5 Lifestyle Changes That Will Make Your Life Much Happier

Authored by Mary
Posted: Friday, June 10, 2022 - 21:09

It can be easy to let the world overwhelm you with its demands and choices. We spend so much energy planning and executing those plans as fast as possible to keep us on a schedule that we often forget to slow down and appreciate life for its beauty.

You can make many small changes to your lifestyle to help improve your life and bring you more happiness. Here we look at five easy to adopt changes you can make to your lifestyle that are effective and simple to incorporate into your daily schedule.

1: Get more good quality sleep

The quality of sleep you get can affect your decision-making and performance throughout the day. Try to plan your day so you can prioritise sleep and ensure you get enough sleep each night. Having a good sleep hygiene routine can boost the quality of your sleep. 

Hanging blackout curtains and turning off all electronic devices at least two hours before you go to sleep will allow your mind to unwind, so you are not trying to sleep while your brain is still hyped and overstimulated. Taking a relaxing bath, reading a book, or practising deep breathing exercises will also help.

2: Make exercising fun 

While hitting the gym or running is a great way to burn off unused energy, it can sometimes feel like a grind. The gym isn't the only place where you can get fit. Your body will release more feel-good endorphins if you choose to participate in physical activities that you find fun.

Instead of working out alone, why not boost your social life and connections with others by indulging in some fun team sports such as netball, basketball, five-a-side football or partner up for regular tennis games, squash or badminton.

3: Ditch the junk food

We all know that cutting highly processed food from our diet can make a world of difference to our health. If your food comes out of a packet and has more than five things on the ingredients list, or contains many unpronounceable additives, put it back on the shelf!

Eating a high-protein diet that includes plenty of fresh meat, fish and eggs will give your body the nourishment it needs for stable blood sugar, low insulin, and good muscle and bone strength.

4: Make time for your friends 

Taking care of your emotional side is essential for a happy life. Your immediate family and friends are part of your emotional support network, and you are a part of theirs. Allow yourself more time to have fun and unforgettable experiences with them.

Not only will you create more shared memories with them, but you can also build strong and long-lasting relationships that provide good emotional support for each other that can help get all of you through the difficult times in your life. 

5: Learn to meditate

Meditation is a technique that allows you to remove yourself from the stresses of everyday life. It frees your mind and will enable it to become more open, present and at ease. Learning to meditate is easy, and it can bring you an excellent level of calm, clarity and contentment.

There are many ways to meditate, but the benefits of Vedic Meditation are especially noteworthy. Vedic meditation focuses on a soothing affirmation or sound that distracts the mind from the many racing and often pointless thoughts that goes through it every day.

Vedic meditation is a wonderful solution for people that have a hard time slowing down and calming their busy minds. 

These five easy to adopt lifestyle changes can be done today with minimal effort or expense. Improving your lifestyle in these ways can lead to a much happier and healthier life.

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