Over a third of Brits have managed to overcome a fear within their lifetime

Results Reveal Which Brits Are Amongst the Bravest in the UK

New survey results commissioned by Zip World, have revealed the list of UK cities regarded as having the bravest Brits in the UK, with Brighton (78%) and Liverpool (76%) leading in bravery, followed by Newcastle (72%) and London (70%) shortly behind. People in the UK were surveyed whether they considered themselves to be brave, with results revealing over half of Brits (53%) consider themselves to be quite brave when facing difficult situations and fears. 

Over a third of Brits (37%) have managed to overcome a fear within their lifetime. Leading the way as the greatest fear is heights, with 3 in 10 (31%) saying this is what their most afraid of. Heights is followed by other terrifying fears, including around a quarter of all Brits having a feat of either spiders (26%), snakes (24%), or death (24%), and over 1 in 10 having a fear of sharks (16%). 

Results also revealed that almost 6 in 10 Brits (57%) enjoy adrenaline-filled activities, showing the UK enjoys taking risks and living on the edge! Brits would most like to try hot air ballooning (28%), trampolining (25%), race car driving (21%) and riding the world’s fastest zipline (17%). However, nearly 4 in 10 Brits (38%) are more hesitant around the idea of pursuing adrenaline-filled activities and would rather keep their feet firmly on the ground. 

Brits also prefer going at adrenaline-filled activities with other people rather than alone: the survey revealed that almost 1 in 4 Brits (39%) would most like to face their fears with their spouse or partner, this is followed by around 1 in 5 wanting to do it with friends (23%) or family (19%). This could be for the shared experience and memories to complete something together, but it can also help to have some familiar cheers spurring you on or a close calm voice to help if anyone gets a bit wobbly. 

Andrew Hudson, Commercial Director at Zip World, sees people coming to face their fears every day through a huge range of adventures, from the world’s fastest zipline extending 1.5 kilometres, to high-octane karting and assault courses through historic caverns; he comments, “We have people visiting Zip World every day who take part in different adrenaline-filled activities – some of them can’t wait to get going, whereas others are battling their fears to make it happen, but in both cases, it’s always brilliant to see how happy everyone is when they have completed what they set out to. Our team are always on hand to help people if they need it, but rather than deciding it will be terrifying, it’s so important to remember how enjoyable and exhilarating overcoming fears can be, all the while creating memorable experiences”. 

Zip World provide an exciting range of experiences where people can either get their next adrenaline hit, or face their fears and become one of the bravest Brits. For further information and tips on building bravery, visit the Zip World website or if you want to share the experience and help someone out of their comfort zone, Zip World’s Christmas vouchers are available for gifts as e-vouchers or by post with special festive voucher holders.

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