A Blueprint for Self-Confidence

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted: Monday, November 6, 2023 - 23:00

Self-confidence is absolutely a journey. Sometimes you’ll hit bumps in the road, other times you’ll find yourself going in the wrong direction, but thankfully, so long as you have a map and a will to find the way, you’re sure to find a way towards self-confidence. Some days will be better than others, sometimes you may take a step back, but so long as you believe in yourself, are happy with yourself, and feel at ease with yourself, everything will look that much brighter.

While this blueprint is a great place to get started, remember that there isn’t a one-size-fits all approach. That said, know that it’s possible to be self-confident in yourself; you just have to believe that it’s possible and take a few key steps:

Cut Away What’s Holding You Back

It can be hard to fly free when you’re being weighed down by an anchor. You may need to change your habits first. Others may need a leg up in the form of a therapist, some still will need to break bad cycles of behaviour or even cut out toxic relationships that are dragging you down. First, work on breaking free from anything that’s holding you back, and then you can work on building yourself up. 

Fix The Things You’re Insecure About

There’s a room for self-love and learning to love your flaws, and then there’s ignoring very real, very easy fixes. You don’t have to love that your hair is thinning or that you’re balding. You don’t even need to accept that, especially when there are so many safe and effective hair treatment options available at places like Harley Street Hair Clinic. The same goes for issues like grey hair, or acne. If you love them or feel neutral about them, leave them be, but if they’ve constantly been picking away at your confidence, go to the professionals to see what can be done to fix the issue or at least help with it.

Dress the Part

Putting effort into how you dress and loving your outfits and how they look on you is a very easy way to boost your confidence. How? One, it means lovingly putting together something for your body, and taking the time to spruce yourself up a little. Two, it will have a positive impact on how others respond to you, which in turn can help to boost your confidence.

Build New Skills  

Looking better isn’t the only way that you can or should go about gaining confidence. You’ll also want to build skills. You can do this in a very targeted way, for example, by taking a public speaking workshop, or you can do it in a roundabout way (joining an improv hobby class). The fact is, that any skill is worth learning. You can learn how to dance, for example, and as a result, learn to naturally be more confident in your movement and in your body. You can learn to cook and feel more confident hosting guests. Building up skills – especially new skills, will help open up new channels in the brain and give you confidence in your ability, which in turn works alongside that newfound confidence in your looks to help you around the clock.

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