Netflix receives the most searches when accompanied by phrases like “free…”

Netflix is winning the stream wars

Netflix is winning the streaming wars – among users trying to get content for free 

Netflix is the UK’s most popular streaming service – that people are hoping to access for free. New research by IVA Advice has revealed the streaming platform receives the most searches when accompanied by phrases like “free…” and “how to get free…”.

The company accounts for half of all searches looking for no-cost streaming, followed by 27% for Amazon Prime. Sky is the third most searched TV service that the public hopes to access without a subscription, with 11% of the search volume. 

In addition Sky’s streaming service Now TV is fourth in the list, with just under 5% of searches.

Disney+ comes in fifth, and accounts for 4% of searches looking for free TV and film content.

Searches for free access to BBC iPlayer, which is free to access for license fee payers in the UK, accumulated 1% of the volume, ahead of Apple TV Plus (0.5%) and ITV Player (0.1%).

The recently launched BritBox streaming service did not return any results.

The research was carried out by IVA Advice, which provides free, qualified advice to help people solve their debt problems for good. Its team of experienced experts help ensure that anyone who has problems with debt is able to reclaim financial control.

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