The 7 Most Interesting Things New Zealand Is Famous For

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of New Zealand? For us, it’s breathtaking nature and fantastic weather. These are just some of the things this beautiful country is known for. New Zealand is truly unique, with sights you cannot see anywhere else.

Nobody has...

Liv Butler

Liv Butler



Popular places in Majorca

The 5 Most Popular Small Towns in Majorca

It’s no surprise to hear that Majorca is one of, if not the top location for sun-seeking Brits every summer. Whether you hit the island to party in Palma and Magaluf or stay in a holiday rental so you can live your best Love Island-inspired life, there’s something for everyone here. But Majorca’s insane popularity can mean that the typical tourist spots are often just that - very touristy. So...

The best European cities for remote working

The low-cost airline Wizz has analysed data to identify the best European cities for remote working.

A combination of companies becoming flexible with remote working and almost two years of working from home, more of us are looking to escape our daily routines and even become a digital nomad. As many companies are now allowing their employees to work from anywhere, as long as it’s...

Check your tyres this summer

Enjoy your trip and don’t let your tyres ruin your summer

Summer might seem to be the least likely time for more tyre-related incidents to be reported on Britain’s roads – yet June, July and August are when they are most likely to occur.

Longer journeys with extra passengers and luggage on board puts additional strain on tyres – and if they have any defects, they are more likely to suffer a catastrophic failure or ‘blowout’.


Take these steps to ensure that your holiday goes as smoothly as possible.

Travel chaos: Expert reveals the tech hacks that will minimise stress

With your long awaited annual leave fast approaching and your suitcase packed and airport chaos hopefully avoided, all that is left for you to do is board the flight…Right?

Well, there are actually some essential steps that you need to take in order to ensure that your holiday goes as smoothly as possible.

As travel chaos ensues and searches surrounding it are up 110% ,...

Best places to stay in Devon

The Most Scenic Stays in Devon For Your Picturesque Staycation

Devon is best known for its winding roads, beautiful scenery, luscious greenery and quaint architecture. But where are the most scenic spots to camp and glamp for your next picturesque pitch up in Devon?

With travel restrictions and flight cancellations still causing chaos amongst British tourists itching for a holiday, it is unsurprising that many holidaymakers are ignoring their...

Planning a Vacation? 4 Tips for an Unforgettable Vacation

Did you know that 40% of Americans take at least one vacation each year?

Although laying down on a sandy beach while sipping a margarita sounds easy, planning a vacation is not always the most enjoyable process. From picking out activities to booking accommodations, planning a trip can get very overwhelming, very fast.

Luckily, there are some tried and true things you can do...

There has been a 73% increase in people searching Google for solo trips

Experts Share The Benefits Solo Travelling Has On Your Mental Health

Travelling alone may not be for everyone, but recent data has shown a 73% increase in people searching Google for solo trips. Plus, with over 7.3 million uses of #solotravel on Instagram it’s clear this is a trend that’s here to stay.

But other than experiencing incredible destinations, what are the benefits of travelling alone? Holiday cottage company Lyme-bay Holidays along with...

Dog-friendly staycations in UK

Top 5 Dog-Friendly UK Staycation Towns Revealed in New Study

If you’re planning your summer staycation but feel paw-ful about leaving your furry friend behind, why not bring them along for the holiday? But which staycation locations in the UK are the most dog friendly?

In a brand new data study released this week, the camping and glamping experts at Pitchup have revealed the UK’s most dog-friendly staycation towns for you and your pup...

A Quick Guide to Coach Travel in the UK

Coaches are a popular mode of transport in the UK. They're inexpensive, reliable, and environmentally friendly. They're also great fun; besides being practical, coaches have comfortable seats, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi.

You can enjoy your trip on coaches, like how a coach from Edinburgh to Glasgow can indulge your sense of adventure by traveling on scenic routes. This article...

Top dog-friendly botanic gardens

Take your pups for a walk in these picture perfect locations in the South

In an index completed by Essential Living , these dog-friendly botanic gardens have been crowned the best in the South for strolling through the meadows with your four legged friends.

Essential Living has trawled the internet to see which public gardens around South England are the largest and most dog friendly, accessible, and have the best amenities such as local cafes and pubs....

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