Jailhouse Rock is the UK’s favourite Elvis Presley movie

Jailhouse Rock voted UK's favourite Elvis movie

Jailhouse Rock is the UK’s favourite Elvis Presley movie, according to new national research released today1.

The study, carried out by Showcase Cinemas ahead of the highly anticipated release of Baz Luhrman’s ELVIS on 24 June, also saw 1 in 5 Brits (20%) vote for “Suspicious Minds” as their number one Elvis Presley song, securing the top spot.

Heartfelt ballad “Always On My Mind” came in second place (18%), with beloved wedding classic “Can’t Help Falling In Love” (15%) landing in third.

1957’s Jailhouse Rock (11%) triumphantly took the crown as the nation’s favourite Elvis film, but tropical rom-com Blue Hawaii (1961) came in closely behind (9%). Meanwhile, one in ten men saw dollar signs, voting 1964’s Viva Las Vegas their number one Elvis film (10%).

ELVIS is a brand-new biopic chronicling the life and career of world famous singer and actor Elvis Presley. Elvis may have left the building, but fans won’t be able to leave their seats when the film releases on June 24.

Jailhouse Rock has remained close to fans’ hearts since its release in 1957, with the UK also naming troubled singer Vince Everett as Elvis’s number one big screen character by 1 in 5 participants. Coming in second was civil war criminal Clint Reno (Love Me Tender) with 9.7%, followed by Blue Hawaii’s love-struck tour guide Chad Gates (9.1%).

Interestingly, those aged 18-24 much preferred Clint Reno and King Creole’s Danny Fisher with almost double (17%) voting for those characters over Vince Everett (9%).

In the upcoming film, Elvis is portrayed on the big screen by Austin Butler, with Tom Hanks as Elvis’s real life manager Tom Parker, and Olivia DeLonge as Elvis’s wife Priscilla.

When it came to who the nation considers “The King Of Rock and Roll’, there was a clear runaway, with 34% of the UK voting for Elvis Presley, and 50% of Brits aged 45-54 agreeing with this title.

One in four Brits chose Elvis’s classic white two piece are their favourite Elvis outfit (25%), however nearly four times as many men (15%) said that Elvis’s white pyramid outfit was their favourite look compared to women (4%).

Elvis was also crowned Brit’s ultimate 1950s teen icon (29%), narrowly beating heartthrob James Dean (28%) to the top spot. Surprisingly, Brits over 40 had a different opinion, awarding James Dean (34%) the title over Elvis Presley (32%).

Fans will be pleased to know that 2022’s ELVIS will span the whole of his career, covering his rise to fame in the 50s to his cinematic success in the 60s, which one in four people voted the very best Elvis era.

Elvis was voted the most iconic musician of all time, with almost one in four people agreeing (23%), edging out other music heavyweights Michael Jackson (16%), David Bowie (15%) and John Lennon (12%).

Mark Barlow, UK General Manager for Showcase Cinemas, said: “Elvis is by far one of the greatest musical icons of the 20th Century, and his legacy has continued to this day. With so many fantastic songs, memorable outfits and his signature pompadour, we cannot wait for our guests to enjoy ELVIS on the big screen.

“Elvis has won so many hearts with his acting career, so it seems fitting that the tragic and romantic Jailhouse Rock was named the UK’s favourite Elvis movie.

“With Baz Lurhmann at the helm, ELVIS is sure to be a cinematic masterpiece, and we can’t wait to welcome our guests to enjoy the film at Showcase Cinemas this June.”

The study also discovered that the UK chose romantic musical Moulin Rouge! as their favourite Baz Luhrmann directed film (14%), with 1996’s modern classic Romeo + Juliet coming in second (13%).

ELVIS is released on Friday June 24, with tickets available from the Showcase Cinemas website here: https://www.showcasecinemas.co.uk/film-info/elvis


  1. Jailhouse Rock (11%)
  2. Blue Hawaii (9%)
  3. Love Me Tender (8%)
  4. Viva Las Vegas (8%)
  5. G.I. Blues (8%)


  1. Vince Everett - Jailhouse Rock (20%)
  2. Clint Reno – Love Me Tender (9.7%)
  3. Chad Gates – Blue Hawaii (9.1%)
  4. Tulsa McLean – G.I. Blues (9%)
  5. Luck Jackson – Viva Las Vegas (8%)
  6. Danny Fisher – King Creole (8%)
  7. Kid Galahad – Kid Galahad (8%)
  8. Mike Windgren – Fun in Acapulco (7%)
  9. Jimmy Tompkins – Loving You (6%)
  10.  Johnny – Frankie & Johnny (6%)


  1. Suspicious Minds (20%)
  2. Always On My Mind (18%)
  3. Can’t Help Falling In Love (15%)
  4. Love Me Tender (12%)
  5. Are You Lonesome Tonight? (10%)
  6. Jailhouse Rock (9%)
  7. A Little Less Conversation (9%)
  8. Hound Dog (8%)
  9. Unchained Melody (8%)
  10. Viva Las Vegas (7%)
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