1. The weather is always out to get you

Rain coats your vision with blurry splotches, wind...

Top 101 fashion blogs to follow

Authored by Claire Roberts

We and our friends from EduReviewer have reviewed and compiled a list of the some of the top 101 fashion blogs out there. Use them as resources for your fashion life! Enjoy...

Fashion Industry Network Blog

This is the blog people check out when they are in the fashion industry. It contains the perfect combination of business and fashion sense all in one place.


Kate Moss Audrey Hepburn celebrity and fashion

These are the style icons who each defined the fashion of a decade

Authored by Laura Bond

Whether it’s the swinging Sixties or the minimalism of the Nineties, every decade has a distinctive style, each championed by certain celebrities.

Style icons help encapsulate everything that is fashionable from their time, while not necessarily being the celebrities who had the most out-there or unique style. Instead, they’re individuals who captured the feel and fashion of a...

Young girl reluctant to do homework.Family. Getty Images/iStockphoto

How do I get my kids to do their lockdown schoolwork without a row?

Authored by Marc Astley

I’m struggling to get the kids to do schoolwork during lockdown – especially my 15-year-old who doesn’t see the point as his GCSEs have been cancelled. Have you got any tips to help me deal with them without there being an almighty row?

Dr Helen Bilton, Professor of Outdoor Learning at Reading University’s Institute of Education, says: “Don’t have a conversation when emotions are...

Pour Moi model wearing black lingerie. Fashion

Sexy lingerie sales spike during lockdown

Authored by Marc Astley

Lingerie brand Pour Moi Pour Moi has seen an increase of 30% in the sales of 'sexy' lingerie since people have been strongly advised to stay indoors by the government. Items such as lingerie sets, stockings and suspenders are on the up as couples are starting to make the most of being indoors. Pour Moi has seen a particularly large increase in site visits to their 'Contradiction' collection...