How to make buying a used car easier

Simon Wells
Authored by Simon Wells
Posted: Wednesday, January 19, 2022 - 14:42

The purchase of a used car should not be taken lightly. What you buy can say a lot about you.

Used or not, a car is a pathway to independence and agency. The vehicle can also be representative of your circumstances and interests. Others may experience vague ‘feel good’ qualities, where they feel more pleasant to drive than their counterparts. A lot of precision is required when purchasing a used automobile.

Elements of mistrust can also enter the equation. Where has the used car come from? Is the vehicle truly safe to use? Does the seller have an ulterior motive? It’s not uncommon for serious doubts to surface at this juncture.

Preparation is key here. There are many complexities to account for, and the stars must align regarding your circumstances too. Here are some suggestions that might make buying a used car easier.

Budget Extensively

Some people underestimate how much budgeting might need to be done to purchase a used car. After all, circumstances around pricing are indeed changing.

Unfortunately, used car prices have long been rising across the UK. There’s no reason to expect things might tail off soon in 2022, either. Some of these vehicles are priced identically to vehicles that are fresh off the assembly line. This is largely due to a shortage of cars and the components necessary to manufacture them.

Therefore, used cars are not necessarily the low-cost alternative buyers often hoped they would be. Cost-effective deals still certainly exist, and you can continue to save more in the long run, but you should budget for higher purchase costs at the dealership all the same.

Of course, your budgeting techniques matter greatly here too. Make sure your spouse or partner is aware of the controlled spending measures you’re taking. Be comfortable making a few temporary compromises in other areas of your life to hasten your savings plan. Before long, you should have enough money to purchase a reliable and stylish used car.

Have a Preferred Car in Mind

It’s best to have a strong idea about what you want long before you approach any dealerships or sellers. There is an astonishing amount of used cars out there, and not all of them will suit your needs.

Do some research into the type of vehicle that you want. What depreciation factors matter most to you? Is there an amount of money you would prefer to spend? Do you need certain features inside, such as GPS or rear view parking cameras? Think beyond make and model, and define the perfect used vehicle for your needs.

Questions need to be asked when face to face with the dealership too. How many past owners has a vehicle had? Has the car ever been used in the way of illegal activities? It may also be a good idea to review the MOT history of a vehicle just so that you have peace of mind that everything is legitimate.

Misinformation is rife online too. Ensure that you are only working with reputable businesses to source credible and up to date information. Fact-check everything of relevance that you dig up, too, by consulting government resources or reputable news websites.

Authenticate Traders

Should you buy a used car from a dealership alone, then you have your work cut out for you. You’ll need to conduct a series of checks to ensure the entities you are working with are legitimate.

Ensure that an independent engineer or motoring organisation inspects the dealership you’re considering buying from. Succeeding in that, you can be assured that they’re maintaining suitable standards on their premises and for their customers. They should also have a trade association sign that authenticates their services too.

You can also check reviews of any dealer or seller online. Anyone that has been sold a faulty vehicle will likely have something to say about it on the internet. 

This research does make buying a used car easier, as you’re avoiding potential pitfalls by being thorough. That said, the process doesn’t necessarily become easy, especially if you’re short on time. Fortunately, alternative solutions are out there.

Work with Reliable Services

The process of authenticating dealers can be very time-consuming. The price of used cars is also going up, so the chances of sweet-talking your way to a better deal with them may be slim too.

Some services can be of great help in these situations. For example, Choose My Car offer a unique service and can work with some of the best dealerships and lenders in the UK. They can handle all of the necessary negotiations on your behalf, securing you incredible finance deals to your benefit. Moreover, they will support you throughout the purchase process, offering you ample guidance at every stage of your journey.

Your car can be delivered to you if you live anywhere in the mainland UK, removing the need to visit a dealership entirely. In the end, you’ll bypass a lot of bother this way, making this the most straightforward and cost-effective way to buy a used car.

Approaching a dealership alone can create a feeling of mounting pressure. Feeling these anxieties may also leave you vulnerable to pushier dealers, keen to turn your unease into their profit. However, by hiring a reputable service at your disposal, you can bypass these tough circumstances and secure the best used cars on the market for a more affordable sum.

Embark on a Test Drive

If you have gone through a dealership or private seller yourself, then a test drive of your chosen vehicle is paramount. Everything from the comfort of the seats to the responsiveness of the pedals can be tested for yourself here.

Why stop at one test drive? You’re entitled to a few of them, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for any inconsistencies in the vehicle’s performance. Test the car on different (but appropriate) roads and terrains, and really try to engage how well it functions.

Bring a trusted loved one with you as a second opinion might open your eyes somewhat too. Your partner or spouse should test drive the vehicle themselves, too, if you hope to share ownership. Weigh the decision carefully and discuss everything thoroughly, and you’ll make the best purchase together instead of having regrets or blaming one another later.

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