Suzan Mutesi stars in the upcoming new film: Sanctuary Pariahs

Authored by Ellieclarke
Posted: Wednesday, August 2, 2023 - 10:06

Award-winning Ugandan-Australian Suzan Mutesi, multi-hyphenate style icon, actor, author, model, singer, producer, activist, and creative powerhouse, will star in the new film Sanctuary Pariahs from Australian film Director & Producer Daniel Okoduwa.

Okoduwa is known for the popular action film: Survive or Die.  His new movie project Sanctuary Pariahs stars Mutesi and Vietnamese-Australian actor Hop Dao. The film tells the story of people fleeing the state of nature in the old countries, but within the sanctuary, they are both trapped in the past and frozen in the present - in a sub-city where only those termed pariahs live.

Suzan Mutesi’s credits include the international TV series The Challenge and a cameo appearance in Marvel Studios Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Moon Rock for Monday, Ruby's Choice, Lady Ifrita and Irrationale.  

Sanctuary Pariahs is co-produced by Los Angeles-based filmmaker and producer Trevor Morgan Doyle, best known for producing Mongolia's 2019 entry to the Oscars: The Steed, horror/thriller: Aberrance - which premiered at this year's South By Southwest, as well as working on Finnish Superhero film Rendel: Dark Vengeance.


Image copyright: Suzan Mutesi Photography.

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