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Top Ten Features of the World’s Most ‘Insta-worthy’ Engagement Posts

From famous landmarks to atmospheric candles - Austen & Blake, diamond ring specialists, has revealed the engagement posts that got the most love and what makes them so ‘likeable’. 

The company analysed hundreds of the top ‘liked’ Instagram photos from around the world to find out the common features that appear the most.

With more than 2 million #isaidyes and 1 million #wereengaged and #wegotenagaged hashtags appearing on the popular platform, there was no shortage of love announcements to choose from.

So what makes an engagement picture go viral other than people being happy for you? Below, Austen & Blake breaks down the features you need to know about if you want to nail the perfect post.

  1. Natural lighting 

Topping the list as the most popular feature is using an outdoor setting. In fact, 64% of the posts were shot outside. 

Since natural lighting is the best for photographing diamonds, it’s no wonder many couples take to the great outdoors. The goal is to snag a sunny day so the light reflects off your new bling. 

2. An extra close-up of the ring with a blurred background

It’s no shock that many see their engagement post as a chance to show off their ring and 34% of the posts we anaylsed included a close up of the ring, with a blurred-out background. 

3. Video footage

Coming in at a close 3rd place is a formatting feature; 29% of posts were videos. With actual proposal footage or close-ups of the ring from different angles being the most loved types. 

4. couples picture with the ring hand placed on your partner's chest

It’s a classic couples stance, arms around each other with one person's hand placed flat on the other’s chest. When it comes to getting those big likes,  22% of the posts featured the aforementioned stance, with the majority of people wearing a dark coloured top - navy or blue were the preferred choices - which helps to make the ring stand out.

5. Professional nails - baby pink nails are the favourite 

According to Instagram, the platform is no place for chipped nails. 19% of posts had a fresh and professional looking lick of paint, with baby pink seemingly the number one choice of colour. 

6. Just holding hands 

Holding hands images accounted for 17% of the posts; couples would hold hands, with the ring front and center, and then take a picture.

7. Flowers in the background - opt for pink and red

Having pretty and eye-catching flowers in the background comes in at 7th place (12%), with pink and red flowers being the standout colours. 

8. Candles

This one may come as a surprise, but some people's photography game knows no bounds. Candles took 8th place with 11% of posts featuring them. They were sometimes used with a filter, helping to make the ring and light from the candle twinkle. 

9. Landmarks

Everyone seems to love an extravagant proposal; 8% of the top posts were at famous landmarks such as Disneyland and the Eiffel Tower. 

10. Balloons in the background - opt for silver, pink and purple

6% of the top posts were boasting these well-known celebration staples. Those lucky enough to have a balloon arch were also quick to get it in their picture - we don’t blame them. 

If you're sensing a proposal on the horizon, it might be a good idea to start scouting out some good lighting and a new coat of nail varnish...

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