Christmas presents under tree, security

Are your social media posts putting your property at risk of theft?

Millions of people prepping for Christmas in the UK are putting themselves and their property at risk of theft.

Sharing images and videos across social media platforms of gifts and decor could lead to burglary, and with nine million #ChristmasDecor hashtags on Instagram and 586.2...

Marc Astley

Marc Astley



John Lewis Christmas advert Unexpected Guest

Online Christmas jumper searches rocket after John Lewis advert released

Analysis of Google search data reveals that online searches for ‘Christmas jumper’ in the UK skyrocketed 136% on the 5 th November, one day that John Lewis released their Christmas advert featuring a little boy who gives a Christmas jumper to an alien girl.

A new finding by creative resource Design Bundles r eveals that online interest in 'Christmas jumper' skyrocketed to triple the...

Where do you draw the line when it comes to online festive antics?

Be on your best behaviour for your virtual Christmas works party

This year thousands of people will be having a ‘virtual’ work Christmas party due to the Pandemic and social distancing restrictions. However, just because colleagues won’t be meeting in person it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be on your best behaviour. Where do you draw the line when it comes to online festive antics? With ‘wild’ behaviour likely to be recorded, virtual celebrations are...

Brits who as kids chose to draw Father Christmas are the highest earners

Why your child's homemade Christmas card may point towards their future

According to a new study by Vodafone, what your child chooses to adorn their homemade Christmas card with could have a direct correlation to their future lives.

The nationwide study of 1,500 UK adults has discovered a whole host of revealing adult traits which can directly link back to the Christmas cards we drew as children.

According to the report, Brits who as kids chose...

What to do with Christmas leftovers

Home economist reveals how to create the perfect Christmas dinner

A new investigation by Admiral home insurance has revealed that two thirds (65%) of households in the UK end up with more food than they need at Christmas , and one in 20 people throw excess ingredients in the bin, rather than turning them into other meals.

Admiral has worked with a professional home economist to create an online tool and help families plan ahead to make the perfect...

Top searched for Christmas films this year

The Top Searched Christmas Films in the UK

The season of shamelessly indulging in every holiday movie ever made has officially begun, and we couldn’t be more keen! Whether you’re into cheesy made-for-TV movies, old classics or huge blockbusters, there’s nothing quite like grabbing some snacks, dimming the lights and binging on your favourite Christmas movie to bring on the holiday vibe.

Home Alone, Die Hard, or Love Actually...

Tips to keep energy bills down this Christmas

How to reduce the cost of Christmas energy bills

Christmas may be a time for eating, drinking and being merry, but for millions of people it’s also high energy bills brought on by excessive use of festive lights, overheating guests and cooking around the clock.

On Christmas day alone, UK households collectively spend £42.6m* on energy in the UK, leading to a New Year financial headache nobody wants as they take the tinsel down....


4 Things to include in the ultimate Christmas care package

This year, Christmas is going to look rather different from how it has looked in years past. Instead of hopping from holiday party to holiday party seeing all of your friends and family in person throughout the season, things will likely be limited to smaller gatherings. However, just because you won’t be able to see everyone on your gift list in person this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t...

Tips for a sustainable Christmas

Kimberly Wyatt’s tips for a sustainable & stress-less Christmas

Despite the announcement of restrictions lifting over the festive period, over a third of us have decided to say goodbye to an indulgent Christmas and opt for a low-key, at home celebration, with relaxation, reading, family favourite foods and sustainable gifts top priority. One in four people are looking forward to not travelling anywhere for Christmas this year, with one in five planning a...

Online classes over Christmas

Top five things to do over the Christmas break

With so much uncertainty around over Christmas we bring you some fun and interactive Christmas classes for families will keep everyone entertained over the festive period.

DIY Beeswax Wraps at Home

Make your own beeswax wrapping in this sustainable online craft class. Comes with DIY craft box delivered straight to your door.

Dates available: Wed 16 Dec , 10...

 Two in five of us are planning to cut back spend at Christmas by more than a third

Second-hand Brits spend £200 less on Christmas gifts

BRITS will spend an average of £200 LESS on Christmas presents this year – and will buy more second-hand gifts than ever before, a study shows.  

The uncertainty brought by the coronavirus pandemic has made people reflect more on the meaning of Christmas, and two in five are planning to cut back by more than a third the £550 they spent last year. 

Research for Oxfam shows a...

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