How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger - Designer Tips and Tricks

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted: Tuesday, June 7, 2022 - 21:57

How many times have you complained that a particular room or your entire house feels too small? Small spaces can be great and more budget-conscious, but they can also be tricky to design, keep organised and feel as though they work for you. But just because you have a small space doesn’t mean you have to move house; instead, why not embrace some designer tips and tricks that can make the space appear bigger? Here are some simple techniques you can try.

Take the Time to Declutter

Beginning your project by decluttering can save you from a lot of headaches. The fact is that you probably have many items that you don’t want or need, so why keep them around? They are just taking up valuable space and making the house appear more closed in.

Make Storage a Top Concern

Now that you’ve decluttered, it’s time to address storage. Any top designer will tell you that even though storage is vital to an organised and stylish looking home, there’s no reason you can’t get creative with your storage solutions. Choosing options that work specifically for your needs and the space will make it look high-end and customised, and will ensure that you use it properly.

Use Decorative Mirrors

While there are many ways to make a room appear larger, decorative mirrors tend to be a designer’s top trick to use. A single mirror expertly placed will make the room look more open and bigger, thereby tricking the eye. Mirrors work to give the illusion of depth, even if there isn’t much of it. Once you’re familiar with the trick you’ll start to notice how many people use it in their homes.

You can find mirrors that are decorative and make a statement at sites like Just make sure that before you hang it you have chosen the ideal location in the room. The mirror should reflect light - artificial or natural - so placing it near a window is perfect.

Allow for Natural Light to Shine In

Speaking of natural light, this is another designer tip to embrace. The biggest mistake you can make with a small space is to hide windows, put obstacles in front of them and cover them with heavy drapes and blinds. Think light and airy, which means allowing as much natural light to flow into the home as possible.

Downsize Your Furniture and Instantly Create Space

Sometimes it's not a matter of having a small space; it may be that the furniture you have bought is too big. With the options available today there is no reason to choose items that don't fit properly, as there are plenty of items specifically designed for small spaces. You can and should also experiment with the layout and try moving items around. There are even apps that can help you visualise the final look.

Using all of these tips will help create the illusion of space in your home, making it feel fresher, brighter and, of course, bigger.

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