Seven in ten Brits have made more effort with their picnics

Brits are 'Poshing Up' their picnics this summer

New research suggests as many as seven in ten Brits (73 percent) have made more effort with their picnics in recent years, with 46 percent attempting to impress friends by bringing artisan goodies.

Four in ten (40 percent) have rustled up cakes from scratch, while 25 percent bring posh Scotch eggs and almost half (48 percent) like to bring healthy, homemade salads.

Strawberries and cream (37 percent), egg mayo sandwiches (36 percent) and scones with cream and jam also made the definitive list of “posh picnic essentials”, according to the nation’s keen picnickers, along with houmous and olives (29 percent), homemade quiche (28 percent), chilled sparkling wine (28 percent) and handmade potato salad (28 percent).

Two thirds (60 percent) admit they spend a lot of time planning and cooking food to blow the socks off other picnic goers.

A third (35 percent) impress their friends with a classic wicker basket (35 percent), while one in four (24 percent) will only sit on an iconic tartan blanket.

The research by British Lion eggs reveals Brits plan to enjoy an average of FOUR picnics this summer.

Items which are deemed old fashioned include soggy sandwiches (55 percent), warm cans of beer (42 percent), flasks of tea (36 percent) and plastic cutlery (33 percent).

Single use containers (33 percent) and single use plastic cups (33 percent) are also a picnic no-no, as Gen Z and millennials prefer more sustainable options to help them consume their picnic treats. A fifth (20 percent) also felt British ingredients were important.

Andrew Joret, spokesperson for British Lion Eggs who commissioned the survey said, “It seems like the picnic is having a ‘moment’ this summer, with people embracing the outdoor tradition and making it an event. Eggs are a favourite ingredient, featuring heavily in the list of picnic must haves – a cost-effective, versatile British ingredient to feed a crowd. With budgets being squeezed it seems that communal outdoor eating is a good way to socialise without the big restaurant bill.”  

Four in ten (41 percent) agree that picnics are one of the best parts of the summer.

86 percent say that eating al fresco on a warm sunny day is one of life’s pleasures, with over half (54 percent) declaring that they are having more picnics than ever before.

Over half (51 percent) reveal they would rather have a picnic somewhere beautiful on a lovely sunny day, than a meal in a posh restaurant.



  1. Healthy, homemade salads    48%
  2. Scotch eggs     41%
  3. Homemade cakes     40%
  4. Fresh fruit salad     39%
  5. Strawberries and cream    37%
  6. Egg mayo sandwiches    36%
  7. A wicker picnic basket    35%
  8. Scones with cream and jam   30%
  9. Houmous and olives    29%
  10. Homemade quiche    28%
  11. Chilled sparkling wine    28%
  12. Homemade potato salad   28%
  13. Posh deli meat cuts    25%
  14. Artisan pork pies    25%
  15. Tartan picnic blanket    24%
  16. A football     24%
  17. Dips and crudites    23%
  18. Sourdough bread    23%
  19. A Bluetooth speaker    22%
  20. Artisan cheeses     21%
  21. Vegetarian options    20%
  22. British sourced ingredients   20%
  23. Homemade bread rolls    19%
  24. Cocktails in cans    15%
  25. Jars of chutney     15%
  26. Homemade lemonade or ginger ale  13%
  27. Chilled craft ale     12%
  28. Couscous salad     10%
  29. Rounders set     9%
  30. Homemade samosas    9%
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