10 things to keep busy with your family during lockdown

Ten little things to do with the family to make life sweeter

With many parents homeschooling, mums, dads, and carers across the UK are beginning to run out of ideas of what they can do to entertain their children when they are not teaching them.

Here, Gabriella Egleton, UK Brand Marketing Manager for Bebeto sweets, has compiled her top 10...

Ed Barker

Ed Barker



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Popular baby names this year are inspired by TV shows

2021 Baby Name Predictions Revealed

2020’s biggest trending TV shows are anticipated to have a substantial influence on baby names in 2021 as the UK's lockdown generation is born.

After the TV adaptation of the best-selling book Normal People became the most searched for programme on iPlayer, fans became obsessed with its leading characters Connell Waldron and Marianne Sheridan. Even the silver chain Connell wears...

Tips for parents to get through home schooling in lockdown

Ten tips on how to effectively homeschool

With a third national lockdown closing UK schools, Greg Smith, Head of Operations at Oxford Home Schooling , one of the UK's leading home education providers, has given his 10 top tips on how to effectively homeschool.

1. Take breaks

A bit of experimentation should identify what works best for you and the child. You might find 30-minute blasts followed by 10-minute breaks...

Smash your resolutions this year by following these tips

Seven tips to help you smash those 2021 resolutions

Whether you have a short term goal in mind for the month of January, a change you want to make in 2021, or a complete lifestyle overhaul to make you a better person, it can be tough to stick to your goals.

Just 27% of people made a New Year’s resolution in 2020 , although that still equates to over seventeen million people. However, 28% of us fail to stick to these resolutions while...

About 9% of children in the UK do not have access to a laptop at home

Government efforts to narrow digital divide will still leave disadvantaged children in the cold

The Government’s last-minute decision to close schools to the vast majority of children has again highlighted the so-called digital divide – the large number of homes where there are insufficient digital devices for pupils to work on – or no broadband connection at all. About 9% of children in the UK – between 1.1 million and 1.8 million – do not have access to a laptop, desktop or tablet at...

4 Tricks for Taking a Toddler to a Restaurant

Eating out with children who have not yet learned the food can be very frustrating and stressful. You will find yourself in a dreadful situation if you do not prepare in advance, there is nothing worse than a screaming child disturbing everyone in a restaurant. If you consider eating with children in your favorite restaurant, you must be patient. Here are some tips to help you out.

Top new years resolutions include reducing carbon footprint

Brits vow to adopt green resolutions this year

With the average Brit planning to make three resolutions for 2021, new research shows that a fifth of Brits (19%) have protecting the environment in mind when making their pledges.

After an unexpected year for many, and a news agenda dominated by the global pandemic, it seems that as we enter a new year, the population is keen to focus its attention on the planet, with nearly half (...

Heroes through the pandemic offering a helping hand

Over 50s take the lead in caring for their communities during lockdowns

During what has been a year we won’t forget, local communities have been forced to come together and help each other through some of the toughest times many people have ever faced. However, throughout it all, one age group in particular has really stepped up to care for their local communities: the over 50s.

Neighbourhood spirit might seem a thing of the past, but the over 50s have...

Saddest break ups on TV that made us reach for the tissues

TV fans vote this break-up as the saddest of all time

It’s easy to become invested in TV shows and nothing hurts quite like a fictional break-up. As we loyally follow our favourite TV couples for months and sometimes years, many of them end up calling it quits and we couldn’t be more gutted.

That being said, have you ever stopped to think about which TV break-up has left you feeling the saddest?

The team at OnBuy TV and Cinema...

Smoking tops the list for a relationship turn off

Top Dating Turn-offs Revealed: Smoking, Smelling & Swearing

Smoking cigarettes is rapidly becoming the least sexy addiction going. While once it was considered cool to be deemed a ‘smoker’, these days it’s more likely to earn you a swipe left or an early end to a first date. Since 2011, the number of smokers has fallen from 20% of the UK to just 14%.

A recent study from E-Liquids has revealed that our top relationship turn-offs are smelling...

Tips on how to make watching a christmas film educational

Top christmas films made educational for the kids

Do your children want to spend the festive holiday sprawled on the sofa watching Christmas films? Don’t despair: those old familiar favourites can be educational. Yes, really!

Former primary school teacher Laura Steele of education resources experts PlanBee shows how to turn passive screen time into an active learning experience

Father Christmas Based on the book by Raymond...