Miss the Gym? The essential equipment every fitness fan needs for home workouts

Authored by Mary
Posted: Friday, November 27, 2020 - 16:41

If you’re a fitness fanatic, then being unable to use your local gym is likely a sore spot for you, but you shouldn’t give up hope just yet. After all, Peloton have experienced record sales as people invest in the latest and greatest equipment for their own personal use at home. Why not join them? Here are 3 great tips to help you get equipped for a worthwhile workout at home.

Yoga Mats

A great way to warm up or wind down, yoga mats are a go-to piece of equipment for every fitness fan.

All you need is the mat and a few techniques in mind, and you’re ready to get going. Additionally, choosing the right one can be a quick process too, so in starting here, you can get some quick and easy equipment that will help you ease your body into your new physically active routine. What could be easier than laying down a mat, and rolling it up when you’re finished for the day?

On a slightly more trivial note, yoga mats can be quite visually appealing too, in that they come in different patterns and colours. It could be yours will look like a funky rug while you’re striking a few poses, so if that sort of thing matters to you, pose on!

Spin Bikes and Treadmills

After the end of a gruelling workday, the thought of going out for a bike ride or jog in the dark and cold is not appealing – fortunately though there’s spin bikes and treadmills to help pick up the slack!

You know how to ride a bike and plod along a footpath, but still, all that vigour can be achieved right from home with spin bikes and treadmills. Pricier and more ‘high end’ perhaps than other forms of equipment, both can still fit into the home space quite naturally.

Better yet, they’re a versatile investment too, because they come with different settings that adjust things like the speed and intensity of your workout. As you get fitter and more able, you can customise the machinery to get on your level. It’s all along for the ride (literally so with spin bikes).

If the time comes where you want to put this kind of testing exercise on the back burner for a while, then don’t worry – you needn’t be stuck with either machine in your home! In this instance, use these handy personal storage units. Safestore makes sure you have a flexible and convenient method of stashing your stuff, with each unit coming with the right size, location, and price. Implementing an on-off workout regimen has never been easier.

Heart Rate Monitors

It’s no good exercising if you have no way to manage your progress. That’s what heart rate monitors are for, so for the more rigorous routines, it can be a good idea to pick one of these up and strap it to your wrist when the work begins. This way, you can know when to push your limits and, perhaps more importantly, know when to cool things off. There’s a temptation when exercising alone to hit the regimens hard with everything you have while no one’s watching, but that’s an ill-fated idea.

Good exercise is about focus, pacing yourself, and improving your physical health. You can’t do that if your heart is exploding out of your chest with more beats than the most talented DJ. A heart rate monitor will help you guide the proceedings more accurately, helping you get the best out of your home workout.  


It’s fair to say that home fitness has been shaping lives for decades, but with the evolution of technology, how people exercise keeps changing. However, the one constant has been the lifting of heavy objects.

Pick up some dumbbells and, when it comes to bulking up your arm muscles, you’ll never need to see the inside of a gym again.  They come in all shapes and sizes. You can check dumbbell sets online, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty in finding the right ones for you and adding them to your digital basket.  


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