Top tips to help you look after your car

Simon Wells
Authored by Simon Wells
Posted: Wednesday, April 13, 2022 - 22:53

With growing living costs, finding areas of our life where we can save is always a bonus. One area in particular where we can make some massive savings is with our cars. As new research shows that we're keeping our cars for longer than ever, you too might be looking for some simple money-saving solutions to help look after your car.

Think about where you park

Whether you're leaving your car on the road overnight or you're just nipping into your local supermarket, where you park can have a massive impact. Where possible leave your car in a garage to help prevent break-ins. If this isn't possible, try and leave it somewhere in view of a security camera and in a busy area, where any criminal activity is more likely to be reported.

Do repairs immediately

It can be tempting to leave off repairs until the last minute, but leaving can cause even more damage to your vehicle. Getting it booked in and fixed sooner rather than later will prevent further issues from arising.

Remember, if you're taking your car in for an MOT, there are some things you can do at home to ensure it doesn't fail – and therefore cost you money. Things like replacing your wiper blades and topping up your oil.

Drive smoothly

Going from 0-100 might impress your friends, but it won't be impressing your car's mechanics. Driving smoothly and with consideration for your engine will keep it working longer – and will help reduce fuel consumption – helping to save you money too.

Check your tyres

We understand that tyres can be pricey, but if you’re driving around on worn tyres you could, not only be costing yourself money in the long run, but also putting your life at risk.

Bald tyres have less grip on the road, increasing your stopping distance and reducing your control. If you crash, you could have a higher repair bill and you may even be held liable.

Invest in a new car

Of course, even if you look after your car, sometimes it's best to get rid of your old car. If it's costing you more in repairs than it's worth, or if it's so old the parts are no longer being made, it might be time to let go. However, investing in a car can be expensive, especially if you need a loan. If you've been refused elsewhere, you might be thinking that a bad credit loan is your best option, but you might want to try a line of credit instead. This flexible money lending solution might just get you the car of your dreams.

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