Ranked: The luckiest people in the world

Simon Wells
Authored by Simon Wells
Posted: Tuesday, December 21, 2021 - 20:46

Have you ever felt lucky? Most of us do from time to time. You have probably felt unlucky too. But what is luck? Here we will discuss luck in a different way.

Some individuals are just born lucky. Usually, this is associated with being in the right place at the right time. The ABCD Agency decided to study 19 different factors specifically about each nation and score them accordingly to determine the luckiest people in the world.

These factors were broadly sectioned under four main areas, they are:-

  1. Career opportunities- This looks at the quality of the working environment, long-term unemployment, youth unemployment, population with tertiary education, social mobility, and GDP per capita.
  2. Liberty and life satisfaction- This includes gender equality, human rights index, general life satisfaction scale, and passport strength index.
  3. Health and safety- Including road safety, homicides, life expectancy, air pollution, and social benefits to households.
  4. Finances- are measured by the population in terms of disposable income of households per capita, the median wealth of adults, and the number of millionaires.

Top ranking countries of the list

The study completed in July 2021 showcased countries like Switzerland, Luxembourg, Canada, Norway, Iceland, Denmark,  Finland, Australia, Sweden and Austria, as the top contenders with a remarkable score in terms of career, education, life satisfaction, and healthcare.

If we describe more and showcase the numbers to make the competition fair, you will be surprised with the interesting result.

In career opportunities and life satisfaction, the people of Norway stand on the top. This country achieves the top score of 100 out of 100 in both major aspects.

In safety and health, Canada tops the list. In this country, the infrastructure of health and safety is very impressive. The result is 100 out of 100 in this major and most important aspect.

And in the last but most required aspect is finance, and in this field people of Switzerland stand on the top with the highest number 100 out of 100.

So these are the top scoring countries of our four major aspects. If we are calculating the overall ranking then the results are again very exciting.

Below are top 5 countries of the list-

  1. Switzerland - Stands on the top of the list with a total score of 100
  2. Iceland - Total score is 91.49 out of 100
  3. Norway - with 89.39 it takes the 3rd position
  4. Luxembourg - Total score is 89.31 out of 100
  5. Denmark - Is at place number 5 with a score of 84.91

So the people who live in these countries are the luckiest people in the world, they all are just born lucky.


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