Painting, embroidering and patches: Why personalising clothing is a hot trend

Ellie Green
Authored by Ellie Green
Posted: Monday, March 28, 2022 - 18:29

The rise of individualism is at an all-time high and prevalent in how we voice our opinions, pursue our passions, and personalise every aspect of our existence. To stand out from the crowd and represent oneself means being comfortable in your taste in fashion. It is no surprise that personalising garments is not a mere trend but a way of life for the young and old alike.

Before joining the fashion freedom movement, we’ll give you a few pointers on how you can customise your wardrobe without sacrificing your style and budget. By investing a little time and creativity, you can turn your most basic clothing pieces into unique wardrobe essentials that are proudly yours alone.

Patch it up

If you live in cooler regions of the country and wear denim pieces most of the time, why not give them a little twist with patches? Patches come in all colours, shapes, and sizes. They can be patches of your favourite band or something bespoke such as your initials. Patches are also easy to apply, especially on quality natural textiles such as those found at Dalston Mill fabrics. When sewing patches on your clothes, add a layer at the back portion of the fabric to ensure its long-term durability. You can upcycle old jeans by embellishing them with jewels and bespoke patches. You can also give your denim clothing an unkempt yet stylish finish by fraying or ripping at the right places.

Customised embroidery

Adding embroidered details to your clothes is another way of personalising your wardrobe with class. You can embroider on any piece of clothing; however, heavy fabrics such as denim and thick cotton shirts are your best medium. If you want to add a bit of zest on plain clothes, starting an embroidery project is an easy way to do so. You only need a few materials to make this happen. You can choose a pattern online or create your design and convert it into a pattern. Before using threads, give it a spin on the washing machine to avoid colour running onto your clothing.

Changing buttons

Changing small details such as buttons is also a great way to personalise your wardrobe. If you want to add a bit of yourself onto a relatively common piece of garment, switch up the buttons to your personal preference. You can choose from many buttons, including vintage buttons, colourful quirky buttons, or bespoke buttons with your engraved initials. You don’t need to visit a tailor to have the buttons changed. Replacing old buttons is a simple process. Follow the basic steps of installing buttons and ensure they are secure in place.


Paying close attention to detail is crucial when you are personalising and organising your wardrobe. Whether you are adding bespoke buttons or drawing a masterpiece at the back of a jacket, you should focus your attention during the activity to avoid costly mistakes that can ruin your clothes altogether. Do not be afraid to unleash your creativity and the exquisite style you can call your own.



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