How to make money with your love of sports

Simon Wells
Authored by Simon Wells
Posted: Thursday, September 16, 2021 - 04:34

If you’re looking to score some cash while betting on your favorite sports, or if you want to go all-in on fantasy football, here are some tips to leveraging your love of sports for big payouts. If you’re the type of fan who follows teams closely and loves statistics, you can make informed guesses and increase your chances of a win. All you need is some money to start with, a market to bet in, and a mobile app or website to handle your bets and cash.

2021 is a great time to get into NFL betting in particular, as people are excited to get back into sports and are betting more than ever. Digital gambling has been made easier,too, thanks to last year’s worldwide shift to a digital marketplace. Creating accounts on sports betting websites no longer requires such strict qualifications, and many even offer welcome bonuses that you can use for free or low-risk bets. By making use of mobile sports betting apps, you can win money as easily as you check messages or crush candy.

2021 Is The Year To Bet On NFL

The NFL season that kicked off this year is a big deal for many reasons. As the US begins to open up once more, people are hyped to get back to the thrill of in-person sports. Many eyes will be on the football games of this season, as will many bets. It’s also worth noting that 2021 will be the first NFL season to have 17 regular-season games. That’s an extra game a week, which means those looking to place bets will have even more chances to win big. If you play on the teams and scores you know well, you have a better chance of beating many newcomers to the big pot.

Data also suggests that people are looking to bet more on big events than ever before. Pay attention to the rival games and landmark series. Locals will put lots of money on their favorites, allowing you a chance to swoop in and cash out as weaker teams with big fan bases lose. If you don’t always have access to betting on these games, you could look into playing on more specific bets like scores and props.

One last trick is to use apps that let you bet on live games. It’s easier to place an informed bet while the game is already underway, and easy to do with mobile apps that keep up-to-date track of the game.

Use Your Love Of Stats To Conquer Smaller, Specialized Markets

Many experienced bettors will look to big games like Sunday Night Football, as those tend to offer the most profitable winnings. A tactic to avoid all that competition is playing on smaller markets like player props. The pot isn’t as big, but it’s easier to win as the competition tends to be less experienced bettors. It’s also easier to manage this market as it doesn’t require you to have every statistic in mind, just one specific subset. Props and score bets are nice ways to dip your toe in and pick up experience that will serve you well in bigger betting markets.

Take Your Expertise To A New Scene If You Can

Arizona is making waves with its recent legalization of online sports betting. People are excited, many bettors will be beginners, and we’ll probably see lots of big bets, and these newcomers will get too eager... Betting apps will also offer sweet deals to entice Arizonans to get in on the action and commit to their platform.

If you’re a sports fan in Arizona, you might be able to score some easy wins in these first few weeks of the NFL season. Use your knowledge to place a few smart bets on specific props or outcomes, and maybe one big game or two. You don’t want to go overboard like the newbies, but you stand to score big if you stick to what you know and play this newly-established, profitable scene.

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