How to stick to your fitness goals in 2022

Authored by Mary
Posted: Monday, January 17, 2022 - 12:46

Many people start the new year with a fitness goal. This could be to reach a certain weight, to set a new personal record on a 10k, or just to exercise regularly. However, these can be hard to stick to. Below, we explore how you can stick to your fitness goals in 2022.

Why do people quit?

Maintaining motivation is difficult. You need to be able to overcome adversity and get going with activities even when you really don’t feel like it. Many people quit on their fitness goals because they lose motivation and fall out of practice. Ultimately, it’s a tricky habit to get started with, and it’s hard to keep it going.

How to overcome it

Set goals

Goals can help give you something tangible to work towards. When there’s a reward at the end of your fitness journey – or at least a specific target – you have something to continually motivate you.

Try different activities

One activity can quickly get boring, reducing your motivation. For instance, if you’re a runner you might get tired of the same old routes. Instead, you can try different activities in your training. Perhaps you can go swimming one day a week to keep up your fitness in a new setting. What’s more, cross training is said to improve your fitness and helps you use different muscle groups.


If you’re only accountable to yourself it can be easier to quit on your training. But by being accountable to other people, you can hang on in there. If you’re working towards running a marathon for instance, you could sign up with friends to ensure that you’re all in it together.

Don’t let the weather stop you

When it’s freezing and rainy it can be easy to give up on your activity that day. One thing leads to another, and suddenly you’ve lost your fitness habit. The way to combat this is to fight through weather conditions. The right clothing can help you achieve this. Thermals are an excellent item in cold weather that can warm you up without weighing you down with heavy clothing.


Ultimately, resilience is key. You need to have the mental fortitude to respond to setbacks and continue towards your fitness goals. If you begin to feel overwhelmed or stressed, try deep breathing exercises to help you regain your composure and tackle your goals.

Sticking to fitness goals can be difficult. But by being resilient, fighting through poor weather, setting goals and cross training, you should be able to stay on top of your training and progress towards your ultimate goal.

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