How to Give Your House a Makeover

Authored by alexbreakline
Posted: Monday, September 20, 2021 - 13:23

Sometimes we all get stuck in a rut with our homes. You get too used to the clutter on your worktop, the pillows on your sofa are looking well worn, and that’s before you wander upstairs to your bedroom. 

Whether you need a decluttering splurge, a fresh lick of paint on your walls or need to dive into a new creative project, giving your house a makeover will transform and brighten up your home. 

We’ve rounded up some inexpensive tricks to give your house the makeover it so desperately needs. Read on to find out more:

Declutter and reorganise your space

One of the easiest ways to give your home a refresh is to have a throwout! Work your way around each room, and separate the things that are sentimental, essential or no longer serve a purpose. That way, you can instantly free up much-needed space and give yourself a blank canvas to work with. 

Once your rooms are clear of clutter, move your furniture around to optimise your space. Or shake up your decor by rearranging your bookshelves or ornaments. 

Now that people have adapted to living through a pandemic, the initial surge of charity donations has calmed down. So feel free to call in advance or pop down to your local charity shop to get rid of your unwanted items. 

Refresh your walls

Simply changing the colour scheme of your walls will not only brighten up your home but also your mood. What’s more, most big brand websites now offer “virtual paint” so that you can see how each colour will work in each room so that you no longer need to waste your time with a handful of swatches.

If you’re feeling uninspired by the various shades on offer, create a mood board. Flick through various interior design magazines, scroll through Pinterest, or follow a selection of independent designers online. That way, you can create something fresh without splashing the cash!

Bring the outdoors indoors

Nature is good for the soul, and it is one of the most simplistic and beautiful ways to breathe fresh life into your home. If you have a garden bursting with spring flowers, why not bring a selection of your favourite stems inside? Or has a houseplant caught your eye at your local florist? 

Fauna and flora instantly brighten up a home. Whether you invest in a hardy snake plant, aloe, String of Pearls or a luscious fern, or pick some wildflowers next time you go for a walk, you’ll instantly make your space look more beautiful. 

Plus, plants can boost your well-being, purify the air around you and help you feel uplifted - making them the perfect addition to any home. 

Create a gallery wall

Whether you hang an eye-catching piece of artwork on your wall or utilise all of those family snaps you have on your phone, creating a gallery wall will instantly uplift your mood and make you smile each time you get a glimpse of your favourite photos. 

Either create a feature wall or make photo bunting to adorn your walls. Simple!

Embrace a feature wall

Colour pops and eye-catching floral prints are all the rage, and one of the best rooms to play around with a feature wall has to be your kitchen. You can play around with alcoves, fireplaces or even the wall behind your oven.

Any room with a blank canvas feel with a feature to enhance is just waiting for your creative juices to flow!

Don’t neglect the outside

Gardens are an extension of your home. They can provide instant revival when you’re having a bad day, be a place for you to learn a new hobby and are the perfect place for an outside gathering with all the comforts of home within reach. 

Sprucing up your outside space is arguably as important as the outside. Everything from maintaining your flower beds to creating the optimal eating spot is all worth considering. With a world of outdoor rugs, ambient lighting and squishy outdoor seating to choose from, you’ll want to spend more time outside than ever before!

But don’t just stop there. Check out your local professionals to see what services they offer, such as Elite Pressure Washing who offer roof cleaning in the Peterborough area, window cleaning, tree surgery and more. 

If you have been scrutinising your home this past year, it’s time to bite the bullet and refresh your living spaces. Whether you simply declutter and reorganise your furniture or unleash your creativity, there’s a lot you can do without breaking the bank! Where will you start first? 

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