Benefits of using sharp sand an where best to use it

Authored by alidino
Posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2021 - 08:33

Sand is a collection of granular particles of finely divided rock and mineral particles. Different sizes of granules and mineral composition make the different types of sand available today. The sand difference can also refer to soil texture as soil that contains more than 85% of sand-sized granules is referred to as sand soil. 

Sand is the primary material that builders use for construction, and different types of soil are used depending on the expected results. Although there are different types of sand, only seven are the ones that are commonly used in construction, and one of them is sharp sand. Sharp sand, also referred to as grit sand, river sand, or the builder's sand is one of the common types of sand used in construction.

Here are the benefits of using sharp sand

1. Foundationlayer for patios and landscaping

Most grains of the sharp sand is angular, which creates a good interlock between the grains. The way the grains interlock provide strength in any application, like when mixing with concrete. Also, when laying a base in paving, this kind of sand is very useful as it is strong and reliable.

2. Reduces the amount of retained water

Sharp sand has large grains that reduce its retention capacity of water. Water drains freely in sharp sand, making it one of the best to use when building drainage. Also, it is the best to use when building a pavement or constructing a landscape because of the ability to drain water fast.

3. Low silt and clay content

Sharp sand contains less silt and clay content in its composition. That is why it is best to use it as a pavement construction material. Because of the low silt and clay content, it becomes hard to erode the paving slabs. Also, the low silt content makes sharp soil the best for mixing with concrete.

Where to use sharp sand 

It is a common material in projects that are building strong structures with less flexibility. That is why it is one of the best materials for laying paving courses and also, most people use it for dressing for lawns. It allows moisture to move away from the construction, thus making it the best to use where water retention is not needed. 

When to use washed sharp sand

Washed sharp sand is mainly used in render, and floor screed, a thin layer of concrete poured over concrete to make a flat and smooth surface. That is the final application of floors for finishing in a house. The sand is mixed with cement to make the screed surface of the floor.

It is always important to know the type of sand you are using for your project. Using the right sand will provide you with the right properties to ensure the success of your project. Building your pavement with a more water-retaining material, for example, will result in the fast wearing of your pavement resulting in a badly damaged pavement.

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