3 billion single-use nappies end up in landfill in the UK every year

Reusable Nappy Week Kicks Off

TotsBots, the UK’s leading reusable nappy brand, has joined forces with the NappyAlliance to urge UK parents to give reusable nappies a try during Reusable Nappy Week, which kicks off today (19-24 April).  Offering 20% off select reusable nappies...

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Birthday gifts for friends: 8 thoughtful presents to give during lockdown

While we understand how awful it feels to celebrate your special day without your friends or family spoiling you (although it’s just for that one day!), there are still some ways through which you can send something special directly to your nearest and dearest!

Yes, ‘directly’ is the magic word here since a lot of mail and delivery services are under pressure or running short of...

Your child can't relate with his name? A Deed Poll could help!

Just like an unborn baby can’t choose its birth parents or prospective adoptive parents, he also can’t choose its legal name on birth. But growing up in the UK has its benefits.

The UK allows children under the age of 16 to legally change their name with some help from people with parental responsibility, for tasks, like obtaining a deed poll. A child may want a name change if it can...

Make family get-togethers special with these gift ideas

Call it manners, etiquettes, or fundamental human nature; whatever, here's a tradition that cannot be broken, which is, one does not visit your loved one empty-handed. And if you have been visiting homes without any tiny piece of consideration so far, my friend, it's time to change your 'routine' and adapt to a new one. Now, now. We are not asking you to carry a solitaire ring or a car....

Top 6 books to boost your family's reading

Top 6 books to boost your family's reading

Whether it’s reading their favourite book together with your little one, or allowing them to settle down in a cosy corner to read alone, there is so much pleasure to gain from reading a good book. Not only is it enjoyable, but reading can also be highly beneficial and educational for all the family.

But with World Book Day over for another year, and several disruptions to school life...

 Nature Friendly Schools gives children from some of the poorest communities in the country opportunities to learn outside the classroom

‘Nature Friendly Schools’ launches new phase to boost children’s learning at a critical time

Almost 30,000 school children from disadvantaged areas are set to enjoy classes in nature this spring in a ground-breaking outdoor learning project spearheaded by The Wildlife Trusts. Nature Friendly Schools gives children from some of the poorest communities in the country opportunities to learn outside the classroom, while supporting their well-being, mental health, and engagement with...

Manage your pets anxiety as we head out of lockdown

Peaceful pooches during Pet Anxiety Month

As children return to school, pets purchased over lockdown are set to experience heightened levels of anxiety as owners prepare for normality to return as the UK heads out of lockdown, according to leading pet care brand Bob Martin, which has issued a warning to pandemic puppy owners.

Coinciding with Pet Anxiety Awareness Month in March, research has shown a quarter of Brits have...

Bliss offers emotional and practical support to empower families with babies in neo-natal care

Bliss raises awareness of ‘hidden neonatal journeys’

When Bliss was founded in 1979 by a group of parents, our objective as a charity was set out “to support the life of babies in distress at birth”, and since our foundation we have always sought to deliver this for all babies admitted to neonatal care, whether they were born prematurely or at full term.

Over the past 41 years our reach has grown and we now work with many neonatal...

Family on laptops, tablets and mobile phones

Five Fresh, Family Friendly Ideas For Your Next Zoom Knees Up

Excitement is mounting that families across the UK will finally be able to meet up and ‘hug’ by mid-summer, but according to new research Zoom family gatherings are a lockdown trend that are here to stay.

With over two-thirds of people saying that get-togethers over the internet have resulted in their extended family spending more time together, compared to face-to-face time before...

Celebrating the end of home schooling sees many taking the Monday off work

Employers ‘inundated’ with requests for Back-to-School Monday off

Employers have reported a spike in last-minute annual leave requests for next Monday - and it seems exhausted parents are behind the increase.

The Government has announced that all schools will be fully reopened as of Monday (8th March), meaning many parents will be getting their first break from homeschooling in months - and some, it seems, are planning to celebrate in style,...

New ONS figures have revealed the oldest places in England.

Age profile of England’s towns and cities revealed

New ONS figures have revealed the oldest places in England. Overall, the over-65 populations in England’s towns has risen by nearly a third in the last two decades, while in smaller, non-coastal towns the older population has increased by over 40%.

Budleigh Salterton, Hunstanton and Seaton (East Devon) currently have the highest over-65 population – with 45%, 44% and 43% of residents...