How to support your partner in their new job

James Carter
Authored by James Carter
Posted: Friday, February 19, 2021 - 23:25

Starting a new job can be a very overwhelming and challenging time for anyone, even if it’s a job you’re going to enjoy and are passionate about. It can also be a big change for a loved one if your partner is going through a job change and your routine changes as a result.

Supporting your partner in a job switch can be a huge help for them and help you both to maintain a positive relationship through any upheaval a new job may cause.

Here is a guide for supporting your partner in their new career journey.

  • Discuss the Home Schedule

A new job may mean a lot of schedule change or lack of spare time if working times are different. This may make it difficult to fulfil household duties or chores. If there has been a big change in routine, or if your partner is having to put in extra hours for a new job, they may appreciate extra help with household responsibilities.

The main idea is to communicate properly about what you can both comfortably fulfil and what works best around a new schedule to ensure there is no extra stress during the transition.

  • Be Ready to Listen

Your partner may run into new stresses or issues with a new job and have a lot they may need to discuss or vent about. Or perhaps they simply want to discuss more about work as it progresses so that they can tell you about their new position. Being ready to listen will help to create a more open atmosphere and a positive experience for them when having new career experiences they may want to talk about or get your opinion on.

  • Treat Them to a Gift

It’s a time of celebration, after all, so a nice gift may be in order to show your love and appreciation. You can browse new job gifts to find something special for your partner and show them support for their new career journey. It’s the perfect opportunity to mark the occasion with a gift they can keep and display for the occasion.  

  • Talk About Future Career Goals

Getting a new job may be the first step for a whole new career journey which can affect both of you. Not being aware of your partner’s career aspirations for the long-term may make it difficult to understand what they need to do now in regard to their new job. Talking openly about future career goals will help you to understand your partner better and make it easier to understand if they need to try new things, put in extra hours, learn new skills, or even take a pay drop if they’re trying to pursue their dream.

Final Thoughts

When embarking on a new job, it can be a scary yet exciting time, and the support and gestures of a partner are going to make all the difference. Make it a special transition by supporting your partner with gestures, gifts, and emotional support for a happy household.

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