Why eco-anxiety is a good thing – depending on how you use it

In 2019 climate emergency was placed front and centre, and that’s likely to continue being the case.

The news stories can be overwhelming, whether it’s seeing footage of the bushfires in Australia, or the World Bank predicting the Maldives could be completely submerged by 2100 due to...

Marc Astley

Marc Astley



What does 2020 have in store for the housing market?

Authored by Marc Astley

Some fresh signs of life have been springing up in the housing market.

The average UK house price jumped by just over £4,000 between November and December last year, according to Halifax. And some property websites have reported seeing a boost in activity during December 2019, compared with a year earlier – perhaps indicating more people are considering moving in the near future....

Should I let my daughter get her ears pierced?

Authored by Marc Astley

My daughter is 10 and wants to get her ears pierced, but I think she’s too young and it’s causing arguments. What do other parents do?

Daena Borrowman from jewellerybox jewellers says: “Currently, in the UK and Ireland, there’s no legal age in place for most piercings, meaning it’s all on the parents before their child is 16. Although a survey we’ve...

Myleene Klass on her post-baby body: "I’ve got two stone to lose but I won’t berate myself"

Authored by Marc Astley

Most people will remember Myleene Klass from her famous white bikini shower scene on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! So it may come as a surprise that she’s not racing to get back into that kind of shape again, after giving birth to her third child.

“I’ve got two daughters, and the last thing I want to do is let them see me standing up and down on the scales when I’ve just given...

Kate Ferdinand: I love the kids with all my heart

Authored by Claire Roberts

She’s been trolled on social media, suffered anxieties about her body and spent time in therapy – but ex-Towie star Kate Ferdinand has come out of the other side stronger.

She’s found happiness in family life with her husband, former Premier League footballer Rio Ferdinand, and loves being a stepmother to his three children, Lorenz, Tate and Tia.

Today, the former reality TV...

Easter eggs on sale in January? I'm EGGSasperated

Authored by Claire Roberts

With Christmas followed swiftly by my daughter’s birthday, I’ve pretty much had my fill of ‘pester power’, by the end of January.

So, imagine my horror, when a quick trip to the supermarket this week prompted the request… “Can I have an Easter Egg?”

And there it was – an aisle full of confectionary to be consumed around the time of the most important Christian festival....

Early miscarriage can cause post traumatic stress: A midwife explains why

Authored by Claire Roberts

Losing a baby can be devastating for a woman, whatever the stage of her pregnancy. Yet if a miscarriage is early, it can often be brushed off as little more than a blip on the reproductive journey.

However, new research by Tommy’s National Centre for Miscarriage has found around 29% of women experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) a month after an early miscarriage – a...

Ten clever daytime hacks to help your child get a good night’s sleep

Authored by Claire Roberts

Children sleeping well is one of the holy grails of parenting, and many mums and dads swear by the bedtime routine of bath, book, bed to help little ones have a good night’s sleep.

But it’s not just immediately before bed that steps can be taken to encourage an unbroken night for both children and parents – there are plenty of things that can be done during the day too.


How will divorce affect your children? Our expert offers advice

Authored by Claire Roberts

My husband and I have just split up – how are our children likely to react in these early stages of the separation?

Child psychotherapist Rachel Melville-Thomas, spokesperson for the Association of Child Psychotherapists (ACP), says: “In the complicated task of setting up two homes and new arrangements for children to see both parents, how are the children really feeling as time goes...

Dad reveals the five things he has learned after having child number 2 in a hilarious blog

Authored by Marc Astley

In a hilarious blog, father of two Chris McGuire reveals what he has learned from having Baby #2!

It’s a funny thing: LIFE. Don’t you think?

We only really get any clue of what’s actually happening around us much later – with the benefit of time and distance.

This is certainly true when it comes to parenting.

Now that I’m a dad of two, my...

How to dig your way out of debt in 2020

Authored by Paula_D

With Christmas and the New Year celebrations now over for another year, many people are experiencing a sinking feeling.

That awful moment where you know you can't put off looking at your bank or credit card statement. The due dates on your regular payments – or the bills landing for those items you bought on credit online.

Tempting as it is to stick your head in the sand,...