The most effective way to customise your car

Simon Wells
Authored by Simon Wells
Posted: Thursday, November 18, 2021 - 23:15

The second most valuable asset that you will in all likelihood own is your motor vehicle (the first is probably your home) - but how do you ensure that your car is the most appropriate expression of your pride and personal style? Here are some hints.

1. Pay attention to the covers

Your car's seat covers are a visual clue to how much you value your vehicle. Changes to the seat covers will immediately change the visual appeal of the vehicle. The interior of the car is just as important as its outer appearance and there are many ways to ensure that the interior looks great. Standard seat covers are widely available Leather seats look great, but there are ways to improve the experience of simply sitting on them - try heaving them retrofitted with heating elements. Too expensive? There are also heated seat covers available. 

2. Luxury steering wheels

Control is everything - but control and luxury need not be mutually exclusive. That classic pink furry steering wheel cover brings a dash of nostalgia and unique style to the driving experience. Or shoot for the ultra-lux with a wood-look steering wheel. What about Cashmere or a leather cover? Not only stylish - but also comfy on the hands when those chilly winter mornings arrive.

 3. A dash of style

A dashboard supplies you with all the information you need to trust in the performance of your motor vehicle - so why not have it look good? If your dash is looking a bit dated - or you simply want a facelift there are plenty of options. Companies such as can use hydrographic printing to ensure that your car dash is a unique expression of your personal style.  

 4. Pedal power

Accelerate into your dream car with pedals that reflect a racing heritage. Or go for the ultimate in luxury with Swarovski crystal-encrusted pedals - for that ultra- lux look. 

5. Take it up a gear

Bring some bling to the stick and have it reflect your fandom - your favourite sports team or band - or personality. Make sure that you shift into style. 

6. LED Lights.

Your colour is a reflection of your style. LED floor lights are available to suit that style - and that warm glow is the ideal recipe for a night of romance or a bright accent to your evening of fun.  

7. Headliner highlight

A custom headliner is a sure signal that you are committed to quality. Changing your roof colour and material is the sure-fire way to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. Create a cosmos of colour or go the leather route. The Internet has a wide variety of instructional videos about changing your headliner - but if you want the best - contact the professionals.   

8. Smell right

Fragrances are one of the most powerful ways that we access memory and decide on a partner. A great air freshener is an essential part of that perfect automotive experience. Magic Trees are all very well - but they simply look tacky. The 'Air Balance' package is the way that true connoisseurs of automotive excellence choose to express their unique style. A vial of this exclusive fragrance in the glove compartment can mean the difference between a night out and a fabulous evening experience. Choose from four different scents.    

9. Be child safe

Your party years may be behind you, but being a responsible adult is sexy for the 21st century - and that means a state-of-the-art child seat is an absolute requirement. However, you can still stamp your mark by getting that Ferrari kids seat. Why limit yourself to the mundane?

10. Chill Out

A chilled beverage is something that those who are on the road for extended periods will always appreciate. Have a fridge fitted to your car, live a little. Stop at the next turnoff and enjoy that beverage and fresh snack - admire the scenery and simply relax.

11. Get personal

The ultimate badge of honour is that personalised number plate. It is your unique expression of style and pride in the vehicle that you are using. What it says is entirely up to you. That quirky throw-away line or a nickname - or even the name of a business). A personalised plate can be yours for under two hundred pounds at Newreg - the only limit is your imagination (and the number of letters).


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