The menswear items that have the highest search volume across the UK

Fashion experts pick out the most searched for menswear items of 2023

The team at BoohooMAN have analysed Google searches to find out which menswear items have the highest search volume across the UK from the past year and ranked them according to the average number of searches each month. 

These are the top five menswear items that could be the perfect gift this year: 

Trench Coat – 125,541.67 searches per month 

These long coats are great at keeping the wearer dry and protected from the weather. Originally designed by Thomas Burberry in 1879, these coats were also used by soldiers in the trenches during World War One. 

The trench coat has also been popularised by David Tennant during his tenure as The Doctor and by Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders. 

Trench coats can be paired with a three-piece suit for a classic look, or for something less formal, a turtleneck underneath can make a stylish and dressy

outfit that’s perfect for those smart-casual work parties. 

Cargo Pants – 100,335.83 searches per month 

Making a resurgence alongside the Y2K trend, these comfortable trousers were once used in the military due to their large pockets. During the 90s, grunge and hip-hop fashion utilised cargo pants as part of their movements. 

Cargo pants are versatile fashion items and can be paired with a variety of tees or jumpers, depending on the

look you want. Pairing these with a classic plain tee and trainers gives a casual look, while

adding some flannel and a graphic tee can bring out the 90s grunge style. 

BomberJacket – 75,550.83 searches per month 

Bomber Jackets get their name from pilots who would wear these jackets to protect themselves in open-air cockpits while in flight. The modern bomber jacket, however, has a variety of uses, from casual to more formal. 

Layering is important when styling a bomber jacket. Pairing it with a plain tee and joggers can create a stylish athleisure look that’s perfect for going to the gym.

Bomber jackets can also be part of a smart or business casual outfit when paired with button-down

shirts and chinos. 

Denim Jacket – 74,175.83 searches per month 

A versatile choice and one that’s popular amongst celebs such as Ryan Gosling and Travis Kelce. The denim or jean jacket is often layered over simple tees and used as a middle layer under a thicker coat when the weather is cold. 

A lighter denim is ideal for summer outfits, while a medium-blue wash can be utilised year-round. 

Polo Shirt – 70,993.33 searches per month 

A selection of polo shirts in the wardrobe can really save an outfit in a pinch. This classic item has long been forgotten as just something on the back of the shelves, but recently, polo shirts have made a comeback.

Losing the buttons on the collar makes for a stylish and comfortable everyday shirt that can be paired with slacks and trainers for daily wear, while buttoned collars can give the polo shirt a more formal look that’s perfect to wear under suit jackets. 

John  McKinney, Head of Digital Marketing for BoohooMANcommented on the findings: 

“Men’s  fashion often includes timeless pieces such as jackets and coats that can be used in various situations. 

“Items like cargo pants and denim jackets are seeing a resurgence due to nostalgia and celebrity power, with Travis Kelce being seen in denim jackets and

noughties fashion being back on trend. Not only are these items fashionable, but they are also functional. 

“Men’s fashion tends towards shaping the body in a more attractive way. Jackets can shape the torso and broaden the shoulders, while cargo pants can give volume to the legs while also having enough space to hold keys and phones without creating bulging pockets. 

“As we continue through winter, darker colours and more layers will be a welcome gift to stave off the chill.” 

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