Coronavirus pandemic alert – what to do if you are abroad or have a holiday planned

Coronavirus is spreading across the world at an alarming rate, so far infecting over 80,000 people globally. The recent outbreak in Europe and the Middle East has triggered further shutdowns and increased the global panic. The virus is not a pandemic yet; however, if it isn’t contained in the...

Marc Astley

Marc Astley



Seven reasons why skiing is officially the worst activity in the world

Authored by Claire Roberts

An extreme sport masquerading as family fun, skiing is not to everybody’s tastes, and ski-phobes have been ignored for too long. Here’s why I’d rather spend a week talking to telemarketers than spent it speeding down the slopes…

1. It’s a mad sport for mad people

If somebody grew up in a society without skiing, and was then exposed to it for the first time in adulthood, they...

How to plan a bargain break in 2020

Authored by Marc Astley

At this time of year, many people will be brightening up the dark winter days by booking a getaway they can look forward to.

And the good news for UK holidaymakers heading overseas is that some could see their spending money go further this year, as sterling has strengthened against several currencies compared with a year ago.

According to research from the Post Office in...

Can a helmet camera act like a dash-cam on the slopes?

Authored by Jennifer Jackson

We live in an age where everything is recorded, from pranks to disasters. In recent years, video recordings have been used as evidence in car collisions and thefts plus the sale of dash-cams, cameras which sit on the dashboard of your car has risen greatly. Dash-cams can reduce your insurance premium and also prove that you weren't at fault in a crash, potentially saving you a lot of money....

A fifth of adults aged 30-34 delay having children to travel more

Authored by Mary

Having children has dropped down the priority list for British adults in their 30s and 40s, in favour of travelling the world.

The new study by adventure tour operator Exodus Travels of over 1,000 adults in the UK revealed that a fifth of those aged 30 to 34 - who want to have children - are delaying doing so to travel more. On a larger scale, 14% of 30 to 49-year olds are postponing...

Flybe launches 2020 summer schedule with over six million seats on sale

Authored by Mary

Flybe, Europe’s largest regional airline, has announced the first phase of its 2020 Summer schedule featuring 104 routes with a total choice of up to 2,500 flights a week across the UK and regional mainland Europe. These include seven new routes – six from London Southend and one between Manchester and Stuttgart.

Seats are on sale from Thursday 14th November 2019 at for...

Plan, plan, plan (iStock/PA)

Seven ways to make your holiday money stretch further

Authored by Mary

You may be looking forward to that long-awaited summer holiday – and rightly so – but will you blow your budget this year?

One in four (25%) of us went over the amount we’d planned to spend on our last trip, according to a survey Post Office Travel Money. And with two-thirds of holidaymakers planning to travel abroad this year, many more may end up stretching their holiday wallets...

TUI UK announces new Florida airport from 2022

Authored by Mary

TUI, the world’s leading holiday company and the UK’s number one holiday provider, are delighted to announce that Orlando Melbourne International Airport (MLB) will become the Florida gateway for customers travelling to Orlando from 2022.

Andrew Flintham, Managing Director TUI UK & Ireland and Dawn Wilson, Managing Director TUI Airways, welcomed Orlando Melbourne Airport Board...

Don’t be caught out this summer (iStock/PA)

8 expert tips to avoid being ripped off by a holiday scam

Authored by Mary

Planning a holiday is one of life’s most exciting joys, so it can be heartbreaking to discover that your big break doesn’t really exist and you’ve in fact been the victim of a scam.

Would-be holidaymakers and travellers were conned out of £7 million by fraudsters in 2018, according to Action Fraud. The average amount lost was £1,380 per person – but as well as the financial cost,...