Heroes through the pandemic offering a helping hand

Over 50s take the lead in caring for their communities during lockdowns

During what has been a year we won’t forget, local communities have been forced to come together and help each other through some of the toughest times many people have ever faced. However, throughout it all, one age group in particular has really stepped up to care for their local communities: the over 50s. 

Neighbourhood spirit might seem a thing of the past, but the over 50s have done more favours for their neighbours during lockdown periods than any other age group, with 29% proudly admitting to doing so, compared to only15%of people aged 20 and under. 

The over 50s came out on top when it came to following government guidelines too, with a huge two thirds (67%) following the guidelines ‘closely’, compared to only 31% of under 20s. 

The data comes from a recent survey commissioned byfinancial services company,Legal & General.It surveyed 1,000 UK citizens of all ages and backgrounds to find out how communities were coming together during these strange and uncertain times. 

Even heroes have heroes 

There is no doubt that many over 50s have been Covid-19’s unsung heroes, not only thanks to their unwavering care and support for their friends, family and neighbours, but also in coming out of retirement to help the country. A staggering15,000retired medics actually re-joined the NHS in order to help the fight against coronavirus. 

But even heroes, have heroes of their own. 

The survey revealed which key workers have impressed the British public the most, and the over 50s were the most appreciative of the following heroes: 

(% of over 50s that picked the following key workers among their top 3 unsung heroes) 

The public salute the over 50s 

Throughout the pandemic the world has seen many public figures take on the fight against Covid-19, but it was the over 50s that really stood out to the UK public. 

Captain Sir Thomas Moore was clearly the nation’s number one, with almost half( 43%)cof all respondents saying they were most impressed by him and his fundraising efforts during the pandemic. The Queen was the second most popular public figure during the crisis (26%), closely followed by Sir David Attenborough (19%)

LGI Direct Managing Director Paula Llewellyn commented: ““The purpose of this survey was to find out more about who the real unsung heroes of the Covid-19 pandemic are. 2020 has given us a lot of time to reflect and, as the survey suggests, has made us realise the importance of caring and looking out for those around us, strangers or not. 

The data quite clearly hails the over 50s for all of the effort they have put in over the last nine months to keep their communities going.” 

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