Fitting mini workouts in the middle of the day

Ellie Green
Authored by Ellie Green
Posted: Wednesday, December 22, 2021 - 12:55

Everyone is busy nowadays –too busy to care for many things we used to take for granted. We do not have the time or luxury to go out and run in the morning, play in the local park or dedicate an hour or two to exercise in the local gym. Nowadays, we spend our leisure time surfing social media, playing video games or bingeing on Netflix. Additionally, a majority of us work in jobs that involve standing or sitting in one place all day. Such routine practically invites a whole host of physical disorders that may affect your whole life, such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

A proper exercise regimen doesn’t just mean picking up a dumbbell and completing a few reps that make your biceps look a little flexed. You have to complete a program that involves three essentials of cardio, flexibility and strength training to keep yourself healthy and fit. This may seem simple on the surface, but practically it is not so easy to fit in your busy schedule.

That’s what makes mini-workout routines so crucial for today’s generation. Click pharmacy health experts espouse that a short workout can be just as effective in helping you achieve your fitness goal as long and continuous workouts. The key behind mini-workouts is to work hard in the time you have.

5 Benefits of short workouts

Too often, people think that only working out for an hour or two gives maximum benefits. The old adage goes, “Work smarter, not harder”. Experts believe that mini-workouts can give out just as many benefits, if not more than long workout sessions. Such as;

  1. Losing weight

High-intensity intermittent workouts are extremely effective at helping lose weight. They can burn body fat, especially fat centred around the belly area. In fact, some experts believe mini-workouts maybe even more effective when you are working out solely to lose weight.

  1. Improving fitness level

A fast but high-intensity mini-workout can offer the same fitness benefits in merely 7 minutes as going on a run or lifting weights for an hour. Multiple mini-workouts spread throughout the day will increase the fitness level even more.

  1. Easy scheduling

When you have a busy day or an unpredictable work schedule, it is tough to take out an hour for cardio or strength training. In such circumstances, it is much easier to take out merely 10 minutes for a mini workout session at multiple intervals.

  1. Improving overall health

People with existing health disorders, like diabetes or heart disease may also gain incredible health benefits from interval training. It may also give them a burst of energy to keep going with their tasks during the day.

  1. Easier to form a habit

Many people take an hour out of their day to work out for a few days but eventually lose interest. Smaller but intensive workouts are much easier to schedule and keep in practice. You can easily create a long-lasting habit of working out.

Keeping up the workout intensity

The key to making mini-workouts give out maximum benefits is to work at high intensity. A shorter workout doesn’t mean you should take it easy. Instead, the quicker the training, the harder you should work at it. There are multiple ways to maximise your gains in a mini workout, like;

  1. High-intensity interval workout method

This kind of workout includes doing a series of high impact moves one after another with little rest in-between. Continue this strategy for 5-7 minutes and then rest for a few minutes to cool down.

  1. Tabata workout method

Tabata training method involves a workout of 4 minutes only. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. You have to do your high-intensity exercise for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds, only to repeat until the duration is over. This workout is exceptionally beneficial for fitness.

  1. High-intensity circuit workout method

A high-intensity circuit workout combines cardio and resistance training into a single workout routine. It means you can work on multiple muscle groups simultaneously, gaining benefits from both.

  1. Metabolic conditioning workout method

This is another high-intensity circuit workout routine that involves whole-body exercises with very short intervals in-between. It increases your afterburn and makes your heart race. This workout routine is excellent to get your whole body pumping and using up the calories.

Fitting a mini workout in your day

Each mini-workout can be typically done in 5 to 15 minutes. Therefore, it is easy to fit them into your busy schedule. Either focus on one muscle group for one session or multiple groups; it depends on your preference. If your schedule permits, you can insert more than one mini-workouts throughout the day. It is essential that you keep moving from one exercise to the next without rest in-between unless you are doing a Tabata workout routine. Keep your exercise intensity to the maximum.

You may also use a heart monitor to keep track of your workout intensity. Lastly, make sure to warm up before doing your workout. Give your body time to stretch and adjust to the rapid movement.

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