Why blackout blinds are a great choice for your home

Authored by CraigUpton
Posted: Tuesday, January 25, 2022 - 15:33

You may ask yourself why it is best to choose blackout blinds for your home when windows are actually there to let the light in, not block it out. Well, there are a lot of reasons that this type of blind should be considered when looking for window dressings.

Firstly, we don’t always want too much light coming into our homes. Keeping out light can help to cool a room during the summer months when high temperatures can make rooms uncomfortably warm. Intense glare from the sun (particularly in the winter months when the sun is low in the sky) is a common problem that is easily solved by installing blackout blinds.

Not only are blackout blinds a practical way of controlling temperature and light, they can also bring a sense of style and sophistication to your home. So, lets look in more detail at the advantages of investing in blackout blinds.

Increased Thermal Efficiency

Improving thermal efficiency is probably one of the primary reasons people choose blackout blinds. By absorbing the majority of the light from outside, these remarkably effective blinds, reduce glare and help to maintain temperatures in homes.

As outside temperatures drop, windows tend to let in a certain amount of cold, thereby decreasing the inside temperature and increasing the need for heating. Blackout blinds are extremely effective in reducing the ability of the cold to come indoors and vice-versa, preventing heat from escaping.

Although you could invest in new windows for increased insulation, adding blackout blinds is a far more cost-effective way of controlling indoor temperatures.

Control Lighting with Blackout Blinds

As the name suggests, blackout blinds are incredibly effective when it comes to blocking out light. The materials used to manufacture these blinds mean that they are completely impenetrable by the light and therefore are immediately effective when closed.

They are especially effective for people who struggle to sleep and therefore need a very dark room. For night workers who need to sleep in the day, blackout blinds provide the perfect solution for creating a ‘night time’ environment.

Bright sun during the day can also be controlled using blackout blinds – blocking out or letting in as much light as you wish, to create a comfortable home environment.

Privacy for Your Home

All blinds provide a certain amount of privacy for your home, but blackout blinds are particularly helpful in this regard. As no light can penetrate these blinds, it is also impossible to see through them, therefore effective in keeping prying eyes out of your home. By obscuring the view into your property, you could also be increasing security as potential burglars wouldn’t be able to see into your home, therefore decreasing the chances of you becoming a target.

Improved Aesthetic Appeal

Blackout blinds are available in vast range of designs, materials and colours, to match your home. No matter what style you have chosen for the rooms in you house, there is a perfect blackout blind to suit your interior design. So, whether you are looking for roller, vertical, horizontal or panel blinds, you are guaranteed quality, value for money and unrivalled customer service when you buy from Riverside Shutters.




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