BNPL approach could help rejuvenate a pandemic-weary tourism sector

Could BNPL travel help boost a weary tourism sector this summer?

Research by Butter , the UK’s only Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) travel agency, suggests the BNPL approach could help rejuvenate a pandemic-weary tourism sector, allowing holidaymakers to overcome the financial uncertainty caused by Covid by spreading the cost of their holiday via more manageable monthly instalments.

Irritated by the lack of flexible payment options whilst planning a...

Travel insurance is still important even if you are holidaying in the UK

UK staycations: have you got the right Covid travel cover?

After Boris Johnson reiterated this week that international travel is still banned, there is some confusion on when, and if, UK travellers will get abroad this year.

It is clear, however, that the Government roadmap for England offers the possibility for a staycation from 12 April, even though the decision on foreign travel has been delayed until 17 May.

With campsites,...

Traveling post Covid - get the latest updates by the Lifestyle Daily

The coronavirus pandemic has made significant changes in the lives of travelers, as well as a catastrophic impact on the tourist business. What is waiting for us in 2021? tried to take a closer look at the future of tourism:

Boost in Travel in 2021

The main trends in the development of the tourism industry in 2021 are:

  • Domestic tourism as an
  • ...
The global tourism industry has endured an estimated loss of $753.6bn as a result of Covid

International tourism spend tumbles by $753.6bn in 2020

Research by Hoo , the hotel room offer platform, has estimated that the global tourism industry has endured an estimated loss of $753.6bn as a result of Covid, and that’s across the top 50 countries alone with the total impact likely to be far higher.

Hoo analysed data from the World Tourism Organization on international tourism receipts across the top 50 global tourism destinations...

What are the daily entry policies for North America?

The coronavirus epidemic is raging all over the world. Many of the usual tourist destinations are currently unavailable due to the difficult epidemiological situation.

Even though in September last year, many countries opened their borders to tourists, in the last few months the situation has changed for the worse. Some destinations were closed completely, and some countries have...

Top utility items to survive a camping trip post COVID-19

Almost everyone has experienced tremendous boredom for the intermittent lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has led many adventure enthusiasts to try to break free on their holidays. While the amount of excitement is hard to contain and you’ve made the decision to get away from it all, you don’t want to mess up this golden opportunity of a vacation in the wilderness.


Explore a range of expat-targeted restaurants in Chidlom

Summer 2021 is here in Bangkok, and that means two things: heat and more heat. The summer months of March - May, which precede the rainy season, are some of the hottest and swampiest months of the year, forcing Bangkokians to stay indoors whenever they can. For those in Chidlom, restaurants located inside malls or that are fully indoors are top of mind as go-to locales to beat the sweltering...

Book a family suite hotel room to travel with your family

Parents have started recognizing the educational value of travel on their children. With more and more parents opting to travel with their children, hotels are finding themselves adapting to the preferences of these family globe-trotters. And one of the features they are offering these days is a family suite room that provides plenty of space and an extra bed for the family out exploring the...

Overlanding Africa: A brief guide to self drive holidays

Travel is a passion that can never be extinguished by anything else other than the wheels of adventure. It might be easier to organize a month long trip in a particular part of the African continent. Many have executed these trips with ease. Talk about a self drive in Uganda or any other East African countries that include Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi.

In the East African...

These are the smells that most remind people of a holiday

THESE summer-scented room sprays remind us most of holidays

A year of not travelling abroad has certainly taken its toll on us Brits, and with holidays abroad still up in the air, who knows when we’ll next get our proper dose of summer?

For anyone missing that holiday feeling (and who isn’t?), experts at GoodMove and NV Candles are bringing summer holidays to you, with the creation of three summer scented room sprays to bring sunshine to your...