How to give your pet the best care possible

Authored by Mary
Posted: Wednesday, October 27, 2021 - 16:01

Caring for your pets involves a complex series of tasks. While we’d all love to be able to get all the cuddles and laughs that a pet provides without any of the responsibilities, that’s what mechanical toys are for! If you want to keep a live animal in your home, you will have to take proper care of it. Follow the advice below to make sure that your pet gets the best possible care.

Give them nutritious food

At every stage of their life, your pet will need to be fed food which contains plenty of nutrients and the right number of calories – which will vary according to their age, health and levels of activity. Contrary to what some pet owners claim, either dry or wet food is appropriate for both cats and dogs, and generally what matters is not whether the food is dry or wet but its nutritional content. Having said that, pets with certain health conditions or at certain stages of their life might need one type of food over the other; for example, very young or elderly cats often prefer wet food because it is softer, and pets with kidney or urinary problems will also need wet food because it contains higher amounts of water. To ensure that you are giving your pet the best food for them, ask your vet’s advice.

Ensure they have plenty of fresh water to drink

Humans are often told that we need to drink more water, and the same goes for our pets! If your furry friend is often tired or panting, they might not be having enough to drink. To avoid this issue, make sure that you buy big bowls for their water and replenish them several times a day. If you have a dog or another pet which you take out for walks, you can also buy a collapsible bowl to take with you and fill from a portable water bottle while you’re out. Read this article from Nature's Best for more advice on how to prevent, recognise and treat dehydration in your pet.

Take them to the vet regularly

You might be tempted to only take your pet to the vet when they are ill, but the reality is that pets, like humans, need regular health checks, immunisations and other preventative treatments. Look at the comprehensive list of services outlined on the EasyVet website, for example. A good veterinary clinic will offer pest prevention treatments, allergy testing and vaccinations for your pet, as well as other services such as microchipping, neutering or spaying. Choosing the right veterinary clinic for your pet will save you not only money, but a lot of worry and hassle should your pet get ill, so it’s definitely worth shopping around for the best vet for your animal friend’s needs.

They need the loo too!

This one might sound obvious, but make sure that your furry friends have enough bathroom breaks! Walk your dog at least three times a day and change your cat’s litter at least once a week – it’s no-one’s favourite job, but it’s important for their health.

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