Tips for Buying the Perfect “Aesthetic” Gift for that Teen Girl

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted: Thursday, April 28, 2022 - 23:06

Gift-giving can be a difficult task, especially if you're shopping for someone who has different interests and hobbies than you. Each teen has her own preferences and style when it comes to clothing, accessories, and technology, and it can be difficult to keep track when things change so frequently. The buzzword is “aesthetics” whereby Gen Z isn't shy about showcasing their personal style while paying respect to old trends. (Have you heard of light/dark academia, cottagecore, Y2K, grunge, E-girl, and Baddie-girl? Read on for a little clarification) You may have an idea which aesthetic the teen you are buying a gift for follows, but even these are not clear-cut. There are several gift options that can be popular across a range of interests and aesthetics.

Bags and Backpacks

Bags and backpacks can be a great gift for many ages and aesthetics. Think multipurpose to carry all her essentials like her phone, purse, and makeup items. Crossbody bags are a popular choice while backpacks are always functional with multiple compartments. There are so many options available, and this practical gift will be highly appreciated, especially if you choose one that suits her aesthetic. For dark academia think of an autumnal atmosphere, with a palette of browns, beige, and chestnut. For light academia, head towards cream, white and soft beige. For cottagecore, choose a bag printed in dainty dreamy florals to go with this romantic aesthetic.

Spa Treatment

At this age, it's critical to maintain a good level of hygiene, and an at-home manicure is a cost-effective method to keep her feeling (and looking) her best. A package set of nail paint hues might be the perfect gift for the teen in your life. Once again, you can research her chosen aesthetic (of the week) and buy accordingly. A girl into grunge may want dark shades like purple, burgundy and black, while E-girls would opt for exaggerated and dramatic metallics and hot pinks. Another great addition to her makeup collection would be a stylish makeup bag. Here you can follow the same rules when it comes to aesthetics.

Room Enhancers

Most teenagers spend a lot of time in their sacred space: their bedroom. Why not get her something that will add that unique touch to her room? An essential oil diffuser is a perfect gift as she can choose scents that encourage sleep, relaxation, or vitality, depending on which oil she uses.

Why not indulges her senses by introducing her to one of the world’s rarest and most expensive commodities, Oud? Getting her a few oud candles will make a bold yet indulgent statement and help her to add that touch of class to her haven.

A moon lamp is another fun décor element to add to her room, or maybe she would like a galaxy projector with stars that doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker. A DIY succulent terrarium kit is more suited to older teens and includes everything they'll need to begin incorporating live plants into their daily routines. Succulents are low maintenance and make an unusual addition to her room. Even the Baddie-girl in your life may enjoy trying her hand at this fun activity that keeps on giving.

When choosing for a teen girl, consider the age-appropriateness, usefulness, and trendiness of what you are planning to purchase. If you can stick to her aesthetic, she will appreciate the thought and care that has gone into selecting that particular gift just for her.

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