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Simon Wells
Authored by Simon Wells
Posted: Thursday, September 28, 2023 - 21:25

Southern Mobility Vehicles offer a selection of wheelchair accessible cars that have recently been converted or used as wheelchair accessible cars, both new and pre-owned. They specialize in helping those with disabilities drive and get around to even the most remote destinations!

They are an internationally well-known and regarded company specializing exclusively in wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV). From new conversions and used models, Southern Mobility serves Clinton County in Illinois from its Breese location with the following models and types of vehicle on their lots.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

A WAV is a car or van which has been modified so that a person in a wheelchair can ride inside. These WAVs offer an efficient means of travel by eliminating the need to wait for transportation while providing people with disabilities greater independence in driving themselves around.

There are various kinds of WAVs on the market, such as passenger WAVs, drive from wheelchair vehicles and transfer inside WAVs. Passenger WAVs allow wheelchair users to sit in a front seat and operate the controls; additionally they can also be lowered through a ramp or power door, making entry and exit simpler for them.

Drive from wheelchair WAVs is becoming increasingly popular. These vehicles allow a person to sit in a driver's seat and control it while keeping their own chair on board the car. Individuals can gain entry by using either ramps or power doors and then simply drive as usual.

WAVs may be costly, but there are ways to finance one. You could take out a loan, purchase insurance coverage or even use Medicaid benefits for financing purposes. In addition, several organizations provide WAVs free of charge when people get on a waiting list.

Finding a vehicle suitable to transport yourself or someone you care for in a chair is an important decision. While standard dealerships may provide chair conversion services, their expertise often falls short in understanding your unique requirements.

Wheelchair van options like these that don't feature lowered floor minivans are becoming increasingly popular with disabled drivers and passengers. These vehicles are specifically designed to enable chair users to enter through the front of the vehicle, with controls located right there in front of them for ease of driving and controlling without the assistance of another person to lift them into it.

If you're considering purchasing a WAV, renting one first is often beneficial. Renting will give you an understanding of its different features and how they all come together before making such a significant financial commitment.

Passenger WAVs

Most individuals searching for WAVs usually opt for rear wheelchair passenger position models as these types of cars tend to be faster and easier for wheelchair users to enter - especially ones equipped with standard vehicle seats in front. This choice has proven especially popular among taxi companies, private hire firms and care homes.

Other solutions exist for wheelchair users who want to drive from their chair or be passengers upfront in a car, known as switch-vehicle - They tend to be more costly; typically requiring the installation of a six-way transfer seat base that enables docking points throughout the interior of the car so the user can then transfer directly into either driver or passenger seating positions.

Volkswagen is one of the leading suppliers in the UK WAV converter industry, and their VW Sharan model stands out as an outstanding MPV that can accommodate five passengers plus one wheelchair user in full length lowered floor mode. Their Caravelle and Multivan cars remain highly sought-after WAVs.

Commercial WAVs

Finding a WAV can be a difficult process for some. When searching for one on Motability Scheme, leasing or financing, or outright purchase it's important that you seek independent advice from someone who understands your specific requirements.

Commercial WAVs are cars, vans, or trucks that are modified to allow wheelchair users to ride in the front passenger seat or area. These types of cars are often utilized by private hire taxi companies, care homes and others with multiple seated passengers.

Most commonly equipped with six-way transfer seat bases that move forwards/backwards within the car to facilitate chair entry/exit at faster times; additionally they will feature docking systems, brackets, pins or pins that secure chairs during transit.

Drive from wheelchair (DFW) vehicles provide an ideal solution for people who want to sit in the driver's seat without having to transfer out of their chair. They typically feature high-tech features which enable wheelchair users to unlock, enter while in their chair, lock into driving position automatically and lock it all back up again afterwards - some even come equipped with reverse cameras so individuals with limited mobility can park and reverse safely.


EPAMDs are also known as Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices. They innovative new mobility vehicles used on sidewalks and walkways. Popular in various countries worldwide and utilized as transport by college campuses around the world, these EPAMDs still present certain safety issues that must be addressed for safe usage on sidewalks; hence the aim of this study was to examine existing laws and policies regulating their operation across states within the US and global countries.

38 states and Washington have maximum allowable speed regulations for EPAMDs; with four having separate speed limits for walkways and roadways. Arkansas requires an official license in order to operate their EPAMD while both D.C. and Washington require car registration for these devices.

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