MetaTrader 4 with Demo Account and best Trading Tool

Simon Wells
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Posted: Monday, August 23, 2021 - 06:51

Robo market is a stock market where buying and selling stocks of a particular company occurs at a specific price. They have made online stock trading an easy task. Hence, if a person wants to trade his securities, this is the safest and convenient way to carry his trading.

RoboMarkets offers Demo Pro, Demo, and Demo R accounts types that support any trading style.

More about RoboMarkets Demo Account:

The RoboMarkets demo account has many features. These features will depend on the trading platform that the trader uses and will depend on RoboMarkets' offering regarding asset classes, financial instruments, spreads, leverage, Etc.

A RoboMarkets is for beginner traders who want to develop their trading skills and expertise in a risk-free atmosphere using virtual funds.

Set up of Demo Account:

Demo account sign-up is fully digital and quick with Metatrader 4 & Metatrader 5 reliable and more user-friendly trading platforms compared to others. A trader can open any number of accounts, and these accounts will expire in 90 days.

Traders have to follow these steps to register and set up a Demo Account.

First of all, traders open the RoboMarkets website, click on the Trading tab and select the Demo Accounts from the menu. When traders click on the Demo Account, a new page will be opened with an online application with different required fields to fill that include email address, full name, with the phone number that is mandatory to complete.

It is necessary for the trader that must be at least 18 years to use marketing information and cookies. When it is all completed, The new page opens with login details, demo wallet, and demo account information.

This depends on traders to select their trading platform, demo account type before clicking 'Confirm. Then, An email is sent to the trader's address is given; a link is attached in an email that traders have to click and verify before accessing the demo account.

They will receive their login verification via email, and the trading platform the trader chose will install.

Retail Traders with MetaTrader 4 Platform for Trading:


MetaTrader4 is a famous platform for trading that has obtained authority in the market. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, various financial instruments to trade, and opportunities, the platform is fancied. The significant benefits of trading with the platform include:

  1. It allows three types of order execution
  2. Three types of interactive charts
  3. Ability to develop and employ trading robots
  4. 50 indicators for purposes of analysis

MetaTrader4 mt4 for windows with great trading and analytic technologies. You can have a brief overview here.

Trading on One-Click-The trader can close positions with just one click.

Offer Algorithmic trading-A trader can create trading robots in the MQL4 programming language and run them on screen.

MetaTrader Market-Buy Skillful Advisors and indicators directly on the platform.

Fundamental analysis-News and signals in your terminal will allow you to keep track of all financial market events.

Trading Tools-Trading Calculator

The RoboForex Trading Calculator  is a tool for informing traders about feasible future activities and expenses required to maintain their positions. These calculations can not be recognized as a proposal or suggestion to invest funds or an incentive for making transactions.

This is a well-known tool with versatile qualities, which may be helpful to both beginners and professionals in financial markets. Using the Trading calculator, traders have an opportunity to make online calculations of transaction parameters, choose more efficient trading strategies, and make the best possible decisions before opening positions.

Step to use a Trading calculator.

Choose the instrument on contract specification and write down the number of lots by choosing the leverage value for your account. By clicking calculate, you get all your required parameters.



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