Whether you are looking for a cordless or a robot vacuum cleaner, you will find so many options from Dreame

How to improve indoor air quality

Authored by Mary
Posted: Wednesday, April 21, 2021 - 15:45

Patients with asthma and other breathing trouble really find it hard to move around without their inhaler. The number of such patients keeps on growing due to the unhealthy air surrounding us.  With more and more pollution affecting the environment it becomes very difficult to maintain decent air quality. However, thanks to some modern technical products, you can keep your surroundings clean and even improve indoor air quality.

Introducing the new T20 from Dreame

Dreame has been manufacturing some of the best vacuum cleaners for a pretty long time. Whether you are looking for a cordless cleaner or a robot vacuum cleaner, you will find so many options from this manufacturer. Among the lot, this company has recently come up with Dreame T20, one such revolutionary vacuum cleaner, which helps in improving indoor air quality.

  • Noted for its aerospace standard, this product is able to embrace all challenges. It comprises 125,000rpm motor speed and 25,000pa vacuum suction. On the other hand, the 150AW suction power is another reason behind its growing popularity.
  • For that comprehensive and optimal cleaning solution, this T20 comes in handy with seven key technologies. It has 12-cone cyclone separation and smart scanning and self-adjusting features. Moreover, you have 70 minutes of ultra-long battery lift with 8-stage noise reduction as some other features to cover.
  • With a full HD color screen, you will come to know about the remaining power and working mechanism of the vacuum cleaner with ease. Overall, it has all-in-one simplified operation as one major goal to cover.

Keep the greenery outdoors 

Not just using the T20 vacuum cleaner, but there are some other ways, which will help in improving indoor air quality. It is true that indoor plants are very pretty, but they also collect and foster mould growth. So, if you have someone suffering from indoor allergens, then it is always better to avoid such greenery.

  • While some of the plants are touted to help improve indoor air quality because of their oxygen release, they can still be allergy triggers for so many people.
  • So, if you love greenery and want to have some plants near you, then work for an outdoor garden. Here, you can place as many plants as you want, but only if you have time to maintain them.

Take time to change the filters

If you own a forced-air heating system, always be sure to change the filters regularly. Most people don’t realise it, but dust and dirt from filters can easily spread all around your home, making it an unhealthy atmosphere to breathe. Dirty filters will initiate more dust allergens, and asthma patients will suffer more. So, changing the filter from time to time is not optional but a necessity these days.

  • Electrostatic filters will ensure that dust, along with other airborne irritants, is proficiently trapped instead of recirculating throughout the entire place.
  • Moreover, try to clean the ducts once in a while to remove those trapped dust particles. In some cases, it will help.
  • Make sure to call the AC cleaning experts to cover such services. They have proper safety gear and tools to complete the task well.

Try investing in an air purifier

Much like investing in a vacuum cleaner, as mentioned earlier, you should try investing in an air purifier too. If you are quite allergic to indoor allergens and cannot control the source of the issue, then an air purifier might be of benefit.

  • You have to place it in the most commonly used portions of your house. Mainly the ionic purifiers will capture the irritants that might trigger your symptoms. Maybe you won’t be able to remove these allergens completely, but the purifier can help to cut them down.
  • In some of the damp spots, don’t forget to get a dehumidifier to prevent mold formation. Be sure that the bathrooms are properly ventilated and do scrub off the visible molds collected in the shower, fixtures, or on walls.

These simple steps will work out a long way if you want to improve indoor air quality. Try investing in the best products as nothing is more important than your health!

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