Buying used cars – the new norm

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted: Friday, April 16, 2021 - 23:02

'The new normal' is something of a catch-phrase right now, reflecting how the global coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our lives and how we are seeking to re-establish routines and processes. Some things will revert to how they were before, but other aspects of life are probably changed forever. One of these is possibly our comfort with using public transport and cramming up against hundreds of strangers as we travel about, whether on holiday or to work, or indeed for any other reason.

Used cars

Many people who used to drive regularly and then decided to use public transport to reduce their carbon footprint or to otherwise protect the environment have now changed their minds again. The environment matters, yes, but protecting the health of elderly and vulnerable loved ones matters more. Opting for a used car rather than a new one is a way to assuage any guilt felt by going back to using a car (other ways include car pooling within a bubble, walking for short trips, and avoiding long trips whenever possible).

Financial benefits

Other advantages to choosing a used car rather than a new one include those to your wallet. Sales tax is charged at twenty percent on new cars, and thus makes up a sizeable proportion of the asking price. Insurance is often based on the price paid for a vehicle, making cheaper cars a much better proposition for your policy (with some exceptions, obviously! Too old a car is a hazard of a different sort and insurers will bill you accordingly). And finally, road tax is based on a mixture of the cost of the vehicle and its emissions or lack thereof. So choosing an older car that has low emissions – perhaps even a hybrid – can be an immense saving for you, both at point of sale and while you are actively driving.

Safe as houses

You may have heard horror stories about buying second-hand cars from poor quality cars to the car being the property of a loan agency to being an out and out con to get hold of your hard-earned cash. Rest assured that these occurrences are very rare – hence their newsworthiness! Instead, buying a used car from a reputable dealership is an excellent way to acquire the perfect second-hand car and enjoy complete peace of mind. The car will be serviced and verified, and you can even get a warranty to cover you against unforeseen faults. We recommend KAP Motors. You can book a used Nissan online for a free test drive today at KAP Motors. They offer a wide variety of other popular brands aswell. Book online or visit their centre in Brighton or Folkestone to test the vehicle in person.

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