The Joys of Owning a Cat and How to Keep Them Safe

Simon Wells
Authored by Simon Wells
Posted: Monday, August 1, 2022 - 21:21

Owning a cat is a great joy for many of us and we take pride in caring for them as best as we can. A cat can be more than just a pet, they are for many a companion and a constant presence in their day to day lives. Any cat owner will do the best they can to keep their pet safe and sound but if you are new to looking after such an animal you may not be aware of everything you should do. Keep reading to find out how to keep your cat safe so that you can enjoy having them as a pet and they can enjoy a long healthy life.

Vaccinations and insurance

When you first get a cat, there are some basic things to do to make sure that they are safe. Firstly, when they are old enough, make sure to arrange for them to be vaccinated against unwanted conditions such as rabies and fleas. You may also want to get them neutered to avoid unwanted animals being born which could also affect your cat’s health. It is wise to arrange cat insurance so that if your pet is injured or has more serious health concerns they can be seen by a trained professional and you will not be hit with unexpected bills.

Cat proof your home

Remember that the environment your cat lives in is very important for it to be happy and therefore for you to get joy out of your pet. Your home must be a safe environment for it to thrive in and not all homes are ready straight away to have a new inhabitant. Check each room for things like loose cables or wires that your furry friend might be tempted to chew on. It is also advisable not to have items such as house plants or heavy ornaments which could fall and injure your cat.

Indoor or outdoor cats

You must also decide if your cat will be solely a house cat or have the option to roam outside during the day. If you live in quite a quiet neighbourhood with not too much traffic it is perfectly safe to allow your animal outside and they may really enjoy this freedom, just make sure they are microchipped and have your contact details on their collar in the unfortunate event of them being lost. If you decide to keep your pet as a house cat, make sure that they have plenty of space to roam around as they please. The increased human contact of keeping the animal as a house cat often leads to the pets being more used to you and you may even enjoy a closer relationship. 

Understand your cat

A big part of caring for your cat is about getting to know them and trusting your instincts. Of course, you should do all of the above things to keep your pet safe, but you are its owner, and you should get to know them to find out what is best for them. Some cats like and need more attention than others and some are very solitary creatures so try to respect their personality. If you feel like something is wrong then take your pet to the vet, it is better to be safe than sorry and if there is an issue it is always better to detect it early. If you follow these simple steps your cat will enjoy a long and healthy life and you will find great joy in being their owner.

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