Is Careless Driving a Criminal Offence in the UK?

There are many offences that come within the scope of a driving offence. One of the most ubiquitous traffic violations is careless driving - not taking or showing enough care and attention on the roadd. When you drive in a careless or dangerous way, you risk prosecution, so it...





Over 13,000 Brits were granted Portuguese residence permits last year

The Brexit deadline has forced UK residents, used to spending time in Europe and coming and going as they pleased, to make a decision about where they wish to settle. The realisation that without a residency permit they would only be allowed to spend 90 days in Europe before having t o return to the UK for 180 days, has caused some to abandon their European lifestyle and return to their home...

What impact is Heathrow PCR testing having on passenger safety?

Since the start of the pandemic back in 2020, airports across the UK have been rushing to ensure that some of the most stringent control measures are taken in order to ensure that passengers and travellers are protected from contracting the virus or falling ill within the airport.

One of the main ways through which this kind of action is being taken is the PCR testing at Heathrow. At...

Dubai has seen one of the largest hikes in the cost of a holiday

Foreign holiday costs down but these destinations will cost you a lot more

Research by hotel booking platform, hoo , reveals how the price of foreign holidays has changed since UK travel restrictions have started to ease, finding that some holidays are more affordable today than they have been for a long time, just so long as travellers are willing to jump on board a long haul flight.

Back in May of this year, when global travel restrictions were still very...

What you need to know before visiting Tunisia

If you like to travel to less commercialised countries, make sure Tunisia is on your list. Known for its natural beauty, hospitable people and its culture, this country is a popular destination for many Europeans.

This article will guide you through travelling to Tunisia and will also provide the information you need to proceed with a Tunisian visa for UK citizens if you want to...

How to save money on COVID-19 travel tests

How to Save Money on COVID-19 Travel Tests

With the rules changing yet again and more countries around the world open to travellers from the UK, going on holiday is back on the cards after a long eighteen months of dealing with COVID-19. For many, the option to fly away to somewhere hot and sunny is a welcome break and for those who have been working throughout the pandemic, a...

Stargazing hotspots are the perfect places to make unforgettable memories under the night sky.

The best places for stargazing in the UK

With the UK having some of the clearest skies in Europe and search terms such as ‘telescope for stargazing’ (+160%) and ‘stargazing pods’ (+110%) seeing an increase in the past 12 months1, holiday lettings company has revealed the best places for stargazing in the UK.

From Galloway Forest Park in Scotland to Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, these stargazing hotspots are...

A travel specialist has today announced the search for the first ever Chief Kids Officer

Job of a lifetime (no adults allowed): Kids’ dream role as official junior travel photographer

A travel specialist has today announced the search for the first ever Chief Kids Officer (CKO), looking for the best budding child photographer to document what it’s like to holiday as a child at tripAbrood’s family accommodation and in return receive free family holiday accommodation for an entire year*.

The company is calling for applicants to ‘demonstrate their fabulous...

Code of Courtesy to follow in Sri Lanka

As recovery from the pandemic gets underway, many countries have decided to reopen tourism for selected countries and Sri Lanka is allowing UK citizens to visit their country.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country which has a rich history, culture, and tradition. Similar to other Asian countries, Sri Lanka has approached a conservative aspect for many centuries.

The Sri Lankan...

Foodie favourites include USA, Mexico, Thailand and India

Out of reach red list countries top list of dream foodie destinations

AFTER over a year of lockdowns and holiday chaos, more than half (57%) of Brits are dreaming of escaping the UK in favour of far-flung cultures.

However, due to travel confusion and safety concerns, nearly a fifth (23%) will stay close to home for the foreseeable. In fact, the majority of Brits (82%) will avoid any travel which would require quarantine, meaning that the nation’s top...

In its debut year Canine Critics received just over 7,000 applications

Your dog could land one of 10 jobs reviewing holidays across the UK

Canine Cottages has announced that applications are open for the fourth annual Canine Critics competition. The competition gets tougher each year, as applicants battle for one of 10 coveted Canine Critics positions. Successful applicants will act as the company’s paws on the ground, responsible for reviewing cottage holidays, getting involved on their social channels and sniffing out the very...

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