Main benefits of feeding your dog an all-natural diet

Authored by Mary
Posted: Monday, July 12, 2021 - 11:17

When you share your home with a beautiful and adorable four-legged friend, naturally, you want to do everything you possibly can to make them happy. Often, with dogs in particular, succumbing to their begging ‘puppy dog’ eyes feels as if you are showing them just how much you love them with every slice of pizza.

Tragically, however, not only are you teaching your cherished pet bad habits, you are also endangering their physical health and mental wellbeing quite considerably.

Here are the main benefits of feeding your dog an all-natural diet:

Healthier Digestion

Commercial bags of dog food bulk up the protein percentages of their ingredients and never accurately clarify the quantity of each ingredient. With extremely cheap dog food, there is regularly a percentage of ash contained within the food, and if the owner takes the time to check the back of the packet, they would be mortified.

A dog’s digestive system simply is not designed to consume the bulk of ingredients contained within dry food, which often cause stomach pain and inconsistent waste products as a result.  Natural dog treats and pure meats are a million times better for your animal, and, as a rule, when questioning whether to feed your dog a particular foodstuff, ask yourself if, in the wild, your dog would naturally eat it. If the answer is no, then it is strongly advisable to avoid feeding this to your dog.

Longer Life

Switching your dog’s food to a one hundred percent natural diet will inevitably help maintain a healthy body weight as well as stronger and efficient internal organs. Obesity is a serious and sometimes even fatal problem in dogs, and a healthy body weight has been regularly linked to upwards of a twenty percent longer lifespan.

Teeth and Coat

Raw dog food can significantly help to improve the dental hygiene of your beloved furry friend as well as reducing unpleasant bad breath and tongue odour. Dogs that are purely and, frankly, incredibly irresponsibly fed on dry food alone are incredibly prone to gum disease, which is not only painful but can lead to other more serious health conditions.

One of the most immediate and noticeable changes to your dog once you have switched over to feeding them a purely natural diet is, even after just a few days, that their coat will appear considerably shinier, thicker and generally healthier.

General Health

Dry dog food is simply not natural and, therefore, not what your dog was designed to consume. Copious studies across the country and internationally have conclusively proven that your dog will live a happier and altogether healthier life when fed as naturally as possible. A natural diet will reduce any allergies your dog has and reduce stomach bloating and discomfort if they are intolerant to any particular commercially processed ingredient. Less medication is needed for dogs being fed a completely natural diet, and the rate of diabetes in these dogs is monumentally lower.



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