What is Coliving?

Liv Butler
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Posted: Wednesday, April 27, 2022 - 06:28

Relocating to a new county or city can be a fascinating experience. There are so many places to visit, characters to meet, and things to do. But finding somewhere you can call home is the first step. It's no secret that affordable housing is scarce in many major US cities. That may put the brakes on your dreams of living in a major city.

People are reverting to the age-old practice of cohabiting in order to avoid high housing expenses. In a nutshell, they find housemates. However, the recent housing evolution of "coliving" gives this tradition a modern twist. Coliving has often been compared to dorm life. Some folks don't see how it differs from a typical roommate situation. But you can read the pros and cons of living in a dorm article from SharedEasy after you’re done with this.

Coliving is a distinct entity. It offers specific qualities that set it apart from other housing options. In this article, we will teach you all you should know about coliving, how it is better than staying in a dorm, and whether it's something you should consider when looking for an apartment. Let's get started!

What Is Coliving?

This is a new trend in the rental system. It's a form of shared accommodation arrangement that's become increasingly common in big American cities. Companies provide shared living quarters with each tenant having their own bedroom and communal areas. This looks like the regular roommate scenario.

Coliving, on the other hand, differs in a few fundamental aspects, including;

●       The prospect of sharing a room with like-minded people.

●       A vast community is available to you.

●       Amenities of the finest quality.

●       Compared to the usual shared living arrangements, coliving spaces offer lower living expenditures.

●       Conflicts between roommates have decreased.

Coliving has monopolized the new residential housing market in major cities such as New York and Los Angeles. To cut costs, most people who relocate to these big cities opt for shared living. Unfortunately, shared living arrangements have a poor rep. Finding roommates who fit your lifestyle can be a bit tricky. Money, housekeeping, guests, and pets all cause problems. Those things will inevitably ruin the connection.

Additionally, cost-cutting measures frequently put luxury services out of reach for many newcomers. Relocating to a new city, finding suitable housing, and finding a nice roommate is, in short, a huge challenge. This dilemma has a remedy in the form of coliving. Coliving organizations make shared living arrangements appealing to new inhabitants by connecting individuals within a space, providing cleaning services, personalized lease agreements, and giving luxury facilities.

Inside a Coliving Space

Coliving rooms come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. However, because they're frequently set in big cities, the scenery is usually the same. You'll have a range of apartments to choose from depending on the agency you work with.  You might come across an ad for a 146 sq. ft. bedroom in an apartment unit in Los Angeles, complete with a common bathroom and communal areas. In New York City, you can find a coliving apartment with 2 bedrooms and exposed brick.

Most co-living housing units come with completely furnished public rooms, which adds to their appeal. Modern furnishings and tasteful artwork are also commonplace.

They've been designed to optimize openness and comfort. As a result, you don't have to be concerned about living in a model home. You are welcome to bring your own stuff to personalize your room. You won't need to bring any essential items with you, such as soap, toilet paper, or paper towels.

Sometimes there are additional common spaces among the in-unit amenities. These could include outdoor areas and gyms that are open to all residents of coliving units. Coliving areas within apartment complexes or larger residences are more likely to include these amenities.

How The Rent Works

Because rent or bill payment problems are one of the most typical roommate conflicts, you'll be relieved to learn that you could eliminate these hassles in a co-living environment.  Individual lease agreements are available from coliving firms. You are only accountable for your share of the rent payment, even if you share the apartment with other occupants.

You won't have to go after your housemates for payments. Your rent will be collected by a property manager using a digital payments system. Just like a typical apartment rental, you'll have to make a security deposit.

Pros Of Coliving

You Get The Most Of Your Money

It might be costly to live in a big city. But coliving is the ideal housing choice for cash-strapped tenants wanting a taste of luxury, with huge, typically newly refurbished apartment units. You'll be moving into a completely furnished apartment with a single rent payment that covers everything.

Minimizes Conflict Between Roommates

Nobody wants to get into a fight with their roommate. It not only creates an uncomfortable atmosphere, but it also has the potential to escalate into a major issue, causing one of you to break your lease early. And in a classic shared living or dorm situation, there are plenty of topics to dispute.

Community Of Like-Minded People

Are you tired of living alone and feeling lonely? Having like-minded people in your life can help you feel better. Coliving also acts as a matchmaking service for friends.

You'll usually be housed among people who share your hobbies and are around your age.

Cons Of Coliving

Limited To Major Towns

Coliving is a new trend that has not yet expanded outside cities.

Little To No Control Over Roommate Selection

Coliving spaces are usually created to bring people together who share common interests. Current residents, on the other hand, have limited control over the roommate selection process.

Shared Common Areas

Coliving arrangements don't account for the inconvenience of sharing common spaces; in fact, sharing common spaces might be more of a burden than a benefit at times.


Coliving is a new rental trend that appears to have some staying power. That's not unexpected, given the obvious advantages it comes with.

However, it is not the best option for everyone. Do your homework and some soul-searching before making a final choice.


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