A new nationwide study has discovered the tedious tasks that Brits think take way too long

30 Tedious Tasks Brits HATE

Do you find yourself dreading taking down the Christmas decorations or wishing away the hours waiting for a delivery? Well, don’t worry, you’re not alone – as a new nationwide study has discovered the tedious tasks that Brits think take way too long, with selling a car at the top of the list (...

Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer Jackson



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Why does my cat do bizarre things?

Six bizarre things your cat does explained by the experts

Cats make wonderful companions, but any cat owner knows they can be curious animals. They like to knock objects off the coffee table, sleep in tight spaces, chatter their teeth and engage in all sorts of weird behaviours.

This weird behaviour isn’t just a quirk of your feline friend - the unpredictability can be behavioural or evolutionary. And while you generally discourage traits...

3 ways to ensure your cat is happy at home

If you have recently become the proud owner of a cat or are just looking to improve your cat’s quality of life as it grows older, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure your furry friend thrives in your company. It may sound like an impossible task with cats known for their individual nature but by familiarising yourself with the following tips and tricks, you can ensure your cat...

How to Prepare Your Child for Going to a Nursery

There are going to be a lot of tough decisions you have to make as a parent. It is also common for parents to doubt themselves as well as constantly second guess. However, it is important to remember that this is completely normal. New parents are some of the most paranoid people on the planet. If you are second-guessing yourself when it comes to enrolling your child in a play nursery, don’t...

Eight mistakes most commonly made by new cat owners

How to avoid eight common mistakes cat owners make

Cats have earned a reputation for their independence, yet bringing home a new feline friend is a major decision which still requires a great deal of time, effort and money.

So, before you bring home an adorable kitten (no matter how tempting the thought is) , Eleonore Hacheme, Cat Nutritionist at Republic of Cats solves eight mistakes most commonly made by new cat owners.


Most notable from the results are the differing levels of intrusive medical intervention

New study highlights the benefits of hypnobirthing

A new independent study into the impact hypnobirthing has on pregnancy and birth has revealed some striking results. As well as highlighting a dramatic reduction in caesarean sections and medical intervention in general, women who practised hypnobirthing were much more likely to have a positive, confident birth with significantly lower levels of stress, anxiety, and mental health issues. The...

The reactions dogs have to allergens can differ slightly from those experienced in humans

How to tell if your dog has seasonal allergies

The reactions dogs have to allergens can differ slightly from those experienced in humans. Your dog may scratch or lick themselves repeatedly, develop itchy, red swollen eyes, discharge from the nose, fits of sneezing. In some cases, dogs can suffer from diarrhoea and vomiting or secondary infection may appear.

The amount of itching your pet may experience can range from mild to...

How to give your pet the best care possible

Caring for your pets involves a complex series of tasks. While we’d all love to be able to get all the cuddles and laughs that a pet provides without any of the responsibilities, that’s what mechanical toys are for! If you want to keep a live animal in your home, you will have to take proper care of it. Follow the advice below to make sure that your pet gets the best possible care.


Portsmouth Adventures: 6 Unmissable Winter Activities

Well known for its history, culture, and nautical heritage, Portsmouth is set to turn into a winter wonderland as the chilly season approaches. With the plummeting temperatures and the nights drawing in, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this fantastic city.

Whether you want to climb to new heights in the iconic Spinnaker Tower, imagine what life was like for the HMS Victory...

Isla and James are the most popular baby names based on the British Royal Family

Most popular ROYAL baby names revealed

Isla and James are the most popular baby names based on the British Royal Family.

Research conducted by online gaming review expert CasinoSites analysed data from ONS and baby name website, Nameberry to establish which Royal family name is the most popular, with Isla and James taking the top spots.

Isla, after Queen Elizabeth II’s great-grandchild and daughter of Peter...

How to navigate marital difficulties

Marriage can be a difficult union to sustain. Even those that may appear from the outside perfectly harmonious have their fair share of difficulties and disputes. Some can reach points of crisis that require expert mediation. And not all marriages last, as we know from statistics, which put the divorce rate in the UK at roughly 50%. In this article, we’ll examine your options if you’re...

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